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    Wilderness NPC Locations

    Wilderness NPC Locations Within this Guide is a Map of the Wilderness with Every NPC Location we currently have in-game along with the fastest route of how to get there. Hope this Helps Alot of people that may get lost while looking for a specific monster whether it be a boss monster or a wilderness Slayer Task (Disclaimer: For all Wilderness Bosses not in a cavern may need to search around the area for them as they may not be right on their teleport point) Frost Dragons: Teleport to Wilderness Agility Course and Walk West Barrows Brothers: Teleport to ::mb and use the Lever to go outside, Brothers are right outside the lever area Battle Mages: Teleport to ::mb and use the lever to go outside, go into the main arena as you would to kill Battle Mages on OSRS Tormented Demons: Use the Lever at home South of Edgeville bank and then walk north past the spiderweb. Scorpia: Boss Teleports in the Spellbook Chaos Elemental: Teleport to Scorpia via Boss Teleports then walk south east till you are at Rogues Castle Spino: Boss Teleports Demonic Ape: Boss Teleports Ord: Boss Teleports Blood Reaver: Boss Teleports Wildy Wyrm: Teleport to Blood Reaver and walk south like you're going to Lava Dragons will be inside that area Skeletal Hellhounds/Lava Dragons: Boss Teleports, kill Skeletal Hellhounds for Silver Key Red, Silver Key Crimson and Silver Key Purple and then use on chest to spawn Lava Dragon Lesser Demons/King Black Dragon/Poison Spiders: King Black Dragon boss Teleport, use the lever to go to Poison Spiders, climb up the ladder after using the lever to reach Lesser Demons Chaos Fanatic: Boss Teleports Vetion: Boss Teleports Venenatis: Boss Teleports Dark Beasts: Wilderness Area Teleports, Eastern Wilderness and then walk north of Green Dragons (Venenatis may also be in the area so be careful) Green Dragons: Wilderness Areas Teleports, East or West wilderness teleports you to directly to Green Dragons Revenants: Wilderness Areas Teleports, Bounty Hunter and go through the 'High Level Crater' Greater Demons: Teleport to Western Wilderness in the Wildy Area teleports and then walk north east towards Dark Warriors' Fortress they are outside across the bridge Crazy Archaeologist: Boss Teleports Skeletons: Bounty Hunter Teleport and then walk East or Go ::home and then walk north after passing the ditch like you're going towards Zamorakian Mage in OSRS for Abyss Runecrafting Hope this Helps people with finding things in the Wilderness. If there is anything I missed let me know and I will add it to the Image. Goodluck and Happy Hunting!