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  1. Dmob

    Ultimate Ironman mode

    No support from me unless Looting bag is added as well as proper death mechanics are implementd for ultimate Ironman to be able to store their items similar to how you advance along in osrs on the game mode
  2. Dmob

    1000 Crystal Key Opening

    I’m gonna guess you’re going to receive maybe 45 monkey nuts
  3. Wilderness Scavenger Hunt Registration for this Event closes at 11:59 PM EST 3/15/19 Event Begins at 1:00 PM EST 3/16/19 Prizes: 1st Place: 2nd Place: 3rd Place: Rules: In Order to Participate you need to make a NEW Pker mode account so as to not give anybody an unfair advantage. You can give your Pker mode account a maximum of 25m Cash from your main account in order to buy Supplies and Gear You can NOT take Items from your bank to use as a drop from this list. The only items you can use from your bank is Gear and Supplies. If you are found to be taking items from your bank to use on this list you will be Disqualified from any future events hosted by myself. After obtaining each Item you are required to immediately bring it ::home and hand it in to me and I will cross that item off your list. Once you obtain a drop you are not required to return to that monster Each players List will consist of 15 Drops ranging from Common to Super Rare from 15 out of the 25 NPCs in Wilderness, There will only be 1 Version of Revenants on the lists to make it somewhat easier. If you obtain a pet drop from a monster on your list you are not required to stay at that monster any longer and that will count as your drop. Pking is ALLOWED but Beware, Each persons list of items they have to obtain will NOT be the exact same but there will be Similarities. If you PK somebody who had an item that you needed you must Immediately announce in Yell "I pked (whatever item it is) from (whoever you killed) and then say what monster you needed it for. I will cross it off your list when you bring it to me. Once the Entries close, I will compile the lists and they will be posted on this thread. IF I AM NOT ONLINE YOU WILL NEED TO SCREENSHOT EVERY ITEM THAT YOU RECIEVE THAT IS ON YOUR LIST AS WELL AS KILLS RESULTING IN YOU OBTAINING AN ITEM THAT WAS ON YOUR LIST Map of the Wilderness How to Reach each Monster Goodluck To All Participants and Happy Hunting!
  4. Dmob

    Just a Couple Small Suggestions

    I realized #5 As I Said it. But on that subject I thought of something else. OSRS has Wrath runes which can be crafted via the Wrath Altar or received as drops. Wrath Runes/Wrath Altar and Surge Spells could be added ingame and in order to craft Wrath runes you need to teleport to the Wrath Altar using Omni-Talisman staff
  5. A Couple Small Suggestions 1. Add Callisto to the game along with the Callisto Cub Pet 2. If Callisto is added add it to Premium Donor island to keep it updated with the rest of the Wilderness bosses 3. Add Row Imbue scroll to allow regular rows to be imbued into row(i) to the PKP shop for 300 Pk points 4. Rework the Wilderness Key loots as currently for their rarity it’s not really worth using them unless you’re an Ironman 5. Give Omni-Talisman Staff a Runecrafting XP boost effect 6. Add Bonfires for a little Faster way of burning logs. If I can think of anything else that’s a little bit smaller I will add it to this list but for now this is what I’ve got If you have anything you would like to add let me know and make sure to give your opinion on any of these ideas
  6. Dmob

    Forums Event

    My favourite thing about Pre-Scape is: How friendly the staff team is and how well we get along Something I'd like to see improved or added is: I want Callisto and his Cub My number is: 420
  7. Dmob

    Wilderness NPC Locations

    Wilderness NPC Locations Within this Guide is a Map of the Wilderness with Every NPC Location we currently have in-game along with the fastest route of how to get there. Hope this Helps Alot of people that may get lost while looking for a specific monster whether it be a boss monster or a wilderness Slayer Task (Disclaimer: For all Wilderness Bosses not in a cavern may need to search around the area for them as they may not be right on their teleport point) Frost Dragons: Teleport to Wilderness Agility Course and Walk West Barrows Brothers: Teleport to ::mb and use the Lever to go outside, Brothers are right outside the lever area Battle Mages: Teleport to ::mb and use the lever to go outside, go into the main arena as you would to kill Battle Mages on OSRS Tormented Demons: Use the Lever at home South of Edgeville bank and then walk north past the spiderweb. Scorpia: Boss Teleports in the Spellbook Chaos Elemental: Teleport to Scorpia via Boss Teleports then walk south east till you are at Rogues Castle Spino: Boss Teleports Demonic Ape: Boss Teleports Ord: Boss Teleports Blood Reaver: Boss Teleports Wildy Wyrm: Teleport to Blood Reaver and walk south like you're going to Lava Dragons will be inside that area Skeletal Hellhounds/Lava Dragons: Boss Teleports, kill Skeletal Hellhounds for Silver Key Red, Silver Key Crimson and Silver Key Purple and then use on chest to spawn Lava Dragon Lesser Demons/King Black Dragon/Poison Spiders: King Black Dragon boss Teleport, use the lever to go to Poison Spiders, climb up the ladder after using the lever to reach Lesser Demons Chaos Fanatic: Boss Teleports Vetion: Boss Teleports Venenatis: Boss Teleports Dark Beasts: Wilderness Area Teleports, Eastern Wilderness and then walk north of Green Dragons (Venenatis may also be in the area so be careful) Green Dragons: Wilderness Areas Teleports, East or West wilderness teleports you to directly to Green Dragons Revenants: Wilderness Areas Teleports, Bounty Hunter and go through the 'High Level Crater' Greater Demons: Teleport to Western Wilderness in the Wildy Area teleports and then walk north east towards Dark Warriors' Fortress they are outside across the bridge Crazy Archaeologist: Boss Teleports Skeletons: Bounty Hunter Teleport and then walk East or Go ::home and then walk north after passing the ditch like you're going towards Zamorakian Mage in OSRS for Abyss Runecrafting Hope this Helps people with finding things in the Wilderness. If there is anything I missed let me know and I will add it to the Image. Goodluck and Happy Hunting!
  8. Dmob

    Staff Updates - 02/25/2019

    Congrats and Welcome to the Team Andy and Welcome Back Nivo
  9. Dmob

    Zo Kar Ta's Staff Application

    So you didn’t fill out “What qualities you can add to the staff team” first off. Secondly. When you joined you were extremely toxic. Recently you started an arguement with me and told me that I was wrong and to read the rules regarding an issue that you initially started by threatening a player about posting a video of him being in wilderness on two accounts when he wasn’t even remotely breaking a rule even if he was. Have also never seen you help in the help chat even once. No support from me
  10. Dmob

    Staff Updates - 02/21/2019

    I’ll miss you 😭😭😭
  11. Dmob

    Maybe not so appealing to some...

    I support this suggestion purely on the standpoint that Dragon(or) is FAR too common for it to be giving 5% droprate. If we had clue scrolls and you had to make the Dragon(or) Via an ornament kit and it wasnt as common then I wouldnt see a problem with it continuing to give 5% droprate. But as it stands drops are becoming far too common to the point where nothing is sellable and the eco is becoming stale. This should help Liven it up a bit.
  12. Dmob

    Staff Updates - 02/11/2019

    Thanks everybody and Gz to Lance, very well Deserved
  13. Dmob

    Nappy's Journal

    I reccomend that anybody who’s new to the server starts on knight as starting on realism can get tedious and exhausting after awhile since you’ll pretty much be doing the exact same thing for a long ass time. And it’s better to have a maxed knight acc than to start with a realism and then get demoralized from how long it’s taking and swap it to a knight only to want it realism again after.
  14. Easiest 150m of splits in my Life
  15. Dmob

    QOL Suggestions

    QOL Suggestions Give Each Donor zone their own command ::di ::sdi ::edi ::ldi ::udi ::pdi Nerf the Amount of Damage Scorpias "Scorpias Attack Goes Through your Prayer and Damages you Badly" attack Its fairly constant and hits 51s through Full Torva with Ely. Add something for the 2FA to Remember your Computer for 30 days or something along those lines so you don't have to put it in everytime you logout or DC. Change the Skotizo player amount required from 3 to 2 With Some NPCs and hitting through prayer it makes them far too difficult to do for any player without the very best gear with the #1 Examples of this being Zulrah and Nex. What I suggest for QOL is that instead of every monster always hitting through prayer, make it a percentage that they hit through prayer with the Percentage being either HIGHER or LOWER depending on what the difficulty of the Mob is supposed to be capped at 75% for the Most difficult bosses Another Monster Related Suggestion is Nerf how Fast Ganodermic beast hits, comparing it to a chaotic rapier it hits you 3x by the time you've hit it 1 time. Add the Ring of Recoil Effect to Ring of Suffering to actually give it a use as currently all it is, is +10 In All Defence Stats which isn't really much considering for the price of it you can buy a piece of Torva, Steadfasts, Row and have plenty more defence + Droprate, this makes ring of suffering the most useless Zenyte Item. If you have any other QOL Suggestions post them in the comments and Ill add them to the Topic