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  1. Dmob

    Staff Updates - 02/21/2019

    I’ll miss you 😭😭😭
  2. Dmob

    Maybe not so appealing to some...

    I support this suggestion purely on the standpoint that Dragon(or) is FAR too common for it to be giving 5% droprate. If we had clue scrolls and you had to make the Dragon(or) Via an ornament kit and it wasnt as common then I wouldnt see a problem with it continuing to give 5% droprate. But as it stands drops are becoming far too common to the point where nothing is sellable and the eco is becoming stale. This should help Liven it up a bit.
  3. Dmob

    Staff Updates - 02/11/2019

    Thanks everybody and Gz to Lance, very well Deserved
  4. Dmob

    Nappy's Journal

    I reccomend that anybody who’s new to the server starts on knight as starting on realism can get tedious and exhausting after awhile since you’ll pretty much be doing the exact same thing for a long ass time. And it’s better to have a maxed knight acc than to start with a realism and then get demoralized from how long it’s taking and swap it to a knight only to want it realism again after.
  5. Easiest 150m of splits in my Life
  6. Dmob

    QOL Suggestions

    QOL Suggestions Give Each Donor zone their own command ::di ::sdi ::edi ::ldi ::udi ::pdi Nerf the Amount of Damage Scorpias "Scorpias Attack Goes Through your Prayer and Damages you Badly" attack Its fairly constant and hits 51s through Full Torva with Ely. Add something for the 2FA to Remember your Computer for 30 days or something along those lines so you don't have to put it in everytime you logout or DC. Change the Skotizo player amount required from 3 to 2 With Some NPCs and hitting through prayer it makes them far too difficult to do for any player without the very best gear with the #1 Examples of this being Zulrah and Nex. What I suggest for QOL is that instead of every monster always hitting through prayer, make it a percentage that they hit through prayer with the Percentage being either HIGHER or LOWER depending on what the difficulty of the Mob is supposed to be capped at 75% for the Most difficult bosses Another Monster Related Suggestion is Nerf how Fast Ganodermic beast hits, comparing it to a chaotic rapier it hits you 3x by the time you've hit it 1 time. Add the Ring of Recoil Effect to Ring of Suffering to actually give it a use as currently all it is, is +10 In All Defence Stats which isn't really much considering for the price of it you can buy a piece of Torva, Steadfasts, Row and have plenty more defence + Droprate, this makes ring of suffering the most useless Zenyte Item. If you have any other QOL Suggestions post them in the comments and Ill add them to the Topic
  7. Dmob

    Challenge Scrolls

    Challenge Scrolls On Zamorak we had a Minigame that was entirely based around the 12 Challenge Scroll Bosses you would find on OSRS and then as the final Final boss it would be Leon D' Cour. I understand its from the Old Server so some people MAY not want to see it because of that reason but this is merely a suggestion so please take it that way. In this thread I will post a video of when I did it on Zamorak in Average gear that the typical player would have been able to achieve and exactly how I did it, I thought it was a fun minigame and it felt rewarding everytime you completed it and the reward was alright but here it would be slightly better due to it giving Slayer Points, and Mystery Boxes, But enough of that just watch the video and you'll get an idea of what it is and If you'd like to see it ingame don't be afraid to give some support.
  8. Dmob

    Flower Poker Tournament

  9. Dmob

    Mass Suggestion List

    New Suggestions were Added, 11-19 Are all New
  10. Dmob

    Mass Suggestion List

    List of Suggestions So to start this off I will say that I will update this everytime I have a new suggestion or I will make a comment with the new suggestion as opposed to spamming the suggestion subthread I am also not going to go into much depth about why I am making the suggestion unless somebody has a question about my opinion on it in the comments. With that out of the way suggestions will now begin Remove all Charms from Drop Tables until Summoning has an ETA Date of When or If it will be added Remove the 4 Charm Drops from the 1/5 Chance table on Glacors for the Same Reason as above. Add a 1/100 Drop of 5 Shards of Armadyl to Glacors. Duo Slayer Duo Ironmen Rune and Adamant Dragons Dragon Hunter Crossbow (New Rare Scratch Card Item?) Add a Non Wilderness way to get Mages Book and Master Wand (Maybe add to Zombies) Ecumenical Key but with a new use and as a 1/1000 Drop from any GWD Boss. Along with #9 Add a Chest at Home where Upon using the Ecumenical Key it will Reward you with a random item from any GWD Boss(Excluding Nex) Remove "Summoned Soul" from Cerberus Boss Room, If Cannon is placed in a certain spot it will hit that as well as Cerberus. Add an Option for the Well to let you throw Items into the well as an alternative to using cash as their are some items that are just not purchased very frequently due to how common they are or there being other better options (Odium, Malediction, Amulet of Ranging, DK Rings(Non Imbued) Decrease the Time it takes for a FFA to Start after atleast 2 People have joined. Add a 2nd Harder Floor to Dungeoneering that yields more points and XP For the Solo Kills and Solo Deaths indicator move it to the Top Right Corner of the Game Screen as it currently overlaps PMs and Makes it hard to see exactly what you have. Give Caskets some Slightly Better Loot, Like maybe Add Crystal Keys or something, would warrant more people picking them up. Add (Unf) Potions to Ruined Backpacks. Replace "Well of Execution" with "Well of the Slayer" and this could potentially be the Effect. Similar to how OSRS has Superior Slayer Monsters could potentially make "Well of the Slayer" once activated have a 1/50 chance (Not affected by droprate) Of randomly spawning any given Superior Slayer Monster that OSRS has to Offer while on your slayer task. Drops for the superiors could be discussed at a later date or could be suggested if there is enough support for this idea. The Higher your Donor rank, provide them 1 extra Bind in Dungeoneering (Below I put what could be the amount of binds they could potentially be given that the base bind amount is 5.) Donor = 5 Super Donor = 6 Extreme = 7 Legendary = 8 Ultimate = 9 Premium = 10 This is What I've got for now, any new suggestions Ill post in the comments or will post in the original topic and leave a note in the comments that there were new suggestions added.
  11. Dmob

    Kingly Implings

    Kingly Implings Buff This suggestion is something agreed upon by myself and Dslayer that they do need a bit of a buff in regards their spawn rate and how many their are. Just taking into consideration my donor rank which is Ultimate I only have access to roughly 11 Kingly Impling's across SDI and EDI. With the Catch 100 achievement in mind and the fact that the implings respawn after exactly 11 minutes it would take me a little over an hour to do the full achievement. The implings loot isn't that good overall so the only real reason to catch them is for doing the achievement. What I am suggesting is that their spawn rate is cut down to 1/4th of the time it currently takes them to spawn, and some should be added to the Legendary donor zone maybe 10 of them to make add a little something more to that zone. Another thing I can suggest is maybe removing the trash items from their table? such as Mud Pie, Jangerberries, Flax, Cheese, 2 Cooked Lobsters. Then id maybe add Caskets and/or Mystery Boxes. Just something to make them worth doing. But currently their respawn rate is far too slow for the reward that they give, and considering we don't have an achievement shop it hardly makes the achievement worth doing unless you're going for completionist.
  12. Dmob

    Removal of Empty Shops

    Removal of Empty Shops So my suggestion seems relatively simple in theory but may be difficult to actually implement but I know will clear up some of the headaches regarding the player owned shops. What I suggest is implementing into the code that "Until somebody places an item for sale into their shop, they will not show up on the list of player owned shops when you speak to the merchant at home or at ::market. My reasoning behind this is, if somebody isn't online or actively advertising their shop, you wont ever know who is actually selling something unless you scroll through the entire list of players and there is quite a long list there. This will make it 100% easier to navigate and even help players sell their items more frequently when they aren't online. If you can find anything else to add to this suggestion feel free to leave a comment, If you find nothing wrong with the suggestion and would like to see it implemented asap leave a comment as well with your support letting Kade know that we want this to happen. Thanks for Reading!