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  1. John Gotti

    The Gambino Crime Family

    I think your already puffing to much smoke keep your ego up there buddy, your insecurities are hidden.
  2. John Gotti

    The Gambino Crime Family

    We will see you on the battlefield then.
  3. John Gotti

    The Gambino Crime Family

    We have system in place for people like them, we have activity checks, if hes been seen in the wilderness, mandatory regroups if they don't attend etc.
  4. John Gotti

    The Gambino Crime Family

    our fee, the only i can use is the server u know us from, its 100k-500k and if someone is really bad we give them a week to proof their worth but they pay the highest fee, so yes we take in everyone if they are willing to pay the initial entrance, now its not my fault when people call us bad but still pay up to 500k+ to enter, but i definitely respect your thoughts because you aren't a child about it.
  5. John Gotti

    The Gambino Crime Family

    another chicken meal, if you follow us this much you should know we haven't openly recruited since our initial entrance, but I'm not here to argue with you, new server new beginnings we are all here to have fun so have fun
  6. John Gotti

    The Gambino Crime Family

    Information Required If you are interested in entering this life you have contact us, because this server is not yet released. To apply and to be added to the discord as a reserve please comment below you are interested with your discord information. The best way to contact us is discord because we are orientated around it. Rules Of La Cosa Nostra are found inside our discord and followed. Everything works up through the hierarchy. The Code of Omertà is followed. Add The Don#5399. A glimpse of the type of life you will be entering.
  7. John Gotti

    Gambinos beta applications.

    The time you left our clan? whats you're name? you said you knew us from a [previous] server. Its been a long time since we had 60. This isn't a argument thread I'm here because i really am looking forward to Pre-eoc clan warfare and seeing how dedicated this Owner and his staff team are i wanted to help, our clan got hyped of the idea of a pre eoc server which is a change from all the oldschool and we are finding bugs non stop, Whats the issue? after our 2 days stress test we leave and Pvm/outside wildy side of things are being tested.