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  1. Ironman CC

    Server Update 02/10/19

    Amazing work! Seeing these update logs makes you want to see the next one, keep it up!
  2. Ironman CC

    Fix Ironman mode!

    Thanks guys! The shop isn't necessary as you have said as long as you buff drops of secondaries somehow! //Ironman CC
  3. Ironman CC

    Fix Ironman mode!

    Herblore is impossible... you NEED to make the herblore secondary shop available for ironmen seriously. For instance, I need to get red spider eggs for restores. Only way to get them is from packpacks, not viable at all, please fix.
  4. Ironman CC

    Marks of grace shop

    At the moment, all you can do with marks of grace is either buy Agile armour or exchange them for EXP. Would be cool with a store with more items such as graceful sets (with different colors), herb boxes, amylase for stamina pots, maybe other skilling supplies for ironmen. That's just an example, maybe other people know better ways of making marks of grace more usefull, please reply, thanks. //Ironman CC