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  1. zo kar ta

    Lancelot's Completionist Guide

    Nice guide, RIP andy 😮
  2. zo kar ta

    Ironman Bank Progress

    Nice bank
  3. zo kar ta

    700 Crystal Keys

    ive opened well over 250 and not gotten one
  4. zo kar ta

    Server Update 03/18/19

    2x update in a week, sweet haha! Good job kade, and as always nice update
  5. zo kar ta

    Server Update 03/17/19

    Nice update kade, glad you got a working computer again id go crazy without a PC to be honest
  6. zo kar ta

    Staff Updates - 03/16/2019

    Gratz on the promotions, sorry to see the others go
  7. zo kar ta

    Various Suggestions and QOL!

    pvm isnt supposed to be risky, the problem with skulling more so is the fact that all the PVM is in multi except at mage bank and KBD and can get piled and easy smited / zbow smited instantly
  8. zo kar ta

    Various Suggestions and QOL!

    There is no need to be auto skulling players in multi with the current pvp system, already broken enough. No need to make pvmers risk more as pvp is so busted at the moment. If anything thats a negative for pvming in wildy even more then it already is as pkers just bring zbow and a freeze swap and they are more then likely gunna get the person.
  9. zo kar ta

    Few suggestions - Goyolo

  10. zo kar ta

    Just a Couple Small Suggestions

    All good suggestions for FM you can already can just throw logs on the fire, and RC pet + outfit already 2x xp
  11. zo kar ta

    Trivia Questions Guide

    Nice guide for new players, me I just used google but this would be a helpful tool!
  12. zo kar ta

    Wilderness Rejuvenation Suggestions

    -Unless there are rewards for wildy tasks, just another reason not to do comp cape as there are no perks to it worth getting. -Zbow / tbow in wildy are very strong but not as a effect of the weapons it is purely protection prayers as I can hit constant 20s through pray with rune knives in wildy and never seen rune knives hit constant 15s anywhere anyhow so pvp is weird... to wit making the weapons irrelevant in pvp is not the way to go about it. - I do agree with removing the removing prayers special from tbow / zbow as it makes going after anyone with tbow/zbow extremely undesirable because no body can bring a plus one for pking and nobody in void risks anything as anything un-tradeable is a no risk so that is a must fix. - Wildy keys are very bad need a buff. - clan wars im not sure how I feel about that FFA is more often then not where people go to fight people as pvp is so messed up at the moment. -pvp armors are never looked for so maybe buffing them to being worth something or giving the set a worth while set bonus cause they are more often then not paper weights in the bank. -Dh set has always been able to hit 60s at 70 hp ive done it in OSRS many times before so hitting 50s are not that daunting. -please bring in grim reaper giving people a risk in the wildy anyone with void risks nothing -Wildy QOL changes would all be nice Good suggestions! regards, Zo Kar Ta
  13. zo kar ta

    Staff FeedBack by Tobster

    We did but we cant open them so they useless XD
  14. zo kar ta

    Staff FeedBack by Tobster

    @Creation yes hes a good pick for staff, dudes chill did some skitzo with the man, not a lucky charm but hey
  15. zo kar ta

    Staff Updates - 02/25/2019

    Gratz on the promos.