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  1. zo kar ta

    Potential Economy Fix

    They would be more rare with this implement people keep miss understanding its a swap for a chance at the pet much like jad, if anything would make pets even less common then they are now. I wouldnt want it any less then the regular droprate for pets when trading them in. To clarify I don't want pets more common less common in fact.
  2. zo kar ta

    Donator Shop

    I only want whats best for Pre-Scape as i love the server, as to why I suggest things to prevent decay I'm well aware I can be wrong and I very well might be here of course, Just want Pre-Scape to go for the long hall I meant no disrespect.
  3. zo kar ta

    Donator Shop

    If we don't do something server will inevitably die. Thats a fact.
  4. zo kar ta

    Donator Shop

    3/4 of my rank was paid for with ingame items, what I donated for is irrelivant to the fact that we dont want to create a pay 2 win environment as it is at the moment otherwise the server will inevitably will just die due to the economy being just as bad as zamoraks was. whether its a liked answer or not thats the fact of the matter. Id like to see the statistics of how many drygores / nex items are in the game because someone donated a bit and got them rather then getting them from a boss im guessing you know its heavily on the donator store. im guessing 2-5 drygores in the game are from skitzo the rest of the sets are from donations as well as torva im guessing with the mass amounts of torva and etc is either from donator store or scratch tickets rendering the boss useless. All of my wealth is from 1 lucky scratcher ticket i got from glod before that I was in barrows and sir owens then got a tbow and jumped a few billion worth and so on.
  5. zo kar ta

    Potential Economy Fix

    Pets wouldnt be useless at all its still a roll at the droptable, when you trade the max tier item it it rolls the droptable not just getting the pet lol.
  6. zo kar ta

    Potential Economy Fix

    To maybe fix this economy from being flooded maybe we make conventional pet drops stop as they are and here me out. Maybe we make it so the rare / legendary drops got from bosses are traded in for a pet chance so that when people do boss runs and get a rare drop they can then have it removed for a chance at the pet making it a good item sink to possibly keep the flow of items to a lower standpoint in which we could have a more stable economy... let me know what you guys think. would also make it so pets are more looked for as right now everyone seems to have pets and at very low kill counts.
  7. zo kar ta

    Donator Shop

    Donating for scratchers does not give a rank as i've been told. and have tested. The pay 2 win aspect is very easily obtained is why im saying this. it takes mearly 100$ to have the top teir weapons in the game which can be used at pretty much any boss.
  8. zo kar ta

    Maybe not so appealing to some...

    By that its still giving you 105% droprate really isnt a nerf by much.
  9. zo kar ta

    Donator Shop

    Remove these top tier things like drygores and nex items from donator store, makes the boss pointless and makes it pay to win. Add other useful items that players otherwise couldnt get like runepouches and things like that or almost top tier, things like drygores shouldnt be so accessable, not to mention there is probably 1 or 2 sets of drygores out there that are ACTUALLY from skitzo everytrhing else is in the game from donations needs to be removed to remove the P2W Aspect. Remove - - Spirit shields - Drygores - Nex sets - Zartye Bow Add - Golden Scratch tickets (30 Points Ea) - Im aware they're offered for 10$ ea but atleast this way its a way to get the rank and a ticket. - Rune Pouch - 2x EXP lamps (actual working lamps not like voting) - Bloody Keys (like crystal chest but an upgraded format to more suit donations) - Custom Titles Possibly some more useful things that I cannot think of at this particular time. ** if not removed maybe at least increase the price of these items as they're very obtainable cheaply speaking, and they are everywhere because of donations and not bossing which shouldn't be the way to run the economy.** ** if you have suggestions of other useful items worth donating for that would help people but not be to the pay 2 win sector please leave em below** Thanks for reading, Regards - Zo Kar Ta
  10. zo kar ta

    Maybe not so appealing to some...

    Even more if you do the math, Premium - 35% - 15% realism - 15% dr box - Well 10% - pet 15% - 25% dr or - 115%
  11. zo kar ta

    Maybe not so appealing to some...

    I think we should remove Dragon (OR) armor, or at least the drop rate effect... It may be not wanted by some as it helps with drops quite a bit but from an economy stand point if you kept just rings and ranks + pets still massive boost, and items wouldnt flood the eco as quickly with people farming. You might not like this as a option for users but I think in the long run will help the longevity of the servers economy and not like zamorak with like 20000 hex bows running around.
  12. zo kar ta

    2 suggestions (10-30min of work)

    Corp was recently nerfed, 2000hp - 1500hp. also made spears (zspear more effective) as well as added v spear to revenant drops.
  13. zo kar ta

    Extreme - Premium

    An option to disable extra items from skilling as its impossible to get EXP if you're realism, inventory fills up to fast, same with completionist achievements takes a impossibly longer time then normal players as we're banking 4x as often. My Suggestion - ::erdisable (extra resource disable)
  14. zo kar ta

    Server Update 02/17/19

    Awesome update, you're the man!