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  1. zo kar ta

    Goyolo's opinnions and suggestions.

    @Goyolo your post bugged out, all ur info got removed.
  2. zo kar ta

    Goyolo's opinnions and suggestions.

    +Support everything Couldnt of put it any better my self. unless you're going for p2w stuff needs to change.
  3. zo kar ta

    Prelaunch Updates

    Nice update I didnt even read it all cause damn thats a fuck load nice work, although a lot of what you put in here has been on the server for a good while now which is confusing
  4. zo kar ta

    Lancelot's Completionist Guide

    Nice guide, RIP andy 😮
  5. zo kar ta

    Trivia Questions Guide

    Nice guide for new players, me I just used google but this would be a helpful tool!