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  1. Nappy

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    Thank you!
  2. Nappy

    Nappy's Journal

    First Frost Dragon pet in game????
  3. Nappy

    Miscellaneous Suggestions

    Option for donators to toggle recieving extra resources Add trees to farming Add runite rocks somewhere more accessible in non-donator zones Add particle effects to master capes. Add master cape effect that increases the chance for the respective skill's pet (For example, wearing the 500m fishing cape while fishing increases the chance for the Heron pet) Placeholders in bank, OR "withdraw all but one" option High dungeonnering levels unlock resource dungeons around the world that have things like magic trees, rune rocks, a fifth farming area. This would make dungeoneering slightly less terrible, knowing there is at least some unlocks at higher levels
  4. Nappy

    Nappy's Journal

    I'd say that's smart. I probably wouldn't have the patience to bother trying to max on realism. New goals; 500m Cash 1B Slayer Xp Comp Cape However, I'm passively working on comp cape. Just in between bossing, at least until I get a higher donor-rank because doing 1,000 runite ore would take eons at wildy rune rocks.
  5. Nappy

    Nappy's Journal

    Maxed earlier. I kinda wish I started on realism seeing as how fast maxing on knight was, but oh well. Going for comp/bosses now.
  6. Nappy

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    Thanks guys
  7. Nappy

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  8. Nappy

    Nappy's Journal

    Hey everyone, I just started today but I'm liking the server so far so I figured I'd make a little progress thread. My only goal right now is max cape. Current Goal Completionist Cape 500,000,000 Coins Current Stats: Master Capes: