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  1. Nappy

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    I'd say that's smart. I probably wouldn't have the patience to bother trying to max on realism. New goals; 500m Cash 1B Slayer Xp Comp Cape However, I'm passively working on comp cape. Just in between bossing, at least until I get a higher donor-rank because doing 1,000 runite ore would take eons at wildy rune rocks.
  2. Nappy

    Nappy's Journal

    Maxed earlier. I kinda wish I started on realism seeing as how fast maxing on knight was, but oh well. Going for comp/bosses now.
  3. Nappy

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    Thanks guys
  4. Nappy

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  5. Nappy

    Nappy's Journal

    Hey everyone, I just started today but I'm liking the server so far so I figured I'd make a little progress thread. My only goal right now is max cape. Current Goal Completionist Cape 500,000,000 Coins Current Stats: Master Capes: