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  1. Dandan


    i support, would be great for acually bringing items into the game before its only the biggest pvmers with torva etc that have the eco by some time soon, let the people on slayer task pay a fee for getting a instance area for their current boss, lets say... but would be a decent fee aswell as it could get the eco sink to the well or something
  2. Dandan

    dandan's goals

    - Obtain max cape - Do all Achievements (52/99) Bonus goals Obtain all boss pets (1/26) be #1 pvmer.... atleast 500 kc on all bosses! (1000,1500 and so on later) Community goals i personally want to help playerbase with drop guides, gear setups and properly do bossing on this server, which armour thats is the best, slot wise, defence, str, and so on... loot table explained, and ofc when i finally achieve all pets :))) (im grinding for all pets) want to be a active poster and helper on forums!. If u want to see anything added to bosses, which u want to see quick or help with anything ingame related to bossing or so, u can contact me ingame or in this thread, im willing to show u any boss to do, gp/hr, what they're weak and fastest / most efficiently, thanks for reading this and hope to see you all at bosses Dandan <3
  3. Dandan


    X is mastermind artist (i believe that), listen to his other much deeper songs, contuinued with his partner he made his real good album 17 with shiloh dynasty : shiloh - I'll keep u safe shiloh - not even her xxxtentacion - Let's pretend we're numb xxxtentacion - Imagination a favorite of mine -xxxtentacion - Everybody dies there nightmares and what i would called precious made : almost all songs in his "17" shiloh - LOSING INTEREST - somewhat all i listen to when im playing games or are in school lmao <3
  4. Dandan

    Who am i?

    Ofc big boy, anyone can pvm with me. just as long u dont have much better gear then me and i'd quit when u get pet and i dont :))
  5. Dandan

    Who am i?

    Hello everybody, some of you may know me on zammy for about 3 years ago or so, my name is Dandan is mostly seen by collection of pets and pvming, content based around the server to all of u, from skilling to even boss guides, drop loots and so, i've had a rough time lately but i got much more things to do atm, finished school, and have free time to play the new pre-scape, i hope to see y'all online and lets all make this server blow!, @Skinz hope to see your around bby <3
  6. Dandan


    my boi chizzy, looking forward to play with u :))