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  1. Goyolo

    Golden scratchers REWORK IDEA

    A topic i enjoy, but some changes i'd like to see are: Instead of having full sets of 3rd age rather have them piece by piece. This would also make people maybe want to do Treasure Island more if they get piece or two from scratchers and want to have a go on a full set. I dont completely agree with the Christmas Cracker update since you can also get it with crystal keys. Rather just move the cracker down to rare. Zaryte Bow could also be removed from the list, since you can already get it so easily from donator shop. Imo that item should be a drop only one, since its basically bis. The amount of Dragon (or) ingame because of the scratchers is insane, so i dont see a reason to make them more rare from scratchers. Rather just remove the drop rate buff or keep as it is. I do think that scratchers should be more of a fashion / start game thing, not to get the high end gear instantly. So removing the hybrid sets and top tier weapons really does a trick here and i think that for one should be executed from this list. Ill post more if i get good ideas or if i forgot something.
  2. Goyolo

    Boss rework

    Yoyo, I would like to see some sort of boss rework on Skotizo / Demonic Hellhound. Skotizo goes at 1/1500 for Drygores. Tho there are already more than enough of drygores in game, but still the boss shouldnt be such a grind. It takes quite a while to kill it, and you are sharing the loots. So i think 1/1000, 1/750 would be more realistic for that sort of boss. Keep it as it is healthwise, but just a tad of reduction to the droprates. Demonic Hellhound is really strong at the moment. You can kill 1 with 1 inventory, and i wouldnt see that as very effective pvming. I would like to have the boss as it is in UDI / PDI. Just remove the cash stack and it would be more "fun" to farm cos you could go with better gear instead of risking it all in wilderness. Wilderness one could stay and have its hp lowered abit to 1250/12,5k or something.
  3. Goyolo

    Re-Work Update Log #1 - 04/15/19

    Such a great update once again. The Grim Reaper is a good one! Do players get 2,5m / untradeable piece or just 2.5m no matter how many pieces the opponent is wearing?
  4. Goyolo

    The most important question you'll ever answer

    All right lets get to it. a GOOD pizza does not require pineapple. BUT if you go and take a cheap pizza from the first place you come by, it definitely does. The most important thing in a pizza is the combination of salt and fat. If you get an actually good pizza, yeah its fine without pineapple. But i'd say 90% of the pizzas do need pineapple.
  5. Goyolo

    Soulwar's suggestions

    1. A good idea, but. At the moment you get the same amount of energy fragments from 1 pure essence than what u would get from a full inventory. That must be fixed untill the suggestion would be possible. 2. Like it. Especially the white lillys. 3. I dont support this one. Lava dragons only drop 3 cosmetic pieces, which are already dropping in price. So rather keep it the way it is. They're already easy to farm and u can farm them as long as you want to and as long as your runes last. No struggle in farming them. 4. Full support.
  6. Goyolo

    Forums Event

    My favourite thing about Pre-Scape is: Donating my paychecks. Something I'd like to see improved or added is: I'd like to see an improvement in the player amounts since its a really good server. My number is: 123
  7. Goyolo

    Few suggestions - Goyolo

    Waddup its ya boi with few suggestions. 1. Trivia Point Store Upgrade the Trivia point store, downgrade the point amounts for stuff like mboxes etc and add more stuff. Would love to see some cosmetics there, maybe add some new ones that are only available thru the trivia store? Trivia outfit / cape with a question mark on it or something cool like that. 2. Wilderness Keys I guess this is already out there pointed out, but yeah. It really does need a fix considering how rare they are to get. 3. Dungeoneering Add more levels to dungeoneering. Possibly something that you have to do in a group and by that also add some rewards. Would be fun group activity. 4. Donator Islands Ultimate & Premium ones. Well Ultimate doesnt exist, it could be just a chill zone of some sort since there are so many boss islands already. Premium zone could be something actually good, i saw a suggestion about adding Callisto to the game. That one could be easily moved to Premium aswell. 5. Donator Shop Scale the prices to the correct ones. There are so much items not worth buying with Donator points, for example nex sets. They could easily be dropped by half to like 15 donator points. Hybrid sets could go for like 20 points. Just a notch down but still its something. 6. Cosmetic NPC / Events Like an easter event where there would be a NPC dropping Basket of eggs / Bunny ears or something. Would be a fun thing to add some events overall that last for like a week or so. Add some things that are only available during these events.