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  1. MrChristmas

    Server Update 03/18/19

    Yee haw brother. Keep up the great work.
  2. MrChristmas

    Various Suggestions and QOL!

    Appreciate the suggestion! The wild could use some revamping. But I think a big wild boss like skitzo "a group boss" would be the better idea. I think the scaling of cash drops is good. As the rank had been earned through donations. I myself am not much of a pker. That will be the last achievement I do for comp, no doubt. None the less. I appreciate the time and effort you have out into this post. You're a real one g.
  3. Step 1: Create a Forums Account This is me haha Step 2: Reply to this thread with the following: - Your favourite thing about Pre-Scape I enjoy the support, time and effort Kade outs into this game. - One thing that could be improved or that you would like to see added I think a new group boss would be pretty cool. Step 3: Pick a number between 1-500
  4. MrChristmas

    Server Update - 02/24/19

    Hell yeah. +1 update!
  5. MrChristmas

    Announcement 02/21/19

    We're in it for the Long haul homie.