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  1. MrChristmas

    Drop Logs

    Feel free to post your dank loots in this topic. I will be updating when I get any loot. This can be PVM loot, Gambling loot, Scratchers loot, PKing Loot!
  2. MrChristmas

    Magic Weapons Tier List

    very nice. I would note that the cosmetic 'wand", is a 2 handed "wand".
  3. MrChristmas

    Complete 1-99 Prayer Guide - Astro

    I will have to use this while maxing the accounts. Thank you for the time and effort you have put into your guides!
  4. MrChristmas

    Complete 1-99 Fishing Guide - Astro

    Well put together! Do you plan to continue posting guides on the forums? Would love to see more of these!