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  1. @Rob Heres that update you asked for ;) 


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    Server Update 03/31/19

    Awesome update man, i look forward to the next one
  3. Lots of progress on the goals so far! 


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      You should post an update ;)

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    Wilderness Rejuvenation Suggestions

    I cant ever agree with things that basically force people to enter the wilderness when they dont want to. If you want the wildy to be rejuvinated, the buffs/nerfs/adjustments you suggested are the best way of going about this, but learn from OSRS. PVMers dont like being forced into the wildy, neither do skillers. If you want more pkers, Make pking itself more fun and enticing. You put a lot of time into this, but Wilderness only achievements are ridiculous, Most people can barely do the normal achievements because theres NOBODY to pk. Adding in more req's around pking will just mean we get smited and owned by tbows and zbows more often. Hopefully the adjustments you suggest can go through, but i have 0 support for the wilderness dailies/achievements. The wildy bosses are active enough as is, making them more crowded will just piss people off
  5. So ive been playing my realism acc for approx 200 hours at the writing of this goals thread, and i have achieved the very basic goal of maxing. However, i feel its a bit more interesting to throw in something other than the bog standard "X-gp", "Y-bank value" and the classic "completionist grind!!!" So here im going to lay out my goals, and how im going to go about achieving them. As you can all probably tell, Red = incomplete, Green = complete. I Laid out the Easy/Medium goals to be considered the "Possible" goals. Since they can be considered realistically possible to achieve. The hard and onwards will be projects i actively work on, however i admit that some of them seem absolutely ridiculous (Especially the 100k acorns, since they ONLY come from nests, AFAIK) Ideally i will update this every day, so if youre interested in watching my progress, check back daily! But realistically it will be every 2-3 days. For the "Bank x items" goals i will imbed links to gyazo or imgur that prove the stack exists in my bank (Possible verification from admins if people still dont believe someone is mad enough to bank 10m of every rune type) Hope you all enjoy the read!
  6. Squirrel

    Squirrel, Goals, and desires.

    Just from the easy i think ill not be done for a good... 3-4 weeks. After that, it just gets crazy! Im looking forward to turning some of these things green!
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    Squirrel, Goals, and desires.

    Thanks man, appreciate the luck, and the pun
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    Squirrel, Goals, and desires.

    Thanks! i was going for outrageous on the later goals... i think itd be fucking hilarious to have so many of some of those items. My aim is to give myself some ridiculous, and fun goals to go for. This will hopefull keep me interested in playing the server beyond bank value and PvM!
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    Ironman Bank Progress

    I very much like that casual 40 infernal capes flex 😂 Smashing bank, good luck with your goals!
  10. Squirrel

    Server Update 03/17/19

    You shouldnt have been forced into writing out such a detailed explanation of what youve been doing these past weeks, and i am very sorry that were required to, just to quiet down impatient players. Thankyou for the update on what you're doing, and how the server is progressing! I am very pleased with the updates you have pushed out, and i look forward to seeing what you can do in the future. I for one feel your dedication to this server is inspiring, and i really cannot wait to watch it grow and evolve over time. You're doing an amazing job, Kade, and i hope i speak for everyone when i say that i am proud to be part of this server!
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    Lady Varrock's Suggestions

    I wholeheartedly agree with reworking the teleport interface, it is abysmal to search through atm, especially for things like hns events, and even for basic bossing/slayer. Makeovers are cool, but i dont think its too important to be immediately worked on. I feel ironman should have a bit of a grind to get going, since it is a solo gamemode. however i feel they should have access to at least a basic armour set (maybe the "ironman" armour from osrs, scaled up to steel?) mithril feels a bit much, and steel would be enough to allow you to tank some training foes until you have better stats for barrows, etc. Clues are all my yes, but they would require drops and stuff being removed from various places, otherwise they become a useless distraction since its faster to get X points to get the item. Boss shops really need this edit. Its horribly easy to obtain mid-end tier armour, as you said, its faster to farm a boss for points, then buy the item with said points than to get a WORSE set as a drop. Great suggestions! Hopefully they bring about some changes
  12. Squirrel

    Staff Updates - 03/16/2019

    Congrats to you two! look forward to seeing your work! And goodbye creation, thanks for being here
  13. Squirrel

    Capes rework

    Love the suggestions, Only thing i dont agree with is Rob's suggestion of making a task being a donor. That basically locks trimmed comp away from any ironmen accounts (if they dont donate irl) which i feel is a bit of a downer for them. Plus ive never been a fan of BiS items being locked behind donation. I think it should be switched out for someting like "open 10 scratchers" Which is 100% possible for an ironman, and any player, Along with still being the "donor sink" for the lazy ones. Overall some brilliant suggestions from you guys
  14. Squirrel

    Various Suggestions and QOL!

    So ive been playing about, doing my thing and whatnot for a while, and ive got a few ideas to share. Hope you enjoy the read. Teleport interface. One thing ive noticed is the teleporting interface is very difficult to navigate. Especially the boss teleports, with it having 7 pages!. One thing i could suggest is adding a full interface, similar to the jewelerry box from osrs. For reference, the below image (in the spoiler) contains what it looks like on osrs. What i suggest is something similar for Pre-scape. You click the teleport like normal, but you get an interface more like this: This was a semi-quick mock up of how it could look, but matching font and colouration would make it look much cleaner. You could also use a similar setup for every other form of teleport. The current hunter locations are a bit... messy. When you teleport in, theres no real knowledge of where each level of hunter npc is located, and they are grouped up in a way that is counter-intuitive. For example, when teleporting to the Karamja location the current layout is as follows: And then you have the Ape Atol teleport layout being as follows: My suggestion is to change this sort of haphazard placement into something more sensical and linear. Theres a lot of pictures so far, but as you can see below, it is the easiest way of conveying my thoughts: Fishing is a very confusing skill to start, mostly because of the layout of the fishing spots, and the distance between them. Currently (not including rocktails) the spots look like this: My idea is to compact the fishing spot locations, and make it a more accessible and simple to navigate/use skill: Currently, only 3 skills have their respective experience outfits. Woodcutting, Runecrafting, and Agility. In OSRS, there is an outfit for Mining, known as "Prospector", which is purchased with golden nuggets from MLM, a stackable currency. My suggestion for adding the mining outfit is to allow all ores mined to give a chance at a golden nugget. This chance scales with the level of the ore mined. The outfit is composed of 4 pieces, hat, body, legs, and boots, each piece costing 50 nuggets, for a total of 200 nuggets. The chances per ore are as follows: Tin/copper - 1/50, Iron - 1/45, Coal/gold - 1/40, Mithril - 1/35, Adamant - 1/30, Runite - 1/20, Star - 1/50. Obviously for a knight account, they will barely gather enough by 99 for the full outfit, but on realism/ironman it will be obtained well before 99. OSRS also has the angler outfit for fishing, which can be obtained from the fishing trawler, or molch pearls. But for here, i feel it would be okay being obtained in a similar way to lumberjack, with similar rates as are calculated for lumberjack. Expanding the Achievements. I feel that the current achievement list is a bit... lacklustre. It mostly focuses on skilling achievements, and bizarrely throws in some pvp requirements (Which for an economy server, makes no sense and just forces some players to have to skip out on completing the achievements.) My suggestion for this, is to remove the pvp requirements (Eventually, it will lead to people "purchasing" kills, or being forced to pvp for weeks trying to get kills on the people camping wildy bosses in near max gear.) And replace them with Bossing requirements. For example, a req to kill all 4 gwd bosses, Kill nex 10 times, Kill corp 5 times, etc. This fleshes out the achievement log, and removes a frankly pointless achievement. To counter the people saying "That achieve makes the wildy active" please refer to my upcoming suggestion. To give the wildy a bit of a boost. The idea of the pk achievement was probably to make people pk, however pking is frankly dead on this server, as a few people will attest. Most players get their "pk fix" from ::ffa, so i have a suggestion. Currently, the wildy offers drops of cash when above 45 wildy, which scales based on donor rank. I feel this is a bit of an unfair advantage over regular players, given the MASSIVE bonus high donors get. Instead, There should be a broadcasted drop, which when picked up SKULLS the player, and sends out a message to the game stating "X-player has picked up [drop] at level -Y wilderness". This drop also teleblocks the player, requiring them to tank to the edgeville ditch. This can be dropped by any enemy over 30 wilderness, scaling on level. Every time the player who received the drop passes a wilderness level (intervals of 5) it broadcasts their location. This drop will be worth a flat value of 10m. However, every time you, as the skulled player holding it, achieve a UNIQUE kill (I.E. a kill on a player you have not killed while holding this item) Its value increases by 5m. Also for every 5 minutes spent surviving in the wilderness with this item, it gains value of 5m. this caps at 30 minutes, for a bonus value of 30m. (im open for balancing conversation). This would replace the straight cash drops, and make the flow of gp less based on donor level, and more based on skill and ability. Hopefully this wasnt a confusing mess, and i look forward to some back and forth.
  15. Squirrel

    Various Suggestions and QOL!

    Well no i completely disagree. PvM is meant to be moderately risk free, WILDY PvM is meant to be very risky. If they didnt want there to be any risk in the wildy, they would simply remove PvP completely. I dont get this whole.... "if im PvMing i shouldnt be at risk" mindset with the wilderness. If you want 0 risk pvm, stick to gwd and nex. My view has, and always will be, if you dont want to get PK'ed, stay out of the wilderness. Also thats the whole point of the risk v reward aspect. If you want the good drops, you have to risk losing your items. I dislike the current wildy Meta of Untradeables and 4 power items. My suggestion was to make bringing the +1's and power items to be risky, as it should be. I understand you dont want to lose your easy gp source, but the longterm health of the server shouldnt be based on 0-risk PvM.
  16. Squirrel

    Various Suggestions and QOL!

    Thanks for the comments @zo kar ta As (i think) i mentioned, i dont pk so im not too knowledgeable on the whole wildy aspect of things. Ideally the best way to combat that is to balance the zbow vs players more than remove risk from the wildy. As far as i know wildy pvm is almost completely safe, since pking is rarely worth doing as at best youll get a few pots and standard pvm loot (which is frankly not worth skulling up and potentially being anti'd) i was just hoping to bring in some more of that risk vs reward aspect, which is what wild pvm is missing. I for one would love to actually be able to learn pking where even 1 kill could cover the costs of maybe 10 deaths. It would also lead to wildy bosses being farmed so much less, which in turn would be beneficial for the economy, E.G. the reason items like the ROTG, Treasonous ring, and D pick are so valuable in osrs is because even though the bosses are piss easy, they cant be farmed as consistently or with as much safety as is here. Hopefully that helps you see where i was trying to come from
  17. Squirrel

    Various Suggestions and QOL!

    @MrChristmas thanks for the comments! Could also do both, maybe make him a "Roaming boss" with different mechanics based on wildy depth, and different drop chances (dont know how annoyign that would be to code but would be pretty cool!) I mostly wanted to avoid the topic of donations vs reg players. I do feel the current system is just furthering the gap and would lead to animosity with a larger playerbase, i understand the idea is to increase incentive to donate, but too much "Pay-2-Win" is a bit of a death sentence for having a large playerbase. Fully agree with the achievement comment. That one is going to take me an age! @Creation Thank you for the compliment! i put a fair amount of time into this and im quite proud! I wanted to go a different route to other places with that wildy suggestion, since i feel that being forced to actually have to escape with the item would give pkers and such more chance to get the reward from it, and would also make pvmers more careful about their risk and gear choices. The current meta being "camp the boss because fuck all is going to happen" feels really wrong for the wilderness. @Slide Thru @Hamze Thank you for reading! Im hopeful, and yeah... the star gave me a LOT of free time to do this! Ill probably be doing a version 2 over the coming week or so as i think of more things i can work out!
  18. Squirrel

    Few more suggestions

    1. This i agree with, would very much like to be able to skip having to press "-" since it is completely different to every server ive ever come across. 2. Daily tasks should scale with level, i feel the skilling ourfits should still come from their respective skills, and the "daily" points should be for more items like noted skilling supplies, herb secondaries, etc. Makes it more useful in the long term for most accounts (ironmen, Realism) and also allows daily tasks to be converted to raw gp if its wanted (sell loot to gen store) 3. I have never taken part in ffa so i cant really comment here 4. Shops should at least have a bit of space between them, would make it easier to click with the funky system going on here. 5. Im not a fan of an achievement based on voting, since it is pretty common for links to break/stop working (Moparscape, for example) But you could make the store so much better. 6. Maybe to boost content for non donors, could have events like "double barrows droprate" and similar, im a fan of this, support. Couple things here i never really noticed, but i dont see any reason not to work on this stuff.
  19. Squirrel

    Various Suggestions and QOL!

    Thanks for the comment @Lady Varrock Glad you enjoyed reading through it! @Andyplays I was mostly hoping to remove the whole "camp barrows at mage bank lever for easy cash" meta of the wilderness drops as they currently are... itd be great if you actually had to risk losing it to get it, would encourage people to actually pk in these areas instead of not doing anything related to pking at all. currently, as far as i know, the only real place to pk people is frosts and the agility, since its deep enough and far enough from a tele to give you a chance at getting a kill. But i do quite like the idea of changing the drops a bit, ideally so that newer players can have a chance at catching up with mega bucks people. Thanks again for taking the time to read through my post
  20. Squirrel

    Various Suggestions and QOL!

    Thanks lancelot, my whole idea with the fishing thing is a lot of players dont even use forums until theyve invested time into the server, and by then theyve probably tried fishing and got confused (like i did) and asked for help. Trying to make it more streamlined and stop players having to ask how to start the same skill 40 times a day Also thanks for the kind words! Hopefully my suggestions can be passed around and refined
  21. Squirrel

    Forums Event

    My favourite thing about Pre-Scape is: Trivia questions, a wonderful little distractiong and minigame (sorta) Something I'd like to see improved or added is: Some form of loot tracker/collection log for those of us who like to collect drops. Would be wonderful to be able to show off that we have ACTUALLY obtained items and not just gambled/dono'd. Also adding in the possibility to track multiple pet drops, just to flex luck on people. My number is:193
  22. Squirrel

    Hello! I am Squirrel :)

    Hey guys, My name is squirrel, and ive been playing for about a week now, decided now was a good time to "officially" join. I mostly play this on the side of my OSRS acc, which i wont be disclosing the name of, which mostly makes me distracted while playing, so if i ignore you, its because im probably mid clue or farm run . Lastly, im always up for a chat, and will do my best to keep up the conversations. Also, i plan to eventually have every barrows set from murdering the brothers. Currently i only have Dharok's, but one day ill have them all. Thanks for reading