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  1. Slide Thru

    Staff Updates - 03/31/2019

    Sad to see you leave the staff team. You were very active and always ready to help. Good luck and take care m8
  2. Slide Thru

    Server Update 03/31/19

    Good stuff! Thanks for the update
  3. Slide Thru

    Store history

    Yes that would be nice! A history log where you can see what item you've sold for X amount of money. Support
  4. Slide Thru

    Slide Thru: Realism Grind

    Update 24/3/19 Achieved: - Achieved max cape - Blood necklace drop from Kalphite Queen - Obtained Heron pet (7/8) - Finished 92/99 Achievements Added new goals: - Finish 120 Dungeoneering - Obtain Baby Chinchompa (Last skilling pet) - Reach 1250 Trivia Points for 15% Drop Rate Box (1090/1250)
  5. Slide Thru

    Lancelot's Completionist Guide

    Wow. Very nice guide! This will be helpful as I'm still working towards my comp cape. Keep up the splendid job!
  6. Slide Thru

    Server Update 03/18/19

    Great job boss, keep it up! There are some great suggestions written down in the community section. I hope they get implemented.
  7. 1. Make it so you can exchange your energy fragments for a X amount of Runecrafting XP just like how you can exchange your mark of graces for agility XP. Currently they become useless after you have purchased the full runecrafting outfit and pouches that come along with it. 2. The chance of getting an Amulet of Fury or Ring of Wealth / Ring of Wealth (i) from searching bird's nests. Make it like a 1/1K chance of getting one. (Don't know if this is a thing or not, I haven't seen it ingame yet) 3. Change the Daily Tasks slightly. For example, I got the task of cooking 182 Bass yesterday. Just completely not worth to finish IMO. Perhaps you could divide the Daily Tasks in 3 types: Easy, Medium and Hard. And let everyone be able to choose what type of tasks you want through a NPC at home, or by typing a command like ::setdailytask-easy/hard/medium. The rewards could depend on what type of task you choose. Or make them all just hard 4. A message in-game that says when a crop is diseased in farming. Currently we do have the message of "One of your crops is fully grown!". It would be nice if it would also say whenever a crop is diseased so you can cure it in time. 5. Maybe more skilling armor that gives bonus XP for a certain skill? For example, you could add a mining bonus xp armor set to the stardust shop. Thanks for reading, and have a nice day!
  8. Slide Thru

    Capes rework

    Great suggestions, I'd love to see a trimmed comp cape added in game! It would indeed be a great incentive for everyone to grind for the comp cape if it'd be the BIS cape. Support!
  9. Slide Thru

    Various Suggestions and QOL!

    Very nice list of suggestions. I love the time and effort you have put into this. Mining the star gave you a lot of free time to make it very detailed I see! I agree with every single suggestion of yours, and hope they will be implemented. Good job!
  10. Sup y'all. Been playing for a couple of weeks and the max cape is in sight on realism, so I wanted to make some personal goals for myself to keep myself motivated to keep grinding. I'll be setting new goals for myself as I go forward in my grind. For now my main goals are: [ x ] Achieve Max Cape [18/23] [ ] Obtain All Skilling Pets [7/8] [ ] Finish All Achievements [92/99] [ x ] Blood Necklace Drop from Kalphite Queen [ ] Get in top 10 overall on highscores [ ] 1B Total XP [ ] Get a master cape [ ] Finish 120 Dungeoneering [99/120] [ ] Obtain Baby Chinchompa [Last skilling pet] [ ] Reach 1250 Trivia Points for 15% Drop Rate Box [1090/1250] If you've got any suggestions as to what I should grind for, feel free to leave it down here, and I might consider it Current progress so far: (I'm broke, so makes the grind a lil' tougher)
  11. Slide Thru

    Forums Event

    My favourite thing about Pre-Scape is: Grinding on realism (currently) Something I'd like to see improved or added is: Frost dragons that are not in wildy x) My number is: 84
  12. Slide Thru

    Just slidin' thru

    Wassup I've been playing for about 2-3 weeks now, and enjoying the server a lot! Just wanted to pop by and visit the forum section (besides staring at the guides trying to figure out what to do next). The realism grind is long and quite slow, but I'm getting there. Might make an achievements&goal topic on here for myself. Just wanted to say that the server has a great community, everyone is very helpful and friendly. That's it for now, I'm gon slide thru! cya ingame