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  1. See Ya Later

    Forums Event

    Your favourite thing about Pre-Scape - How Good the community is and how easy it is to get on with everyone. - One thing that could be improved or that you would like to see added - A Mage only boss to make Magic gear actually useful as everyone is preferring to use zaryte bow and void or drygores or sir owens. My Number is. 204
  2. See Ya Later

    Staff FeedBack by Tobster

    Totally Agree with your feedback on @Creation he's been a superb asset to the servers staff team ingame.
  3. See Ya Later

    IronMan Guide- By Creation

    Very Useful guide man this is going to help plenty of people and appreicate the effort thats been put into this!
  4. See Ya Later

    What sort of events would you be interested in?

    This was hosted the other day by @Jake the winner recieved either a golden Scratcher or $10 scroll.
  5. See Ya Later

    Staff Updates - 03/01/2019

    Congratulations on Staff Seen you assiting others and very quick at it too, deserved rank!
  6. See Ya Later

    Hello! I am Squirrel :)

    Welcome Man, We have spoken abit and you're a really nice guy hope you enjoy your stay at Pre-scape and see you around in-game
  7. See Ya Later

    What sort of events would you be interested in?

    +1 this would be very useful to making the wildy relevant
  8. See Ya Later

    More suggestions

    I like the idea of making smouldering stone useful, will be a great update if considered - support.
  9. See Ya Later

    Big Sale

    All for sale hit me with offers
  10. See Ya Later

    Nappy's Journal

    good luck with all the challenges buddy!
  11. See Ya Later

    Thieving Guide

    Great Guide will be useful for new players