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  1. Soulwar

    A new "Elite" cape idea

    For us really dedicated ppl add "Elite" achievements examples below for realism players 5000 Boss kills 500 playhours 50 000 NPC kills 20 pets obtained 2 billion realism xp 200m in a skill (realism) etc? Suggestions below what else could be added. and maybe an elite cape or smth?
  2. Soulwar

    Golden scratchers REWORK IDEA

    I think ALL anger weapons and greegree's should be deleted and every other totally useless item. Scratchers have been updated but I think it should be looked into more. FULL SUPPORT. Nice input andy.
  3. @corebe2no Nah, charms dont drop that much from bandits and prayer is only at 15m since its only 50xp per bandit. Didnt use bonecrusher for mage at all.
  4. Soulwar

    Add more dungeoneering floors

    Add more dung floors and complexity (every floor you complete you gain 5% more xp per complexity etc) Dung floor 1 (Levels 1-80) Dung floor 2 (80-100) Dung floor 3 (+100)
  5. Finally managed to reach 1b ranged 1b magic xp Realism how many bandits it took? well not that many..
  6. Soulwar

    Store history

    I'd suggest to add a history log in the personal store. Now when I login it says i've sold some items but I got no idea what i've sold. When ur online it says what items you sell if ur fast enough to pick em from the chat. Changes?
  7. Soulwar

    Soulwar at it

    To me it's pointless to get over 1.5b worth of magegear when u can just buy same hitting gear (virtus + tsotd) with 500m
  8. Soulwar

    Soulwar at it

    Well melee with drygores renders all other styles useless since drygores are cheaper than best in slot mage gear. You hit the same with virtus as with ancestral which renders ORD useless.
  9. Soulwar

    Soulwar at it

    Magic damage buff - Barrage spells with almost max mage gear +170 mage atk and +41% magic damage i can barely hit 500's and im wearing over 2b worth of gear. Should be looked into
  10. Soulwar

    Lady Varrock's Suggestions

    Support all.
  11. Soulwar

    Soulwar's suggestions

    1. Runecrafting - Energy fragments make energy fragments sellable for 2.5 - 3.5k each to general store to create a moneymaker out of rc what it has been in runescape for years. 2. Farming - There is a notification to when ur crops have grown, but could there be a notification for a diseased crop? -Magic secateurs for +50% more herbs harvested? Obtainable from somewhere? Also if white lillys could be noted that would make selling em to general store alot more pleasing 3. Donator zones are being reworked so include a lava dragon spawn in ultimate/premium zone? 4. Donator shops - make the items sold in donator shop even partly noted like the bars they are a pain in the butt to buy invent at a time.
  12. Soulwar

    Forums Event

    My favourite thing about Pre-Scape is: The community Something I'd like to see improved or added is: Noted supplies extra supplies from skilling My number is: 333
  13. Soulwar

    More suggestions

    Thank you for ur opinion.
  14. Soulwar

    More suggestions

    Make Smouldering stone relevant - Use on dragon hatchet -> Inferno adze and inferno adze burns 35-50% logs you've cut. We still want our extra logs/ores to come as noted to our inventory When the announcement pop's up that you've got 500m xp it does not say what mode. Make it tell what nerdmode u play on. More currency the skiller way, the new wildy update is dope but lvl 3 skillers benefit nothing from it. Extra cash while skilling based on donor status (maybe?) Make bird's nests have a 1/1000 chance dropping Row or row(i) EDIT. Runecrafting - Energy fragments are useless after lvl 80 on realism and arent sellable. Make em sellable to gen store or swap from rc npc for 2.5 - 3.5k ea coins or runecrafting experience? generate a lil more coins. Runecrafting usually is a great moneymaker.
  15. Soulwar

    Soulwar's suggestions

    I meant ::bank command makes it that you dont gain anymore resources as you would with the feature that all the "extra ores/logs" would come as noted as it fills ur inventory too fast atm. Thanks for ur input Rob.