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  1. Brid

    Server Updates 07/16/19

    Very excited and happy for you buddy. I see you killin it and i know you will continue to do so. Can't wait to see the raids once theyre fixed and implemented and am here to help you in any i can. Appreciate the consistency and excitement from you when hearing about the updates and the server in general. Expecting to see more out of these next few weeks and to see results pouring out. Goodluck brotha.
  2. Brid

    Events Poll + Event

    Unfortunately I don't think that bossing idea would work as if there was tons of people and only 4 GWD Bosses it wouldnt be very fair and would probably encite a lot of flaming imo as people will fight over the bosses and even if it didn't it wouldnt be a very good event as only X could participate with the limited amount of time + bosses there would be. As far as ideas I believe there is many ideas that could potentially work but as far as short term same day events there isnt nearly as many. I think there could be PVM ideas where the staff team could elude to where a boss would spawn randomly in Pre-Scape and that boss could have an enormous amount of HP with fairly decent drop rates, although make it so anything OP could not be used (insta kill darts, or anything over a certain item set that way its fair for new players as well) As far as skilling i think it would be very cool to see like an event where people were teleported into an area and all their stats would be 1 and they must train their stats to complete a certain amount of tasks to create items that then is given to the staff team and once their tasks are complete and items given then they win (x must get 99 mining + x amount of runite, addy, mith etc ore. applies to anything like wcing, fletching etc)
  3. Brid

    Introduction Kaspeer

    Hello Kasper. seen you about much. Best Regards, Brid/Beast
  4. Brid

    Complete 1-99 Prayer Guide - Astro

    I probably won't use this but this is good for players that didnt know the exact xp's of bones or the method used, so the attention to detail is useful. +1 from me. Best Regards, Brid/Beast
  5. Brid

    Who remembers this absolute tune?

    Man is most definitely not hot
  6. Brid

    Brids SS Application.

    This is quite a late reply compared to when i reacted to it lol, but i appreciate it. Yes during my time on Zamorak and Near Reality i was heavily involved with the staff teams to bring out the best with the potential both servers presented and feel i did a good job at assisting in the direction they were both already heading I appreciate the words and thanks for checking in and reading up. Best Regards, Brid/Beast
  7. Username(s): Brid/Beast Timezone (GMT): PST ( Although i play at weird random times. More in the afternoon and night my time) Language(s): English Do you have any staff experience? Yes! A decent amount actually Server name(s): Zamorak, Near Reality being the two main ones. Also on Rythm Bot Discord with hundreds of thousands of users still to this day :). Your role and responsibilities: Admin ( basically management team on Zamorak before leaving due to activity ) and Moderator on Near Reality with some responsibilities such as hand editing PKing shops and point system myself. While being an Admin on Zamorak, my responsibilities ranged from disputes between players, helping people out in generic and specific ways, working closely with the higher management team and Kade to achieve what we wanted on Zamorak and many other things :). Reason why you no longer work there: I left due to inactivity and IRL conflicting issues. Otherwise i wouldve stayed 😭 Why would you like to join the staff team?: To give back to a community that has been apart of my life on and off for the past like 5 years is the simple answer. To go in to detail i would say to help a long time friend in Kade see success once again in his server. To work alongside new and old faces alike and to have players have a true seamless time here on Pre-Scape. What qualities could you offer to the staff team?: Past experience being one of the main things i would say alongside a good head on my shoulders. Ive worked with this base before and have played this server for YEARS to come now. Im a hardworker and when im dedicated it shows in my hours put in to results. I currently work in an office setting dealing with customers via email, phone calls, etc and i believe that customer support transfers quite well into supporting on a server where i know how to handle and adjust to each person individually :). I work very well under pressure knowing there's a deadline so working fast and getting in the "zone" is quite easy for me. I would love to answer more questions you have for anything i couldnt think of! How many hours can you put into Pre-Scape weekly?: 3-4 hours minimum during the week a few days a week and on the weekends 4-5 hours at least 1 of the days on the weekend. IE: Monday-Friday 3-4 hours a day for 4-5 days and weekends more than likely both days unless i have plans otherwise my schedule is very very open. Generally 20+ hours a week is a very safe bet. Ive already got 20+ hours active since release and will post below my total hours which ive barely afked with Have you ever been sanctioned before? If yes, explain: Never! I will admit I have said some questionable things to people I probably shouldnt have but when pking i get a little bantering. I also apologized to those individuals and publicly on yell. I try not to rustle anybodies feathers as i want to continue playing this amazing server. Do you have Skype?: Yep! A few staff members should already have it. (Yor, Kade at the least) Time Played (screenshot): Thank you very much for the opportunity and the idea of being able to come back to Pre-Scape as an admin on Kade's previous server brings back so many memories and would love to create new ones with everybody regardless of the outcome of this application. Much love to everybody and would love to start a discussion with anybody that has questions or concerns. Much much love always. Best Regards, Brid/Beast
  8. Brid

    we finally did it

    Good job buddy. TS Ganggang taking over the prize pool.
  9. Brid

    Hi Fam

    once they picked up davis with already having lebron most of their salary cap is used between them two alone. they got rid of a few players for davis too. Then yeah they held out so its even worse for them. I dont think theyll compete too well for a season or two unless they make some big changes.
  10. Brid


    sup bruddah. hows it going buddy
  11. Brid

    Hi Fam

    Hello Astro, whats up brother. Welcome to Prescape :P. Talk to me about Davis joining the Lakers 💁‍♂️
  12. Brid

    Hello Im Brid/Beast/Jay

  13. Brid

    Hello Im Brid/Beast/Jay

    like-wise friend.
  14. Brid

    Community Channel

    Should be an interesting concept if the quality of the production is at a high level like some of these compilations on youtube for 07 such as sml etc. If theres high effort with good quality im in!
  15. Brid


    The beer and runescape is enough for me to fuck with you already 😂 welcome brother and next cold one is on me 🍻