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  1. Lady Varrock

    Slide Thru: Some skilling suggestions

    I really like the 3rd point, I hate getting a task of cook 200 anchovies or something, I like your idea put forward, be nice to set the task difficulty at hand depending on what mood your in!
  2. Lady Varrock

    Soulwar's suggestions

    like the ideas put in the suggestions, i'm not a donor but from the sounds of it, buying stuff unnoted in bulk sounds a pain :') so i support that. Would really like to see magic secs included in game, maybe if skillcape perks worked it could stack with farming cape too for max yield. And agree with the first one, once you've got the outfit, fragments are just dead content.
  3. Lady Varrock

    Lady Varrock's Suggestions

    Sorry for anyone who is reading and it seems to be a copy of all that has been done before, there are so many suggestions it'd take forever to read them all, so i'm going off what i feel i'd want being a relatively new player. TELEPORTS! I know this will be brought up a lot, but we definitely need a new teleport interface, i like the idea of clicking the world map to open up the teleport interface as you don't need to switch tabs and look for the teleport and go through pages and pages only to miss the teleport you needed and start again! The interface below is copied from a server i used to play but was the best teleport system I had in a server, all teleports under their respective skill tabs, previous teleports and a favourites tab, one other feature I liked was when you could right click the world map it would bring up your recent 2 teleports. Very quick, efficient and looks great. MAKEOEVER! I'd like to see the makeover mage work/revamped. Add the female character style!. The game looks like a RS2 version rather than OSRS and is a higher detail, yet the make over mage is currently making you OSRS style looks and the interface looks OSRS style, the current interface looks like this: The interface id like to see is more like this: So many people, myself included spend a good amount of time bankstanding, especially when we just logged on, may aswell have a decent outfit to look at. IRONMEN! I feel like although this server has ironman mode, it doesn't cater to it well, shops is a big thing, yes i know ironman is about being self sufficient but i spent the first day mining and smithing just to get adamant armour and adamant scimitar (Didn't know about the game stalls) I think that the stores need to be available to ironmen for at least a basic setup, not rune + but maybe mithril atleast, just to get their foot into the game, some people enjoy the grind more than others, but you need to cater to every play style, not all players have the time to runecraft 40000 air runes just to train magic up a bit, casual ironmen want that basic start to jump into the game. I think this would help increase the player base and retain casual players who still want to play the solo style but don't have hours to put into it. One more shop is the fancy clothes store, why ironmen cant use a cosmetic store (I just want a gnome scarf) i'm not sure! CLUES! CLUESSSSSSS, so lets talk about clues, lets have clues! Clues will help unlock some sweet fashionscape and some nice armour, it will give opportunity to open up the world a bit more and have more people roaming the wilderness, I think a good amount of work on making clues work correctly would be great, its a chance at some rare items, cool items and they're fun to do! DEGRADING ITEMS! (bit of a 2 in 1) I think this will get a bit of backlash, but in my opinion, barrows should degrade, it is a money sink and it makes the item have a bit more value i think, even as ironman I would pay for armour fixing, i think the all the points shops should be reworked, It was faster for me to get an armadyl piece than it was to go ::MB and get a karils' piece, this should not happen! I just feel the game progresses way too fast, which is might be how you want it, but I'd like to see a server where you're not in the best gear in one day, where money is used to fix items, seeing people happy to get a few barrows pieces as it'll take a while to their next upgrade! This is where clues come into play, opens up extra tiers of gear. I know it's quite a long read, and if you've read it all, then thankyou! feedback is appreciated. Happy gaming all! - Lady Varrock
  4. Lady Varrock

    Various Suggestions and QOL!

    Really enjoy'd reading this, im in support of everything, loved the illustrations, goodjob mate, hope its implemented soon!
  5. Lady Varrock

    Forums Event

    favourite thing about prescape - the welcoming community Improvements - a different teleport interface number i choose - 53