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    Huge Wildy Bug

    So apparently now when you die in the wilderness, all items dropped to the ground instantly disapear without any chance for anybody in the game to get these items. I was killing Ord, not watching my prayer and half afking and he killed me and i got pissed. Now i have to pay 50m to get my shit back whatever. I tp back to Ord and not one of my items is on the ground. With a bank as small as mine, losing 60m loot and 300m+ items due to some dumbass bug is enough to make me just leave the server. After shutting the server down to completely re vamp it and make pre scape 2.0 damn near what we were expecting, we get a buggy wilderness, and an average of 3 players. If staff look into this, i get a refund, bug gets fixed, maybe id stick around until player base catches up. With the odds of that 0/10, this is more than likely a farewell.