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  1. Bane

    Server Update 09/18/2018

    After a long 9 days, the new update is finally ready. And it is a big one! For the past 9 days I have been working on combat, more specifically combat formulas (max hit and accuracy formulas). As you probably knew our old formulas were bad and attack styles and defence didn't matter much. But not anymore! I have spent hours and hours searching the Runescape forums for information about their combat and I came up with formulas that are really close to what we're seeing on OSRS. Before PVM accuracy and hits only took 3 NPC bonuses in consideration: Attack, defence and strength. But now, our combat system will be taking 19 NPC bonuses in consideration, just like OSRS. Our staff made an effort browsing Oldschool Runescape Wikia and adding correct stats to all of our npcs. Thank you guys for that. From now on, when fighting NPCs you will have to consider NPC stats and their weakneses to do the most damage possible. Lets look at Ahrim the Blighted for example. If you look at OSRS Wikia Ahrim the Blighted you can see thats its lowest defensive stat is range which means that range will be most effective against this npc. If you are using Melee to fight him, most effective will be whip because its slash defence is lower then stab and crush defence. PVP combat should be much better too. You won't be able to hit as accurately as you used to. (Example: Chaotic maul inside FFA). Everything is more balanced now and this should provide much better PVP experience overall. You might have noticed that some of item bonuses are wrong and too high/too low. We're working on updating that in the next update. Along with the combat update I also did some bug fixes, list of which you can find bellow. You can no longer trade inside FFA arena. You can use ::yell and ::answer commands while in FFA Dungeoneering equipment that is used inside FFA doesn't have skill requirement anymore. Changed 3rd age bow and wand prices in general store Fixed global moderator crown You can use dragon arrows with twisted bow and 3rd age bow now You cant open scratch tickets in wilderness anymore Serpentine helmet will now protect you from poison and venom Fixed two major FFA exploits Bows that don't require ammo won't stack with ammo strength bonus anymore Bandos Godswords special attack will now have correct effect Dragon Warhammers special attack will now have correct effect Removed Crystal key drops from Spiritual Mages Increased skull-back timer from 1 minute to 5 minutes Possibly fixed Zulrah turning into ogre and hans Increased Zulrahs maximum hit from 41 to 410 Bork shouldn't be able to hit you across map anymore. Vengeance wont hit you back before your hit registers anymore Fixed getting total donated after purchasing an item from store (was hotfixed like 8 days ago already) Fixed scratch ticket notification Fixed drop inferface (super rare and extra rare were switched up) I would also like to thank Hades who added 100 new trivia questions! Kind regards, Pre-Scape Staff Team
  2. Bane

    Server Update 09/08/2018

    Greetings Pre-Scapers, Here are the changes that have been made since the last update log. Redone ::drops interface. You can now search for npcs drops too Added skill pets and more boss pets Scorpias offspring Venenatis spiderling Vetion Jr. Hellpuppy, Tzrek-Zuk Pet Snakeling beaver baby chinchompa giant squirrel heron rift guardian rock golem rocky tangleroot bloodhound pet Skilling pets give 50% bonus xp in their skill. Bloodhound pet gives 5% drop rate bonus I have added Golden scratch cards, you can buy them from store or get as rare drop from any npc (1/2500) All ornament armour gained from golden scratch cards gives 5% drop bonus I have also fixed FFA exploits. FFA should work fine now. Kind regards, Pre-scape staff team
  3. Bane

    Kade and Bane

    Thank you <3
  4. Bane

    Baby dragons with dragon task

    Thank you for reporting it. I have added baby dragons to slayer task.
  5. Bane

    Website Feedback

    - Countdown timer
  6. Bane

    Sneak Peek

    I finished redoing achievements so i decided to share it with you guys
  7. Development is going as smooth as butter bottle

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  8. Communication Flaming, Harassment and Disrespect Flaming will not be tolerated within the help clan chat or over yell, any racist remarks or discrimination of any sort in any chat will be punishable also, continuous flaming or harassment could result in a punishment depending on the staff member(s) discretion. Disrespecting or harassing a staff member will not be tolerated, a staff member will be respective to the community and the same will be expected in return. Yell Chat & Help Clan Chat You are not allowed to flame, troll, flame-bait, discuss inappropriate topics or lure other players over yell. You aren't allowed to lure other players, use icons or troll in the help clan chat. Spamming Spamming will not be tolerated, acts of such feats will be acted upon accordingly by the staff members of Pre-Scape. We should all be acting as mature as we can while on Pre-Scape and respect others wishes as well, those who continue to do such feats will be removed from Pre-Scape if needed. Auto-typers are tolerated as long as there's at least 8 seconds delay. Advertising Advertising other servers in-game is strictly prohibited (Including Discord servers) Misleading Links Misleading links are not tolerated on the server or on forums. If you post a YouTube link, we expect it to lead to YouTube. Threats DDoS threats, hacking threats and real-life threats will not be tolerated. DDoSing & DoSing DDoSing/DoSing is not tolerated and is a federal offence in many countries. False Accusations Falsely accusing someone of breaking a rule(s) may it be scamming, flaming or any other rule is not tolerated. Disruptive Text Using any type of disruptive text e.g. colour or crowns will not be tolerated. Luring As stated in above; luring isn't tolerated over yell or help cc. We do not tolerate luring or attempting to lure staff members via private message either. Botting, Macroing & Bug Abuse Third Party Software We do not tolerate any use of outside software to gain an unfair advantage over other players. This includes botting clients, cheat clients, auto clickers etc. Use of Mouse Keys is tolerated. Auto-typers Pre-Scape does allow players to use auto-typers to aide in selling & buying items. All auto-typers must be set to a 8 - 10 second delay. Bug Abuse Abusing any bug that is detrimental to the integrity of Pre-Scape's economy, harms players or ruins the game in anyway is not tolerated. Please report all bugs. Duping Any player caught attempting to duplicate items will be punished severely. Threatening to dupe will also lead to action being taken. Please contact a staff member if you discover a dupe, you will be rewarded. Glitched Items Attempting to sell or buy any glitched item, whether from a minigame, achievement or elsewhere, is not tolerated. Accounts Selling & Buying Accounts Not under any circumstance is it tolerated to buy/sell or give away a Pre-Scape account. Hacking Hacking a players forum or in-game account will not be tolerated. Inappropriate Usernames We do not tolerate any inappropriate usernames, including racism. Starter Packs Abusing your starter pack you receive on creation of your account in any way will result in a permanent mass ban from the server. Real World Trading Trading Pre-Scape Currency You're not allowed to trade Pre-Scape currencies for anything other than Pre-Scape currencies, doing so would be considered real world trading, which is a permanent UID Ban. The only exceptions are if you are using an Administrator or Developer to donate RSGP. Impersonation Staff Impersonation Any player caught impersonating a member of the staff team will not be tolerated. Player Impersonation Any player caught impersonating another member will not be tolerated. Wilderness Ragging Ragging in/close to Edgeville is against the rules, if a player feels he is being harassed while trying to pk, it is up to the staff's discretion to handle the situation. PvP Farming Farming player kills in the Wilderness is not tolerated Refunds Scamming Refunds If you lose items due to a scam, you will only be refunded if you have solid evidence. Only video evidence is accepted as proof. Anything else will be leading the case to be dismissed and no action will be taken by staff. Glitch or Disconnection Refunds Glitch or disconnection refunds will only be granted if the member has a recording of him/her losing the items. Hacking Refunds Hacking refunds will not be granted as it's the players responsibility to make sure their account is secure. Lent Items Lending out items is at your own risk, we will not be refunding anyone who is scammed doing so. Misc Item Scamming Attempting to or scamming items will not be tolerated. Evading Bans/Mutes Evading a punishment will only result in an extension of the current punishment. Muling A low level account that has been barely trained that is caught with a large sum of value will be investigated and possible wiped. Abusing Voting Using any way to switch your IP to sell codes or receive multiple vote rewards is not tolerated. All items and XP gained from voting may be removed from your account, and a week-long ban will be applied to the account(s) involved. Multi Logging Multi-logging in any minigame, boss, or at the Star location is against the rules. If caught, ALL rewards/drops earned will be removed from your account(s). Repeat offenders will be banned. Having multiple accounts in the Wilderness for any PvM/PvP purpose is also forbidden. TeamSpeak/Discord All applicable rules including (but not limited to) flaming, advertisement and ban evasion are enforced on our official voice servers. Anyone caught breaking these rules will face a possible ban. Agreement By being on the server (this being implied that you've already read the rules), you understand that you are responsible for your own actions. You understand that the rules stated above will be enforced at all times and the administration has the ability to further the punishment despite what it states above, this is the administration's discretion. We have permission to do what we want with your account as they are a property of ours and you are merely 'playing' on it. You understand that when a rule is broken,your account will be dealt with accordingly and fairly as possible through the system that we have made for the staff team and how people are dealt with. These rules are subject to be changed at any time by the staff team. If something goes wrong under your IP or account you will still be held responsible. It does not matter if your mom, dad, little brother, vengeful girlfriend or dog did it. You understand that donations made to the administration of Pre-Scape are final, and the administration is under no obligation to refund such goods from our services. You understand that actions made by the administration for the donation system and processes are final, and no exceptions are made. You understand that there are little to no refund policies made unless done by an administrator member who can handle these situations themselves. You understand that if a donation is lost through a glitch - it will be refunded, however, if a member is hacked then you understand it is less likely to be refunded to not at all at the discretion of the administrator member (who can handle these type-of situations).