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  1. Bane

    Patch Notes 1.9

    Greetings Pre-Scapers, We have recently launched our project into Stage II. I have been working on knocking out as many as bugs as possible before we make our final arrangements for our advertisements and campaigns. Thank you so much for your patience and taking the time to report all the bugs as a community everyday, so I can take the time to bring to apply these patches and changes. Be sure to report anymore bugs to Kade or view our report a bug section and take your time to make a list. Range ammunition will no longer be saved unless Accumulator is equipped. No clipping near the store at Canifis has been resolved. Forum Admin now has a proper yell title, icon, tag, text for chat. Player ranks will now be shown and displayed accordingly on the website panel where all players in-game are listed. Charming impling now drops more than 1 charm at a time. Damage not being displayed or dealt with chinchompas has now been resolved. Purchasing items from the store such as Frost Dragon bones, misc items, now will add to the total donated of the players account. Cyclops drops will no longer be shown on the incorrect floor levels. Dwarf Multicannon will no longer randomly turn into random objects, such as "Cave Entrance". Sara Godwars Dungeon minions will no longer count as Commander Zilyana kills for slayer tasks. When inventory is full, daily task rewards will now go to the bank instead. Pest control portals will no longer move once being attacked by range and or magic. Voting Lamps will now have an option for you to choose 100% Bonus experience for an hour or the 500k Instant experience. Potion Duplication Glitch has now been resolved (was a very minor bug that could not be really abused whatsoever to any crucial extent) Players can no longer use customized colors, and add their own crowns, shades, colors, etc to their text. Multiple variations to insert these selective characters in text have been disabled. A bug regarding selling items such as example, "Dragon Full helm" which does not allow you to sell to the general store have been fixed, if we missed any items be sure to let us know below Items that are not allowed to be sold unnoted no longer are allowed to be sold once noted. Experience drops will now continue to showcase even after reaching your characters 1,000,000,000 experience in that skill, such as combat skills. (Healthier PvP Environment) Corporal Beast has been given a re-work to its overall performance and damage output. (Meant to make it twice as hard so it cannot be solo'd so easily anymore Revenants can no longer attack from 20 steps away when players are attacking with Range / Magic. Default settings have been adjusted to create a high performance ratio for new players Activating the wells, will now update accordingly, and will allow the quest tab to be refreshed once it has been done Players will no longer be allowed to deal damage to their opponents when they are teleporting. As soon as the tick is registered, the damage will be nullified to protect the opponent just like RuneScape. An issue regarding Magic attacks being registered triple the amount, has now been resolved. New players are now enforced to enter a Bank Pin for their accounts no matter what, to ensure some level of minor security on their accounts. (Two step verification is always an option) A minor exploit regarding the tutorial and registering new accounts to get unlimited starter packs has been resolved. Pathing Bug Resolved - Players will no longer move out of their death spot once they achieve 0 hit points. Pathing Bug Resolved - Barbarian Assault Agility course will now longer move their character out of the map between obstacles Pet Pathing Bug Resolved - Pets not properly following their owners is now resolved Pet Pathing Bug Resolved - Pets would rotate in incorrect rotations, this is now resolved You will now receive notifications when your friends log in and log out of their client. Quest tab had minor issues where incorrect information would display, this is now resolved. Thank you for reading the patch notes, and we here at Pre-Scape cannot thank you enough for staying so patient with us. We are truly blessed to have a supportive community within our reach. Kind Regards, Bane
  2. Bane

    Patch Notes 1.8

    Client bug fixes Fixed bug that displayed object ids and type on right click Fixed login screen issues Removed blue rectangle in the corner of chat area Fixed report an issue button Enabled/disabled x10 hp will now show correct value over head. Removed [$] on right click Fixed textures Added client version back to client title Fixed ::doninfo command Doors are now fixed You can now use all saved accounts not just first one Added rank icons next to player name Added shift drop Fixed highscores link on client Fog is now enabled by default Server fixes Error code wont show anymore when clicking guide on farming Added players online on website Added trivia points to quest tab Added well bonuses to quest tab Added players online interface It will display players online count list of players online if you click player it will show players details: Username Rank Time played Total donated Combat level Total level Slayer points Voting points Commendations Dungeoneering tokens PK points Kill streak in wilderness Player kills Deaths in wilderness Duel arena wins Duel arena loses Added moparscape to vote page Fixed punishments time Banned players wont be able to login with new account anymore Highscores will now show correct ranks Owner, manager and developer ranks wont be added to highscores anymore Added a simple way to find NPC's drops You can do ::getdrop-<npc name> to open npc's drop table Changed combat formulas a bit Made magic combat formula more similar to OSRS Changed magic accuracy formula a bit Chinchompas multi effect now works
  3. Bane

    Patch Notes 1.7

    Barrows should drop legs more often now You can now kill zamorak gwd for greater demon task You cant use images or text colors in clan chat anymore Fixed bug that caused server to crash Added new logger to help staff moderate server drop log pickup log pvp log duel log login log punishments log command log some more logs i cant think of atm Fixed highscore saving Game mode and rank will now update Added slayer helm effects Made slayer helmets untradeable Bandos tassets in boss shop now have a price Removed old donator island dialogue Rewrote equipment bonuses Ferocious ring gives 4% damage boost in Kuradals dungeon Void armour gives 5% accuracy and damage boost Elite void armour gives 10% accuracy and damage boost Full slayer helmet gives 12% accuracy and damage boost to monsters on slayer task DHaroks armour Full DH armour is done according to wiki. Damage is boosted by 1% for every 1 (10) hit-point lost Elysian spirit shield It has 70% chance to reduce 25% damage now Divine spirit shield Reduces damage by 30% and drains prayer equal to 6% of damage dealt Corrected full slayer helmet bonuses Prometheum maul now requires 90 attack to wear A'abla will now heal to full hp (previously it didn't heal bonus hp from nex armour) Ava's accumulator should now save 70% of arrows Ring of fire now gives 12% experience boost As you may know we have also been working on new client a lot. Massive thanks to Stan for making this possible! We should release beta to public in the next few days. Kind regards, Pre-Scape Staff
  4. Bane

    Patch Notes 1.6

    Hello, Yesterdays update didn't go exactly as planned as I had to update the server 2-3 hours before it was planned due to server wide disconnect. I have fixed some of bugs which were result of yesterdays update. Donator icon will prioritise over Realism icon Sir owen's sword is now faster Fixed broken trivia questions Hardcore iron men won't die in dungeoneering anymore. Some items were going to wrong slot when equipped. This should be fixed now Trivia will now happen once per 12 minutes rather then 6 I would also like to show you sneak peak of dungeoneering update we've been working on. We will also release beta for the new client this week. New client brings a lot of improvements. The most important is high fps and lag reduction. Kind regards, Pre-Scape Staff
  5. Bane

    Patch Notes 1.5

    Hello, Before i begin with updates i would like to apologise with yesterdays update delay and todays server downtime around 10:30pm GMT+1. Both were unexpected. Delay happened because I couldn't finish all updates in time and server crash happened because of some code failure. It has now been sorted and server is back online. You can now use other spells to attack while autocasting Fixed bug where you were able to attack wildy slayer npcs without task (You could spell on them. That started combat between you and npc) Extended skull timer from 10 minutes to 20 Rewrote skull system Prison trousers will now go to correct equipment spot Iron men can now buy things from boss shop and stardust shop Iron men can now get herblore secondaries from ruined backpacks ruined backpacks can be dropped by every npc with 1/30 chance of being dropped made ground mud runes stackable Donators will now lose prayer points in wilderness. Made sir owens sword faster by 1 tick Fixed clipped firemaking fires When object is despawned, clipped object tiles should now despawn to so you can walk where object used to be. fixed some issues with magebank webs Fixed attacking people through walls You can no longer use objects through walls that fixed magebank teleporting from the outside of magebank Fixed polypore staff, it now has its own attack Fixed gilded dragon pickaxe Added server announcements Added trivia trivia happens every 6 minutes at the moment you can access trivia shop by talking with Oziach Added Hardcore ironman added hardcore ironman highscores if you die you turn to regular iron man Added boss pets! All boss pets give you 15% bonus drop rate (which stacks with other drop rate bonuses) on the pet boss. You can access pets interface by typing command ::pets You can dismiss your pet by right clicking on summoning orb and clicking dismiss If you have jad pet item you can unlock jad pet by clicking on that item All bosses drop pets with drop rate of 1 in 5000 I completely rewrote punishments system. Staff will now be able to moderate server properly. I completely rewrote staff help tools Added option to reset barrows minigame for person Added option to check pin Added option to disable 2fa Please keep in mind those are only available for manager+ Added realism game mode crown Kind regards, Pre-Scape Staff Team
  6. Bane

    Patch Notes 1.4

    I want to start off by saying this update may or may not drastically improve your FPS / Lag issues, it appears as if right now players are drastically seeing a difference, so I am happy to see that. If you see smoother game-play, be sure to let us know below Here's the log. Enchanting bolts will now count towards Enchant 1000 bolts achievement Client has been worked on to improve issues that were reported, some dramatic FPS / Lag issues may have been fixed. Anti fire potion will now protect you from 70% of dragonfire. Dragonfire shield now charges every time dragon attacks you with dragonfire Disabled usage on ::empty command in wilderness Removed Slash bash from slayer tasks Fixed NPC magic accuracy Fixed Corporeal Beast stomp attack Corporeal Beast wont stomp you if you are using hasta or spear Fixed blocked slayer tasks Prayer and HP wont be restored to full once you level up anymore Added rocktail effect. It will give you 10% bonus max xp if your hitpoint level is over 93. Fixed freeze spells while player is running Fixed teleport levers edgeville lever and ardougene lever now takes you to deep wilderness (near resource area) deep wilderness lever takes you to argougene Fixed not being able to pick up ironmans pk loot Fixed bug when you could accept duel even if you didn't have enough inventory space Made Lumberjack, Agile and Golden mining untradeable Fixed run energy bug Donators won't have unlimited run energy in wild anymore. I updated highscores Total level calculations are now correct Players are now ordered by total level and experience You can now change between game modes You can now view personal highscores of player Trees will now chop down Claiming dice scroll will now increment total amount donated Firemaking fires are no longer clipped Fixed prayer drain for both curses and normal players Fixed bug where you couldn't vote even though 1 day has passed Manager+ wont be added to highscores anymore Fixed completionist cape customizing I haven't been been able to push as many updated in past few days because of irl and uni but i did my best. Kind regards, Pre-Scape Staff
  7. Bane

    Patch Notes 1.3

    Reduced rocktail store price Curses wont take prayer points for ultimate donator + anymore Updated combat bonuses and accuracy Fully reworked magic combat forumulas Changed melee combat formulas Changed range combat formulas Fixed Dharoks effect Redone a lot of agility Wilderness couse works fine now Gnome course works fine now Barbarian course works fine now Redone wilderness keys Once you dig it will spawn npc which will ALWAYS drop something on death It can drop pvp armour and pvp artifacts It will no longer spawn different npcs. Just 1 Added auth claim limit per day to 10. Added Boss point store it can be opened by talking with Oziach, who is located northwest of home Added wilderness slayer which will hopefully increase wilderness activity. You can start slaying wilderness monsters by talking to Sorceress near general store. She will assign you task if your combat level is higher or equal to 90. You will receive 30 Slayer points per task rather then maximum of 15 when doing normal slayer Thanks to @Permedd@Scott@Finch for helping me with these updates. Kind regards, Pre-Scape Staff
  8. Bane

    Patch Notes 1.2

    Fixed compost bin you can now fill it up with weeds. 100 max. if you use bucket on compost it will take 3 weeds out of it and fill your bucket with compost. If you use compost on another compost you create supercompost Added bucket to general store and ironman shop Added armadyl crossbow back to drop table Fixed torva HP effect Made chaotics untradeable Made sir owen's sword faster Changed price of RoW to 40k Removed ability to create RoW Fixed stardust shop Fixed task blocking Added block dialogue Fixed task canceling Added canceling dialogue Removed graardor pet from general graardor Removed Divine spirit shield from legendary mystery boxes. It was there by mistake Fixed unlimited prayer not working for ultimate Added wilderness keys! To use your wilderness keys dig at this location with key in your inventory Take some food with you because digging will spawn monster which can be killed for good drops! Updated pathing. Ranging and maging should now work fine Changed price of berserker necklace to 100k tokkul Reduced price of super combat potions to 15k Added jad to tzhaar task Nerfed crashing star Removed "near donator mining zone" location from crashing star Made crashing star bugs unselllable to normal shop. Added auto backup for character files and saves. They will be backed up every 10 minutes. Creating an economy software that monitors everything at a detailed level. Staff will now be able to see who is using vpn to vote. Any sketchy sales to general shop will be automaticly reported to staff. (to prevent incidents like one yesterday) Not the biggest list today but it will make great impact on game experience! Especially pathing update which should make pvm/pvp better. Kind regards, The Pre-Scape Team Bane, Kade
  9. Bane

    Patch Notes 1.1

    Gold bar my bad! need to change that. And arma crossbow is osrs item.
  10. Bane

    Patch Notes 1.1

    Hello, these are todays updates. Huge thanks to @Finch for helping me with drops and mboxes Fixed cooking food on fires Reported Safe spotting issues have been fixed, if you see anymore be sure to report them Implemented jewelry creation You can create jewelry by using gold bar at furnance All rings, necklaces and amulets can be created now Added baby red dragon to slayer task Added dragon scimitar back to last thieving stall Changed rewards on oyster. (You can use chisel on oyster to get cash reward) Added some commands that redirect to forum ::forums - Opens forums ::report - Opens report a player section ::appeal- Opens appeal section ::bug - Opens report a bug section ::suggestion - Opens suggestions page ::guides - Opens guides ::hiscores - Opens hiscores ::reqrank - Opens request a rank page Fixed spinning wheel message when you try to spin wool but you dont have any. Moved living rock creatures task to Chaeldar Fixed firemaking npc getting stuck Added amulet stringing Nefed shooting star. Altered price of stardust to 1000GP When spirit appears you can no longer exchange stardust for cash. It gives you option to open stardust shop. You can buy Gilded dragon pickaxe, golden maul and full gilded armour in exchange for stardust Altered drop tables Added visage drop to steel dragon (extremely rare) Moved Armadyl Hilt to extremely rare slot Removed Armadyl Crossbow from Commander Zilyana Removed second pair of Statius's platelegs from revenant beast. Moved vesta items in revenant dark beast drop table to extremely rare Moved Brawling gloves in revenant dark beast drop table to rare spot Moved Zuriel's and Morrigan's items in revenant dark beast drop table to extremely rare. Moved Statius's full helm to extremely rare in revenant ork/goblin drop table. Added all brawling gloves as rare to chaos elemental Moved dragonfire shield at wildy wyrm to super rare Added draconic visage to lava dragons as extremely rare Moved divine sigil to extremely rare slot in corporeal beast drop table Changed yell timers Normal donators now have to wait 30 seconds between yells Super donators now have to wait 15 seconds between yells Fixed bug that gave you rotten potato and beta hat Normal donators can now use ::modern ::ancients and ::lunar Fixed vote points for donators Extreme donators get 3 vote points per auth Legendary donators get 4 vote points per auth Ultimate and Premium donators get 5 vote points per auth Nerfed void and elite void by around 7% Added hand cannon shots to ranged store Limited store and vote claiming to Edgeville. That will prevent losing items because of dungeoneering etc. Added ranged level requirement to all spiky vambraces Removed summoning xp from charming imp. Fixed ranging pot price. It is now 9459 Changed drop table rates of next npcs: General Graardor Rare: 1/25 Very Rare: 1/200 Extremely Rare:1/1000 Zilyana Rare: 1/25 Very Rare: 1/200 Extremely Rare:1/1000 Krearra Rare: 1/25 Very Rare: 1/200 Extremely Rare:1/500 K'ril Rare: 1/25 Very Rare: 1/200 Extremely Rare:1/1000 Steel Dragon Rare: 1/50 Very Rare: 1/200 Extremely Rare:1/750 Black Dragon Rare: 1/50 Very Rare: 1/200 Extremely Rare:1/1000 Iron Dragon Rare: 1/50 Very Rare: 1/200 Extremely Rare:1/1000 Bronze Dragon Rare: 1/50 Very Rare: 1/200 Extremely Rare:1/250 King Black Dragon Rare: 1/30 Very Rare: 1/200 Extremely Rare:1/500 TzHaar-Mej Rare: 1/200 Very Rare: 1/500 Extremely Rare:1/1000 TzHaar-Hur Rare: 1/200 Very Rare: 1/500 Extremely Rare:1/1000 TzHaar-Xil Rare: 1/200 Very Rare: 1/500 Extremely Rare:1/1000 TzHaar-Ket Rare: 1/200 Very Rare: 1/500 Extremely Rare:1/1000 Abyssal Demon Rare: 1/100 Very Rare: 1/750 Extremely Rare:1/1000 Frost Dragon Rare: 1/50 Very Rare: 1/500 Extremely Rare:1/1000 Dark Beast Rare: 1/100 Very Rare: 1/750 Extremely Rare:1/1000 Ganodermic Beast Rare: 1/100 Very Rare: 1/350 Extremely Rare:1/1000 Tormented Demon Rare: 1/100 Very Rare: 1/1500 Extremely Rare:1/2000 Revenant Goblin Rare: 1/200 Very Rare: 1/350 Extremely Rare:1/400 Revenant Werewolf Rare: 1/200 Very Rare: 1/350 Extremely Rare:1/400 Revenant Ork Rare: 1/200 Very Rare: 1/350 Extremely Rare:1/400 Revenant Dark Beast Rare: 1/200 Very Rare: 1/350 Extremely Rare:1/400 Bork Rare: 1/200 Very Rare: 1/400 Extremely Rare:1/1000 Mithril Dragon Rare: 1/50 Very Rare: 1/200 Extremely Rare:1/1000 Wildy Wyrm Rare: 1/1000 Very Rare: NA Extremely Rare:NA Dagganoth Supreme Rare: 1/50 Very Rare: 1/200 Extremely Rare:1/1000 Dagganoth Rex Rare: 1/50 Very Rare: 1/200 Extremely Rare:1/1000 Dagganoth Prime Rare: 1/50 Very Rare: 1/200 Extremely Rare:1/1000 Lava Dragon Rare: 1/50 Very Rare: 1/200 Extremely Rare:1/1000 Corporeal Beast Rare: 1/75 Very Rare: 1/1000 Extremely Rare:1/1500 Updated Mystery Boxes Kind regards, The Pre-Scape Team Kade, Bane
  11. Bane

    Baby dragons with dragon task

    Thank you for reporting it. I have added baby dragons to slayer task.
  12. Bane

    Patch Notes 1.0

    Hello these are some of updates i did in the past day. Not all updates are listed here because I didn't write down every small bug i fixed. Added buffed drop rate for realism mode Removed cooldown from ::drops interface Fixed tokkul shop. Prices are now correct. It no longer takes 50% of tokkul. Updated tokkul item prices, they were way too cheap and they brought too much money in economy. Removed ores from tokkul shop. Fixed Player Owned stores bug. It will no longer close interface when you click on "value". Added Iron man store next to general store @home. Reduced click cooldown when teleporting. Teleporting should be smoother now. Buffed thieving stalls. They are not useless anymore and should serve as a good money making method. Fixed adding logs to fires. Reduced prices of ancient statues Nurse should heal you from poison now Anti-fire shield no longer block 100% of dragon fire damage. It blocks about 80% Antifire potion stacks with anti-fire shield for 100% damage reduction Added ava's accumulator to iton man shop. Fixed warrior guild tokens bug Added Enchanting You can enchant bolts by using any enchant spell on them You can enchant all jewelry Fixed agility obstacles Sometimes clicking on wall logged you out. It should work fine now. Pipe in wilderness agility was fixed Fixed bug with shops. Shops used to take coin equivalent to price*2. It caused "cash stack dissapearing". Fixed wilderness key announcement text. Its now easily visable. Added vote claim announcement. It triggers every 10 reward claims. Fixed a lot of bugs regarding dragonkin lamps. it should no longer dissapear when you select "construction" or "summoning". Nerfed xp to 500k for knight mode and even less for realism mode. Reduced health of living rock creatures. Added polypore staff to ganodermic beast drop table Added gambler NPC to ::gamble Changed crawling hands slayer requirement from 5 to 1 Iron men can access donator stores now. Added living rock caverns to dungeons teleports. Nerfed dragon claw spec damage Fixed some dialogues Teleports should now check for teleport blocks. General store should restock normally now fixed bug where slayer gem and stat reset tickets disappeared after a while. The Pre-Scape Team Kade, Bane