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  1. corebe2no

    [In-game Trivia Guide]

    ye would suck if only math
  2. corebe2no

    God Staffs

    cause no one pure pk's. everyone is maxed so barrage is much more usefull but ye still +1
  3. corebe2no

    [In-game Trivia Guide]

    if u do random math, ppl need to think every time
  4. corebe2no

    Server Update 09/18/2018

    First time I can tell u did something about the eco and game itself. Finally. Some nerfs and buffs had to be there!
  5. corebe2no

    Staff Updates - 09/13/2018

    Gratz boys! Sad to see dzuma leave. GL on future boyz!
  6. corebe2no

    Server Update 09/09/18

    another great update! gj
  7. corebe2no

    Server Update 09/08/2018

    this is growing to a great server well done!
  8. corebe2no

    Little Point for Forum Moderators.

    I don't thinkn that all the staff can help constantly with the main concerns of the server. Their are few ppl responsable for only the forums. It's not only about the benefits. I think what he means is whener something is reworked in game it should be changed within the forum and not only on 1 update cause not everyone will read all updates again if they need something. I know it's not easy to deal witth, but u act like a thing like this has 0 priority.
  9. corebe2no

    Little Point for Forum Moderators.

  10. corebe2no

    Slash Bash?

    he's still eating dinner.
  11. corebe2no

    Slayer Tasks

    well 2 slayer tasks points to skip 1 is nothing on osrs it's like 30 points to skip a task and some ppl get only 5 points / task. I think 60 is pretty ok. maybe reducing to 45 but not lower thn that at least!
  12. corebe2no

    Veteran rank

    10 hours away from the 1k. Can I make a veteran suggestion in private so u can base it in futere of it if u like it?
  13. corebe2no


    only problem is that some bosses would be crowded af. and bosses with only one will be inpossible. also 50 nex is way over the line 10 should be enough. bosses like gano-corp-dagganoth-(wilderness bosses, but good for wildy community)-godwars - ... will be inpossible to kill cause only 1
  14. corebe2no

    Veteran rank

    hello guys, I know tht Veteran rank is 'dissabled' cause there were a bunch of ppl afking for that rank. But as most of ppl know; 'I almost never afk.' I have almost achieved 1k hours with almost no afk. I rlly would like the rank/cape just cause it will motivate me more to do more for the community. King regards Benno
  15. corebe2no

    $&$ votes $&$

    I'm Buying 50-100-200$/ votes I buy a 50$ for a 50$ scroll and 30m cash. (I need it on ironman so pm me ingame before u donate) I buy 100$ for 2x 50$ and 100m cash. (I need it on ironman so pm me ingame before u donate) I buy 200$ for 2 x 50$ 600m cash +blue wheen and maybe more (I need it on ironman so pm me ingame before u donate) buy all votes 1.3m ea cash. this is low cause I bought already 44 and need cahs for donor. If u have any intrests in selling to me, pm me in game/forum/discord kind regards corebe2no/venezuelan rlf name: Benno