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  1. corebe2no

    Some Signatures

    dam, I'f you're bored once. Make some for me ❤️
  2. corebe2no

    forum mod app

    Baaail would be a very good forum mod! Cause of his activity he could respond to so many people with questions rlly fast! +1
  3. corebe2no

    Pre-Scape Open Beta Closing 06/08/18

    YE, and ironmen who spend over 700 hours will loose all progress. People who payed 1.000$ wil loose there investment. I understand the fact tht people are to rich already, maybe get cosmetics first so the eco would be more stable
  4. corebe2no

    Pre-Scape Open Beta Closing 06/08/18

    Thanks for the work you guys put in to the server... but what do I have to do in the upcomming weeks?
  5. I'm happy the site is back up ❤️ for kade and team!


    1. Poseidon


      Agreed :) 

    2. Oxycontin


      The site never really went down? Just had a nice red warning which a lot of people didn't want to continue to follow through, It is nice to see some change though i'll agree to that.

  6. corebe2no


    Guicy af, show all tabs, get skill suplies etc. looks even better then!
  7. corebe2no

    Maxhit / Dummy

    It's not bad, but maybe in few months when they have time over, this could be released when construction is released
  8. corebe2no

    Maxhit / Dummy

    THis is bad proposal, you need to spend more time to code then that't would be usefull to use
  9. corebe2no

    Devyns POV.

    I need you back devyn, they should've promoted you instead of demote
  10. corebe2no

    wildernes keys

    It's not a guide like any other but still enjoy step 1: DON'T DO IT TILL IT GETS UPDATED. Loot of 25 keys. 10 yellow keys - 150 magic logs - 150 yew logs (2x75) - 150 super restore pots (3x50) - 20 rune bars - 30 d bones - 250 rocktails - 50 saradomin brews 5 red keys - 250 rocktails - 30 dragon bones - 50 super restore pots - 500 karambwan (2x250) 4 purple keys - 60 dragon bones (2x30) - 3 loop half of keys -6 tooth half of keys (2x3) 3 blue keys - 20 rune bars - 30 dragon bones - 250 rocktails 3 green keys - 20 rune bars - 50 super restore pots - 50 saradomin brews choose for yourslef if u think 25keys for this loot is worth Kind regards 'crankybe2no' <3
  11. corebe2no

    Master skillcapes/max/comp cape

    I agree, but can you stop with that stupid experiment at the end of every post?!
  12. corebe2no

    Boss kc

    omfg, great idea!aaa!a!a!a!!a
  13. corebe2no

    Frequently Asked Questions

    You're the world to some people! Rly awesome!
  14. corebe2no

    Suggestions- Friday 20th July

    All these ideas are just to profit himself... ALl for donator ranks...
  15. corebe2no

    First Comped Iron Man

    good luck! hm hours you've done already?