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  1. corebe2no

    Major Re-Work / Temporary Downtime

    I just wish that many players will be enjoying the new content 'raids 1 and 2' so that it will be a popular group activity that's dope af
  2. corebe2no

    Major Re-Work / Temporary Downtime

    I hope this one is the real thing XD
  3. corebe2no

    Staff Updates - 02/07/2019

    Jarred Welcome to osrs 😛
  4. corebe2no

    HC Cutie | Post Max Goals

    add the grind to higher staff-rank, would be awesome, 'road to manager'
  5. corebe2no

    Suggestions Galore

    really good suggestion, maybe make drops times 2. so 1/100 for or piece
  6. corebe2no

    First Drygore Dropped by Skotizo

    such a great drop-gz guys!
  7. corebe2no

    Fix Ironman mode!

    true, if you get 1b in combat then you would get enough items for 100m herblore, but without all those combat you can't
  8. corebe2no

    Challenge Scrolls

    I guesse I take it as a compliment
  9. corebe2no

    Challenge Scrolls

    what about getting a 1/2k chance on the scroll drop but ea scroll based on the type of monster - Dragons - goblins-ogres (includes bandos and some bosses) - birds (phoenix kree arra..) - demons (kryl bork..) - mages -... this would be closer to the osrs 'chamion's cape'. Make it untradable and then the late game players have something to play for ..
  10. corebe2no

    Mass Suggestion List

    1. the regular charms are ok cause people can hop summoning will be released ever. But the ones from glacors and others should be removed just for QOL. 3. if it's 1/5 for a shard it would only take 500 kills to get the staff. I don't think this should be buffed, but I heard people only getting 1/10-1/20 as drop. 8. I can't see why everthing has to be in non-wildy area. (maybe for hc i could understand but still) 16. I agree, maybe only 1/25 but a increase of little more rare items. now you always get the same stuff 17. A huge + one this would also influence the eco a little bit cause of suplies need. 18. good idea. but maybe add slayer to executioner. So pvp would still be worth doing. 19. At this stage of the game there is no need for more items. the only items u need are . prom: 2h-gloves-boots. The other pieces give no offensive stats so are not needed to have. And early on when people just start the game they prob won't be huge donators cause they first explore the game and see it's worth donating. But I could see this being a good input in the future. All the other suggestions rlly great!
  11. corebe2no


    support, maybe like party room but without those ugly floor paterns
  12. corebe2no


    You want something like 'flame wars' in game? or more like::gamble? sorry I don't rlly get the idea
  13. corebe2no

    Kingly Implings

    i don't think kinglys need an insane buff. Super donor are a few in extreem donor are a few so ye. I can get over 250 kingly imps/day on the other side, the rewards are way to monotom. Maybe do like a 1/20 clue scroll reward or something. the only way we get clue scroll rewards at the moment is from treasure island and that needs a buff so ye
  14. corebe2no

    Staff Updates - 01/23/2019

    finally @dzuma <"3 congratz jarred! you're doing great
  15. corebe2no


    ye total reset is much better