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  1. hc boss

    Guide to all Bosses

    starting with glod vorkath and zulrah others will folow soon glod_guide.mp4 zulrah_guide.mp4 vorkathGuideline.mp4
  2. hc boss

    Helper of the week

    nah titan, you helped urself so many times LOOLZ
  3. hc boss

    Future Updates

    Qol and drop reworks, shop reworks, bug fixing Should take already 3 months maybe one or 2 bosses in between. Some bugs r rlly easy so pls focus on those
  4. hc boss

    Banned without even making an account?

    dm titan on discord. highest chance to get unbanned
  5. hc boss

    The Return of Shoey!

    Good to see some fawks back.have lots of fun!
  6. hc boss

    Hi guys

    welcome back. better not burn out again 🤣🤣
  7. hc boss

    Club Returns to Zamorak

    welcome! first of all sick vids. hope ull find zamorak interesting again!
  8. hc boss

    Yeti's design

    Many thanks to yeti for his awesome work on my signature. I could choose whatever design i liked. The colors the range the name. etc. He told me you can always dm him if you want a cool design urself. @Staff give him the designer rank @Yeti
  9. hc boss

    22/10/19 Staff Updates

    @slayer u shouldv gotten it way before. gz bro! also gz astro christmas and gemini gl on ur new job suslord
  10. hc boss

    Finally made a signature!

    its dope for first try bro, if you would like to make one for me lmk, Ill pay u some gucccii
  11. hc boss

    New Player Information

    kade is the owner and hes going trough his finals, he'll be back soon with new content etc
  12. hc boss

    Hide 'n' Seek: Gambling Edition

    cant wait to participate
  13. hc boss

    Staff Updates 08/15/19

    gz on the promos! B O N E - Rob - Astro. u all 3 did a great job past few weeks/days!!
  14. hc boss

    Range Weapon Tier List

    ppl I would go gay for. -Astro
  15. hc boss

    Melee Weapons Tier List

    I love you so freaking much bro <33333