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  1. Astro

    Server Update 08/17/19

    That Phoenix update touches my heart a little @Kade, Great stuff, keep it up ❤️
  2. Astro

    Range Weapon Tier List

    It's a list based on progression taking into account the difficulty to obtain the weapon as well as the stats and abilities of the weapon. That is why dbone xbow is so low due to its difficult to obtain whilst not being too much of a difference between chaotic crossbow. There are many other options to go for that are easier to obtain than to grind blood reaver for a 1/1k drop that shares its rarity with 5 other items. I appreciate your feedback though and I understand your viewpoint on it.
  3. Astro

    Range Weapon Tier List

    Man has no shame and I love it. I appreciate all the support on these guides. Stay tuned for more in the future.
  4. Astro

    Range Weapon Tier List

    Range Weapon Tier List This guide is meant for new players and experienced players to know what the progression levels are for range weapons and what to strive for next. These weapons are judged on stats as well as functionality. There are 8 main weapons that I am going to be showing in this guide as well as going over the different bolt types and their special attack abilities. Tier List: 8. Dark Bow - Other than being a spec weapon for pking I would not recommend using this bow for anything. The D Bow shoots 2 arrows at a time rather than the single arrow/bolt of every other weapon making it unique in that aspect. 7. Dragonbone Crossbow - As it stands right now this weapon is not as good as it should be especially considering how rare it is to get. You can get this as a 1/1k drop from Blood Reaver in the wildy. 6. Karil's Crossbow - A good early game range weapon to strive for, the Karil's xbow shoots fast and has decent accuracy and damage. Can be obtained by killing the Karil the Tainted barrows brother. 5. Armadyl Crossbow - It currently has the same stats as a chaotic crossbow, however due to the accessibility of the ACB vs the CCB, I had to rate it below the CCB. It is not a bad xbow to use, it's just way more practical to get the CCB. Obtained from Commander Zilyana. 4. Chaotic Crossbow - Requiring 200k dung tokens to achieve, the CCB is probably your go to starting range weapon. It has good accuracy and is a protected item on death as it is untradable making it safe to take in the wildy as well. 3. Zaryte Bow - I know a lot of people are probably expecting the Blowpipe to be here but hear me out. The Zaryte while yes requiring no ammuntion to attack is really only useful when pking people. It has decent damage rates against bosses but is easily outmatched by the BP in damage per second and damage over time rates. The Zaryte Bow is a great weapon to use, however with the lower DPS and DOT rates as well as being a drop from Nex, I had to rate it here at 3. 2. Toxic Blowpipe - At the runner up spot, the BP is a solid weapon to use at any boss that has an amazing special attack should you take damage while bossing. The BP special attack will heal you 50% of the damage you deal while giving you a 50% damage increase for that attack. It is similar to the SGS special. The BP also has the chance to inflict venom on the monster or player you are attacking which just makes getting kills that much quicker with the extra damage being applied. One thing to note about the BP is that the strength of your hits all depends on the type of darts you have inside. Obtained as a Tanzanite Fang from Zulrah 1. Twisted Bow - To no one's surprise, the Twisted Bow comes in at #1 being an incredibly good weapon to use anywhere. The twisted bow has an unseen damage buff making it the hardest hitting range weapon in the game by far. At the time of making this guide the max special attack I hit was a 115-113 combo. The Twisted Bow can be obtained from golden scratchers or as a super rare drop from CoS raids. Bolt and their Specials Ruby Bolts (e) - Blood Forfeit (When activated, damage dealt to the target will be 20% of their current hitpoints, IE. if you spec Nex when she is at 2000 health, you will hit a 400. The special attack will cost you 10% of your own hitpoints.) Diamond Bolts (e) - Armor Piercing (Increases the max hit or damage by 15% and ignores targets defenses. When the special attack is triggered it will always hit no matter what.) Dragon Bolts (e) - Dragon's Breath (This inflicts a dragonfire hit against your target dealing extra damage based on your visible range level * 20%. If you are boosted to 112 range the maximum bonus damage is 22. If your target is immune to dragon fire from drinking an antifire potion, the effect will not activate. Onyx Bolts (e) - Life Leech (This will deal 20% extra damage and heal you by 25% of the damage dealt. This special does not work on undead monsters as they have no "life" to leech. I hope this guide helps you understand the different bolts and weapons for range. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns please feel free to message me on forums or in game. Happy Hunting ❤️
  5. Astro

    Melee Weapons Tier List

    Melee Weapons Tier list This guide is meant for new players and experienced players to know what the progression levels are for melee weapons and what to strive for next. These weapons are judged on stats as well as functionality. *Just a quick note, the Sir Owen's Longsword will not be in the stab section of this guide however I highly recommend all realism accounts get this weapon from the Pre-Scape Guide at home as soon as they can. It is the best weapon for new low level realisms to start training and even early level bossing. Crush Weapons 6. Dragon Warhammer : not only is it a very rare drop from Lizardman Shamans, but it also does now have very high strength or attack bonuses. The spec is good in terms of lowering a target's defense however the Statius Warhammer does that and some and is currently cheaper. Do not recommend using the DWH for anything other than a spec weapon for bosses unless you have a SWH. 5. Drygore Mace : The Drygore Mace by itself is not a good weapon to attack with, its slow and weaker than a chaotic however its accuracy is better. The mace can be obtained from the Donor Point Store II for 50 points or from Skotizo. 4. Statius Warhammer : Ahead of the Drygore only because of its special attack, I do not recommend using the SWH as a primary weapon of attack when training or bossing. This weapon should be used solely for its special attack which does 50% increased damage. The SWH can be obtained from killing any level revanant or as a random reward from FFA minigame. 3. Chaotic Maul : Being the easiest weapon to obtain on this list by only need to achieve 200k dung tokens, the chaotic maul is a solid and affordable choice for all players to achieve. It has great stats at tier 80 and can be a good weapon to choose to train with if you prefer the crush style weapons. 2. Elder Maul : The Elder Maul is one of the 3 rare weapons from raids that can be obtained. You can also get the Maul as a very rare drop from Spino in the Wilderness. It has slightly better stats than the chaotic maul and is a tier 75 weapon. Seeing how rare the drop is to get I wouldn't consider this a training worthy weapon however it is a solid choice for high hit pk KO's or bossing. 1. Dual Drygore Maces : No surprise here, drygores are the supreme melee weapons currently in the game. Expect to see this trend continue for the rest of the list as well. Being very hard to achieve without donating however they will take some time to acquire. A set of Drygores will normally run you around 900m - 1b currently, however they can both be obtained as drops from Skotizo. Slash Weapons Currently there are 12 Slash weapons that I will be evaluating for this list however I will only show pictures for the top 5 and go into detail about those. I will list the other 7 however so everyone can see the order of progression for their knowledge and understanding. 12. Korasi : Weak stats and medium attack speed, do not recommend using. 11. Zamorak Godsword : Painful to obtain the hilt drop and all 3 blade pieces, slow attack style and bad spec. 10. Saradomin Godsword : Spec is decent however it takes a while to achieve the completed godsword and is slow attacking. Weakest GS stats wise as well 9. Bandos Godsword : Spec is good as it lowers targets defense however I would only use this weapon for that purpose and nothing else. 8. Abyssal Whip : 85 slayer to kill abyssal demons, the whip is the staple weapon of training combat in RS. Solid choice just low stats. Good starter weapon however to strive for. 7. Armadyl Godsword : Solid Pking weapon as well as good stats. Slow attacking however its pking ability and special attack make it #7 6. Vine Whip : Slightly stronger than the regular whip the vine whip is essentially an upgrade to your starter weapon that can be used for bossing and pking as seen fit. Very solid weapon choice 5. Vesta Longsword : Not too hard to obtain from revanants the VLS special attack makes it a potent pking spec weapon, It has great stats and can hit very well. 4. Kraken Whip : Requiring both a regular whip as well as a kraken tentacle from the cave Kraken boss, this whip is slightly stronger than the Vine Whip however what makes this weapon good is for pking/antipking. The special attack on this weapon will freeze your target for 5 seconds, allowing you to escape easier. It is a great weapon to train and boss with as well due to it's increased stats from the base whip. 3. Chaotic Longsword : Requiring 200k dung tokens, the CLS is an amazing slash weapon to use for both training and pking. It counts as an untradable item for pking thus giving the chance for a good spec weapon without the risk of losing your primary weapon. 2. Drygore Longsword : Obtained from Skotizo, the Drygore LS is the best slash weapon in the game currently. Great stats on the weapon. 1. Dual Drygore Longswords : Again Drygores are the best melee weapons in the game. Both can be bought through the donor store or obtained from Skotizo as drops. Stab Weapons 5. Zamorakian Spear : Obtained from killing Zamorak in Godwars Dungeon, the Z Spear is really only used to kill the corporal beast. I would not recommend using this for anything other than that. 4. Vesta Spear : Obtained from revanants or as a rare reward from the FFA minigame. Again, just like the Z Spear, the V Spear is only used really to kill Corp. It has a much higher damage cap than the Z Spear does on Corp making it the Best in Slot for Corporal beast however I would not recommend using it for anything other than Corp. 3. Chaotic Rapier : Requiring 200k dung tokens just like its other chaotic counterparts, the rapier is often seen as the best Chaotic weapon to choose due to its fast attack speed. Being a free item this is a great weapon to strive for as a starter bossing weapon and pking weapon. 2. Drygore Rapier : The most popular and currently best in slow main hand melee weapon the drygore rapier is perfect for all of your bossing needs. It has great stats, fast attack speed, and can be paired with the offhand version for even better stats. 1. Dual Drygore Rapiers : The trend continues here with dual drygores being #1, you just can't beat them. Obtained from donor store or as a drop from Skotizo, these rapiers are the most popular choice for melee weapons in the game. Overall Top 5 Melee Weapons 5. Dual Drygore Maces 4. Chaotic Rapier : I have this ahead of the maces simply because of the attack speed of the weapon and the accessibility of the weapon. I cannot downgrade the superiority of Drygores however maces are the worst of the 3 pairs and I would strongly recommend using a chaotic rapier over the maces. 3. Dual Drygore Longswords 2. Dual Drygore Rapiers 1. Drygore Rapier and Offhand Drygore Longsword : A huge advocate of the Dual Rapiers, I was surprised to see that when the off hand longsword is equipped your stats are actually better than when you use the pair. The offhand weapon does not attack or change the speed of attack for your main hand weapon so in order to receive the best statistical combo, this is the outcome. I hope this guide helps all of you out in some way or another. Big shoutout to @Gemini @b o n e and @Operative for helping me gather all of the weapons in order to make this guide. If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to message me in game or on here. Happy Hunting ❤️
  6. Astro

    Magic Weapons Tier List

    Your complete guide to Magic Weapons This guide is meant for new players and experienced players to know what the progression levels are for magic weapons and what to strive for next. These weapons are judged on stats as well as functionality/ Tier list: 10. Polypore Staff - At the time of making this guide the polypore staff is just not a good weapon to use for magic. The polypore spell is weak and does not do enough damage to be considered anything higher than last. Obtained from Ganodermic beast 9. Ahrim's staff - A very good early game staff for new players to achieve. It has decent magic attack and damage bonus and provides a little defense stats as well. Obtained from the Ahrim's the Blighted Barrows Brother 8. Third Age Wand - One of the more difficult items to get on this list the 3a wand is more cosmetic than functional however it is not a bad magic weapon if you are lucky enough to pull it from the crystal key chest. 7. Trident of the Seas - The reason the trident ranks here is simply due to the fact that you can't spell select and must use the trident's build in spell. It has good stats however the spell is not very strong right now. Obtained by killing Kraken 6. Staff of the Dead - The reason staff of the dead ranks below the staff of light is solely based on the -1 prayer that the sotd has. It is a great weapon and relatively easy to obtain considering the difficulty of Kril (Zammy GWD). 5. Staff of Light - As said above, SOL ranks in at number 5 due to the lack of negative prayer bonus on the weapon, it has surprising high str bonus making it an excellent pking weapon as well as great for pvm and training. Obtained from Skotizo, Glod, Ice Strykeworms, Chamber of Stones raid. 4. Zuriel's Staff - An excellent weapon to obtain and not too difficult considering it is a 1/200 drop from low level revanants. Also surprisingly high strength bonus. 3. Trident of the Swamp - As I stated earlier, the only thing holding this weapon back from being great is the lack of damage from the spell itself. The trident has amazing stats and looks great. Need a regular trident of the seas and a magic fang from Zulrah in order to make it. 2. Toxic Staff of the Dead - The best staff in the game currently and a great weapon to pk with as it applies the venom. Need regular staff of the dead and a magic fang to make the weapon. 1. Kodai Wand - the best magic weapon in the game. In order to get it you can either kill Ord in the wilderness or you can try your luck at the Chamber of Stones custom raid. I hope this helps everyone and understanding where and how to progress in order to achieve their best in slot gear! If you have any questions or feel things should be rated differently please by all means comment below or message me in game. Happy Hunting ❤️
  7. Astro

    Drop Logs

  8. I officially maxed my realism account today super happy to be finished with that grind. As for what's next, expect a lot of guides to come soon once my new pc is here and put together. I'll be doing guides for both skilling and bosses so if you have any suggestions please drop them in the comments! Currently on my suggested list is a mining/smithing guide as well as a nex guide. Thank you to everyone who supported and help me towards maxing, now the real PVM grind begins.
  9. Astro

    Server Update 07/26/19 - Chamber of Stones

    this is amazing, looking forward to more stuff to grind out!
  10. Astro

    Introduction for Yeti

    Glad to have you on the server bud, looking forward to seeing you around pre-scape. Keep an eye out, lots of giveaways and events going on be sure to stay tuned and get some nice stuff. Best of luck
  11. Astro

    Jake's Resignation

    How would you even know?? You're never even on. Stay in your lane.
  12. Astro

    Jake's Resignation

    wish only the best for you, hope to see you around!
  13. Astro


    Enjoying the series, looking forward to the future vids.
  14. Astro

    Events Poll + Event

    I really like the kind of the skill idea @Oblv Jordan mentioned however i would tweak it a bit. I think all fresh accounts should be in realism mode to make the grind of getting levels and xp harder. I think winner should be how it is on old school, whoever has the highest total level. There should also be a secondary away for whoever has the most experience in a single skill. The competition should span across 3 days. Trading with main accounts is eligible for disqualification. Another idea i have is for a bossing event. I used to watch Runeshark back in the day and I think it would be awesome to have an event to see who could get the first godsword from scratch. Start with a fresh account, realism or knight, your choice. And race to get the hilt and blade piece drops and create your own godsword. First one to smith it together wins. Lastly another pvm event that I think would be fun is to have a mass skotizo just to have the community together and give everyone a chance for a rare drop.
  15. Astro

    Video of opening 20 crystal keys

    better luck next time on the loot!