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  1. Astro

    Jake's Resignation

    How would you even know?? You're never even on. Stay in your lane.
  2. Astro

    Jake's Resignation

    wish only the best for you, hope to see you around!
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    Enjoying the series, looking forward to the future vids.
  4. Astro

    Events Poll + Event

    I really like the kind of the skill idea @Oblv Jordan mentioned however i would tweak it a bit. I think all fresh accounts should be in realism mode to make the grind of getting levels and xp harder. I think winner should be how it is on old school, whoever has the highest total level. There should also be a secondary away for whoever has the most experience in a single skill. The competition should span across 3 days. Trading with main accounts is eligible for disqualification. Another idea i have is for a bossing event. I used to watch Runeshark back in the day and I think it would be awesome to have an event to see who could get the first godsword from scratch. Start with a fresh account, realism or knight, your choice. And race to get the hilt and blade piece drops and create your own godsword. First one to smith it together wins. Lastly another pvm event that I think would be fun is to have a mass skotizo just to have the community together and give everyone a chance for a rare drop.
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    Video of opening 20 crystal keys

    better luck next time on the loot!
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    Introduction Kaspeer

    Hey buddy, talk to you a lot ingame. love the intro, can't wait to continue playing alongside you
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    Server Updates 07/16/19

    This is awesome! Keep up the great work guys, absolutely loving this server and the people on it.
  8. Astro

    Complete 1-99 Fishing Guide - Astro

    Absolutely, it's my goal to make a guide for every skill if I can as well as bossing guides/videos. Once I max lots more content will be made for the forums.
  9. Astro

    Complete 1-99 Prayer Guide - Astro

    Thank you Rob, I appreciate the feedback. I have added the Ironman rates like you said, hopefully it is a more complete guide now.
  10. 99 Prayer Guide Bonus exp Dragonkin Lamps You can gain double experience for one hour by using a Dragonkin lamp. These are untradeable but obtainable by voting and by completing daily tasks. Well of Experience You can also obtain a further 30% increase in experienced gained by filling the Well of Experience. The well can be filled at any time by typing ::well and clicking on well of experience. It cost 7500k to fill the well completely. Starting Out I recommend to start your prayer training by killing yaks while training combat at the early levels. You can either choose to bury the bones or use them on the altar at home. Once you are ready to begin buying bones or have gathered your own amount of bones, the fast xp will begin. First of all, the altar you will most likely be using is in the northern part of Edgeville (home) on the East wall of the General store Another location in which you can train prayer is at Ape Atoll. You will get slightly higher xp rates here however the run is a little farther. I have not done enough testing to see which one is better rates per hour however if you have access to ::bank, ape atoll is definitely the way to go. The altar and path is as follows: This is the Altar in which you would use the bones on, the Gorilla Statue. There are 3 main bones that you will likely be purchasing or gathering to use when training prayer. Those are as follows; (exp rates based on active well and bonus lamp use) Dragon Bones ~ 100k ea Burying: Knight - 82.8k xp ; Realism - 1655 xp ; Ironman - 8275 xp Altar at Home: Knight - 145.6k xp ; Realism - 3311 xp ; Ironamn- 16.5k xp Altar at Ape Atoll: Knight - 172.8k xp ; Realism - 3456 xp ; Ironman - 17.2k xp Dagganoth Bones ~ 175-200k ea Burying: Knight - 143k xp ; Realism - 2875 xp ; Ironman - 14.3k xp Altar at Home: Knight - 287.5k xp ; Realism - 5750 xp ; Ironman - 28.7k xp Altar at Ape Atoll: Knight - 300k xp ; Realism - 6k xp ; Ironman - 30k xp Frost Dragon Bones ~ 225-300k ea Burying: Knight - 207k xp ; Realism - 4140 xp ; Ironman - 20.7k xp Altar at Home: Knight - 414k xp ; Realism - 8280 xp ; Ironman - 41.3k xp Altar at Ape Atoll: Knight - 432k xp ; Realism - 8640 xp ; Ironman - 43.2k xp GP per XP rates for Realism accounts: As of making this guide these are the rates with dragon bones being the best. Dragon bones 30.2 gp per xp and cost ~ 200m an hour Dagganoth bones 34.7 gp per xp and cost ~ 400m an hour Frost Dragon Bones 33.2 gp per xp and cost ~ 550m an hour All there is to do now is get your bones and grind some xp! I hope this guide was helpful in anyway to you! Thank you for the help in getting the rates Scuba and Effigyswiper. Good Luck on your prayer grind!
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    This is amazing, I was laughing constantly. I love the content. Keep it up man.
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    Who remembers this absolute tune?

    2 + 2 = 4, quick math
  13. FISHING Bonus exp Dragonkin Lamps You can gain double experience for one hour by using a Dragonkin lamp. These are untradeable but obtainable by voting and by completing daily tasks. Well of Experience You can also obtain a further 30% increase in experienced gained by filling the Well of Experience. The well is located on Entrana which is on page 3 of the City Teleports. It costs 7.5m to fill it but mulitple people can contribute to cover this cost. Wilderness Resource Skilling Area This area is accessible by using the teleport on the last page of the Skilling Teleports. You can fish for Rocktails and Karambwans here and bonus exp is granted whilst training here. You will also obtain noted fish alongside regular fish. The regular fish can be noted by speaking with the NPC in the area. Heron Pet You have a 1/1000 chance of receiving a Heron pet whilst training fishing. Once obtained, if you use it whilst fishing it will provide a 50% boost in experience. Location The area to train fishing is accessible by using the Fishing teleport on Page 3 of the Skilling Teleports. Using this teleport will take you to Catherby which contains 8 different fishing locations and an NPC (Martin) which sells all the equipment you might need on your road to 99 fishing and beyond. The map below shows the locations of the fishing spots. 1: Net (small) and Bait fishing (Shrimp, Anchovies, Sardines and Herring) 2: Cage and Harpoon fishing (Lobsters, Tuna and Swordfish) 3: Net (big) and Harpoon fishing (Cod and Sharks) 4: Net (big) and Lure fishing (Monkfish, Karambwans, Manta Rays, Salmon and Trout) 5: Net (big) and Harpoon fishing (Cod and Sharks) 6: Cage and Harpoon fishing (Lobsters, Tuna and Swordfish) 7: Net (big) and Lure fishing (Monkfish, Karambwans, Manta Rays, Salmon and Trout) 8: Bait fishing (Rocktails) Experience Rates Shrimps Knight : 10,000 exp Realism : 200 exp Anchovies Knight : 20,000 exp Realism : 400 exp Lobster Knight : 45,000 exp Realism : 900 exp Tuna Knight : 50,000 exp Realism : 1,000 exp Swordfish Knight : 50,000 exp Realism : 1,000 exp Karambwan Knight : 52,500 exp Realism : 1,050 exp (see below) Shark Knight : 55,000 exp Realism : 1,100 exp Monkfish Knight : 60,000 exp Realism : 1,200 exp Manta Ray Knight : 65,000 exp Realism : 1,300 exp Rocktail Knight : 190,000 exp Realism : 3,800 exp (see below) Level Guide Level 1 - 35 Catch Shrimp/Anchovies Level 35 - 40 or 62 Catch Tuna at the harpoon and cage fishing spot At 40 you can either fish lobsters to 62 or you can continue to do harpoon fishing. I recommend just sticking to harpoon fishing. Level 62 - 76 Big Net fishing for monkfish / karambwans You will passively get both when big net fishing. Both of them are good xp however so it is not an issue. Level 76 - 99 Sharks will be the easiest way to get 99 from level 76. You can catch up to 550 an hour which is 660k xp an hour without any xp bonuses. At level 81 you can begin catching manta rays from the big net fishing spots. This will help if you are interested in comping in order to complete the achievement. ALTERNATIVE METHOD: At level 65 you can catch Karambwans at the wilderness resource area. With bonus lamp xp and well of xp on they are 9.6k ea for realism and 516k for knights! They are significantly better xp than any other regular fishing method however you risk the chance of being pked as you will be in deep wildy. At level 97 you can begin catching rocktails at the wilderness resource area as well which can net up to 22k xp for realism and 960k for knights! You will need minerals in order to fish for rocktails as well as a fly fishing rod. Minerals can be obtained by killing living rock creatures inside of the living rock caverns and harvesting their corpses. You can also obtain minerals by exchanging gold and coal ore + cash to Small Sacks located by the bank. Here is a small map of what LRC looks like This is Small Sacks Gold cost 5k per ore to change into minerals and coal cost 6.5k per as coal is more accessible. Here is a map of the Resource skilling area While gathering resources inside the skilling area ie. fish, ore, and logs, they will be noted. Sometimes you will receive an unnoted resource however the NPC located in the center can note the items for you so you can stay here as long as you'd like or feel safe to. And here are the spots to fish Rocktails as well as Karambwans And that's it! Congratulations on achieving 99 Fishing! I hope this guide helps you out. Lots of credit to @Lancelot for helping me with this
  14. Astro

    Astro Application

    Username(s): Astro Timezone (GMT): Currently in Afghanistan, will be in EST in a week Language(s): English, little spanish Do you have any staff experience? Server name(s): I was a server support once but i cannot remember the name of the server. it was a long time ago. Your role and responsibilities: Server Support Reason why you no longer work there: I joined the army and eventually deployed, I did not have the time to invest in the server that was required of me. Why would you like to join the staff team?: I like to help others as much as I can and help make the server a better environment for the players What qualities could you offer to the staff team?: Leadership, trustworthiness, and dedication. I'm in the US Army so I understand what it takes to work as a team to make things better for everyone. How many hours can you put into Pre-Scape weekly?: anywhere from 15-35. realistically it will probably be around 25 a week Have you ever been sanctioned before? If yes, explain: no Do you have Skype?: yes Time Played (screenshot): upon editing this i am at 44 hours.
  15. Astro

    we finally did it

    Congrats Alex!!!!! First HC to max. Let the PVM grind begin.