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    Events Poll + Event

    I have two idea's for events that would span over several days depending how long you wanted the event to run for. My first idea is like OSRS's king of the skill. You had X amount of days to train stats and get the highest total level possible. Think this would be a fun idea depending on the game mode you chose. Say the event was based on knight mode maybe you have 48 hours to get as much xp possible in those 48 hours of gametime, not IRL time. My second idea would be starting on fresh accounts and and you had lets say a week of playing and getting drops and at the end of it, the person who has the biggest bank value wins. No donating and everyone would have to be on the same style account to make everything fair.
  2. Oblv Jordan

    Server Updates 07/16/19

    Soooooooooooooooooooo ready for raids!
  3. Oblv Jordan

    Goyolo's opinnions and suggestions.

    Hands down the best suggestion i've ever seen in a rsps.
  4. Oblv Jordan

    Complete 1-99 Fishing Guide - Astro

    Where was this when I was maxing? This guide is perfect my dude. Lots of detail and I like how you list how to train it where as most guides only list xp. Keep up the great work brother.