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  1. Viaz

    Future Updates

    I think it would be cool with bosses that is combat style specific and drop gear that fits the style ie. Mage only boss
  2. Viaz

    Wrath Of THC Staff Application

    Looking forward to seeing your activity skyrocket soon then
  3. Viaz

    Wrath Of THC Staff Application

    I don't feel like you are active enough, I barely see you play. Sorry. How can you put in 20 hours weekly and have less than 100 total?
  4. Viaz

    100 Treasure Island Chests Log - Viaz

    No idea, I was slacking a lot! But the respawn takes longer than killing them. Hah!
  5. Viaz

    Wilderness only Hardcore

    Didn't last long Venom OP
  6. Thought I would do a 100 chest loot log from treasure island, so here you go.
  7. Viaz

    500M Cape uses and ideas

    I love the idea of some rewards for obtaining 500m in skills! Not sure about the woodcutting cape burning logs though, I feel like its something that should be on the firemaking cape.
  8. Viaz

    Zulrah Guide - Viaz

    You'll find Zulrah under your teleport tab in your spellbook called Boss Teleports, it teleports you to an start area. Talk with Cloaked Figure on the bridge to start the fight. Encounter The boss has three stages where you need to switch prayers depending on the color of Zulrah, it starts out with Green so protect against ranged when you start the encounter. Green - Protect against Ranged Orange - Protect against Melee Blue - Protect against Magic Zulrah will spread some poison clouds, avoid standing in them for too long. Gear Setup and Inventory You have two option, you can use ranged or magic although ranged is the strongest. Bring the best gear you have! Your gear setup could look like this. Also remember to bring a Ring of Wealth(i) for better drop rate. The inventory is just a couple of prayer pots and some food. Hope the guide was useful, if there is something I can do to improve it, please let me know. Constructive criticism is always welcomed.
  9. Viaz

    Drop Logs

  10. Viaz


    I can see your point there. The player killing is just one part of the comp cape though.
  11. Viaz


    Could we make the free for all event kills count towards the achievement "Player killer" and "Master Player Killer" ?