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  1. Jack

    Event idea

    Great idea as always from you 😀 Can't see any way to improve on it. I won't personally be entering, but the best of luck to all who do.
  2. Today I sat through 112 sets (448 boss kills) at Treasure Island: Here are the results. 1. 25 Super Restore Flasks 2. 12 Saradomin Brew Flasks + Rune Platelegs (t) 3. 8295K Coins 4. Dragon Scimitar 5. 40 Ruby Bolts (e) 6. 49 Diamond Bolts (e) 7. Uncut Ruby + Rune Full Helm (g) 8. 31 Mithril Bars 9. 376 Cannonballs 10. 17 Super Restore Flasks 11. Rune Pickaxe 12. Rune 2H sword 13. 34 Raw Sharks + 3a Mage Bottom 14. Dragon Scimitar + Rune Platebody (g) 15. Granite Maul 16. Uncut Diamond 17. 73 Diamond Bolts (e) 18. 21 Raw Rocktails 19. 42 Diamond Bolts (e) 20. 9 Frost Dragon Bones 21. 9 Rune Bars 22. 250 Astral Runes 23. 34 Mithril Bars 24. 16 Saradomin Brew Flasks 25. 67 Diamond Bolts (e) 26. Rune 2h Sword 27. 20 Super Restore Flasks + Zamorakian Spear 28. Dragon Scimitar 29. 55 Diamond Bolts (e) 30. Rune Axe + Red Headband 31. Dragon 2h Sword 32. Dragon Scimitar 33. 57 Bones 34. 49 Diamond Bolts (e) 35. 478 Death Runes 36. Dragon 2h Sword + Ancient Cloak 37. 13 Super Restore Flasks 38. Uncut Ruby 39. 1 (noted) Uncut Dragonstone 40. 1 (noted) Uncut Dragonstone 41. 50 Raw Sharks 42. Rune Pickaxe 43. 38 Diamond Bolts (e) 44. 11 Rune Bars + Rune Kiteshield (g) 45. 21 Saradomin Brew Flasks 46. 8418K Coins 47. Granite Maul + Zamorak Platebody 48. Uncut Diamond 49. 388 Death Runes + Blue Boater 50. Uncut Ruby + Zamorak Platelegs 51. 59 Diamond Bolts (e) + Purple Elegant Legs 52. 60 Diamond Bolts (e) 54. 39 Raw Sharks 55. 16 Raw Rocktails 56. 40 Ruby Bolts (e) + Zamorak Platelegs 57. Rune Axe 58. 17 Dragon Bones 59. Rune Axe 60. 12 Raw Rocktail 61. 64 Dragon Bolts (e) 62. 38 Mithril Bars 63. 7197K Coins 64. Rune 2h Sword 65. 356 Death Runes 66. 23 Raw Rocktails + Steel Dragon Mask 67. Dragon 2h Sword + Zamorak Platebody 68. Rune Scimitar + 3a Mage Hat 69. 22 Saradomin Brew Flask 70. 7443K Coins + Rune Full Helm (g) 71. Dragon 2h Sword 72. 18 Adamant Bars 73. 47 Raw Sharks 74. 14 Super Restore Flasks 75. Rune 2h Sword 76. 39 Ruby Bolts (e) 77. Dragon Scimitar 78. 41 Ruby Bolts (e) 79. 15 Rune Bars 80. 19 Saradomin Brew Flasks 81. 451 Blood Runes 82. 47 Raw Shark 83. 38 Raw Shark 84. Dragon Scimitar 85. Uncut Diamond 86. 398 Astral Runes + Guthix Full Helm 87. 15 Rune Bars 88. 60 Ruby Bolts (e) 89. 5 Frost Dragon Bones 90. Granite Maul + Blue Dragon Mask 91. 22 Adamant Bars 92. 20 Restore Flasks + Purple Elegant Top 93. 93 Bones 94. 6349K Coins + Black Boater 95. Diamond Bolts (e) + Rune Cane 96. 445 Death Runes 97. 20 Raw Rocktails 98. Uncut Diamond 99. 493 Blood Runes 100. Rune Pickaxe 101. Rune Scimitar 102. 1 (noted) Uncut Dragonstone 103. 53 Diamond Bolts (e) 104. 25 Raw Rocktail 105. 1 (noted) Uncut Dragonstone + Guthix Platebody 106. Rune 2h Sword 107. 61 Bones 108. Uncut Diamond 109. Dragon 2h Sword 110. Granite Maul 111. Rune 2h Sword + Rune Platebody (g) 112. 326 Death Runes Best of luck with your sets. I am very pleased with the outcome! Average per unique: 4.65 (5) Chests.
  3. Jack

    100 Treasure Island Chests Log - Viaz

    Good to know, thanks!
  4. Jack

    Wilderness only Hardcore

    Epic. GL. Love the concept but I don't think I'd enjoy it. 😪 However, I can see why you do!
  5. Jack

    100 Treasure Island Chests Log - Viaz

    Nice one, could you spitball the time it took for 100 chests seeing as the bosses were updated? @Viaz
  6. Jack

    99 Hunter Guide - Astro

    Actually the hottest hunter guide of the decade No longer will I hear "How do I start hunter?"
  7. Jack

    99 Smithing Guide - Astro

    If you do wish to be supply efficient there is an anvil in the Wilderness. I don't know how to explain it's exact location, but I know it's in deep. This would mean you get 2x exp for your materials (smithing them) in exchange for a longer walk. I guess west of mage bank.
  8. Jack

    Wilderness Bosses

    Under construction To do: Add more precise locations CF, CE, WW, LDS (Bosses) Double-check gear (Not many changes because it's suitable regardless) Please inform me of any errors and suggest changes if you think they're necessary! Data to be added, courtesy of Outward.
  9. Jack

    99 Crafting Guide - Astro

    I appreciate this guide, well done.
  10. Jack

    Wilderness Bosses

    Please note: The Wilderness is a dangerous player versus player zone; Items are lost on death, you will protect 3 items if unskulled (4 with a protect item prayer active), and you cannot teleport above level 20 without the use of a charged Amulet of Glory (at 30) or Wilderness Obelisk (Wilderness Level 13, 18, 27, 35, 44 and 50 respectively). Expect to be attacked by other players and don't bring anything you're not willing to lose. Important notes: Before we begin, it's important to remember to check this command in-game: ::droprate Set up your inventory and equipment accordingly if you want to maximise drop rate: You will lose DPS (Damage per Second) not using Ring of Recoil or an Eye Ring. Be wary that attacking another player will change your status to "Skulled", meaning you will have a Skull icon above your head and automatically protect 0 items. Untradeable items are not lost on death, they can be bought back for 1,000,000 GP each from Grim Reaper north of Edgeville bank. For bosses that poison you, you can wear a Serpentine Helm to negate it, or use Antipoison potions. You can use the Wilderness population counter in quest tab, and your bounty hunter interface to determine how safe you are however be aware that people who aren't your target can still attack you. You should find the best way to bank relative to the boss and determine ways you can escape PKers (Player Killers) before you can be confident. Safespotting is against the rules. You can upgrade the load-outs if you're comfortable with risking your items. Ord: Spino: Demonic Ape: Blood Reaver: Demonic Hellhound: Vet'ion: Scorpia: Callisto: Venenatis: Crazy Archaeologist: Chaos Fanatic: Chaos Elemental: WildyWyrm: Lava Dragons: Credits: ✨ (Item lends)- @foe slayer94 (Data & Information)- @Astro, @Outward
  11. Jack

    500M Cape uses and ideas

    This is true, however I'm sure it's possible to check for account mode and award a certain tier of the perk accordingly. Tier 1 (33% strength) = Knight - eg. 1/100 , 4% combat bonus Tier 2 (66% strength) = Ironman - eg. 1/83 , 7% combat bonus Tier 3 (100% strength) = Realism - eg. 1/50 , 10% combat bonus *As mentioned in Discord #Suggestions
  12. Jack

    500M Cape uses and ideas

    It was my pleasure to review this beforehand and I'm happy to see the result, I can understand that some people may see a negative to putting perks onto these capes or unlocked once you achieve 500M exp in a skill (It's easier for Knights, it can bring something balanced to overpowered: Such as ranged cape and twisted bow) but I think for accomplishments, progression and therein retaining an active player-base. It's a very good incentive to work hard and achieve these benefits to better your game-play. Getting 500M Ranged on Realism took a long time, and it's an easy skill. The reward was underwhelming and I felt like it's a missed opportunity. I do believe it's important that these buffs are not applied to player versus player combat, as that would be a severely unfair advantage (for combat capes). Obviously all the rates and reward(s) and quantities could be fine-tuned but I do ultimately support this suggestion as a player! Nice to share your thoughts @Hestia, thank you. 😎
  13. Jack

    Player retention and further growth

    I feel like the Wilderness player counter is another prime suspect in the ordeal, it makes it very easy to scope players out with such a mediocre volume of players in the wilderness. Would you consider temporarily disabling it as well? @Titan Eg: If 1 player is in Wilderness and a player knows this for certain, they will not hesitate to gear up and check it immediately. Ruthless hunting! Something like this would help for retaining PKers as well. As people would be more likely to PVM and they would encounter them randomly... I imagine this would be more exciting. Another point would be spreading out the bosses along that strip more - Ord, DHH, Spino, Reaver, Ape. @psymon I would like to see intermediate tier bosses outside of wilderness, but this makes them quite easy to camp and thus would probably devalue either their drops or gold. Hopefully Titan's change(s) help the situation, it would be nice if you would update with how they helped (or didn't)... Also tested the change and it's working.
  14. Jack


    (GROUP REALISM IRONMAN MODE) This was an idea @Rob came up with and that I was interested in participating in, as a self-made extension to the Realism account mode with some technical differences (Group Ironman and specific restrictions). We're planning to start on 19/11/2019! If you're interested in the mode, we're not accepting applicants to our group however you could start your own group with your friends! As of now, the accounts participating in our mode are : [Grim Salt] ( @Rob ) ALT-IGN: ROB [Grim Clown] ( @Clowncar ) ALT-IGN: CAR [Grim Rat] ( @skotoboinya ) ALT-IGN: SKOTOBOINYA [Grim Kip] ( @Astro ) ALT-IGN: ASTRO Now onto the rules and restrictions of our game play on these accounts : We will not be trading any other players, nor accepting help from them of any kind - Except our own group. We will not vote, nor donate for items or use any sort of promotional benefit (Meaning no use of 2X XP either). Limited player interaction (No item transfer beyond our group), and ONLY the Ironman NPC store. The "Free 99" lamp on starting a Realism account will be destroyed. We will only be online when at least one other person in the group is online. In the event you accidentally complete a daily task, destroy lamps & legendary mystery box. Skilling shops- Gear that can be "grinded" for (Runecrafter) can be obtained. Furthermore, there is an exception of buying the following items : Blood Talisman Also an exception on the fishing tools shop. Slayer rewards shop is forbidden if the reward is tradeable. Sir Owen's Longsword is allowed. No selling items to the General Store. You may not use any Scratchers you obtain. FFA minigame is prohibited. Destroy all items from the starter kit, except Ring of Kinship. No asking for wells. To have fun in a unique and challenging approach to the server. Below we will share our progress on each specific account, as well as item milestones: Kip got our first group pet! Rocky (Thieving) excelling with 90 thieving ! Clown obtained Sir Owen's Longsword Rat is behind, as expected: What a noob ! Salt did some wildy keys, and kept up with Kip and Clown !