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  1. Most High

    Yeti's design

    I don't mean to be mean at all... But very basic/beginner. You'll learn it quick though.
  2. Most High

    22/10/19 Staff Updates

    Congrats, guys.
  3. Most High

    Best Suggestion Possible

    Use old zamorak source... Re-release with big hype.
  4. Most High

    Most High's Introduction

    Hey, everyone. After seeing e-mails that Zamorak was back I figured I'd come back and check it out. It's been a long, long time. I made a couple videos a long time ago that aren't that great at all, but if you'd like to check them out from back in the day, my YouTube is/was MostHighZamorakRSPS. I recognize a few names already.
  5. Most High

    Zamorak / Pre-Scape Information

    Well, your last email worked on me stating that you were bringing Zamorak back. If any sort of rank is given back from previous donations please let me know. Glad to be back as I've been searching to play RSPS again. In all honesty, I'd like to see a completely fresh start along with the release... But I'll play either way. Just got done watching the two videos I made on Zamorak from a couple years ago. Brought back a lot of fun memories.