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  1. Shoey

    Zulrah Guide - Viaz

    short n sweet. way I like my guides.. perfect man doesn't need anything else
  2. Shoey

    The Return of Shoey!

    Hey guys names Hunter aka Shoey ingame. Played Zamorak years ago all the way up until it was shut down and reopened as Pre-Scape. This server, in its prime, was not only mine but over 400 other daily concurrent players favorite server aswell. This server used to make my night every night after a long day at work to get on and wind down and grind with some friends or pk in wild with my buddies.. Im so glad its back I just seen the video and email that its returned to name Zamorak. I think that alone will bring a lot of the old players back to their old favorite RSPS just like it has done to me now ! If I see ya ingame don't hesistate to say hi im always very nice and helpful. CYA INGAME! -Shoey
  3. Shoey

    New Player Information

    SO glad to be back.. rest assured buddy this server going to go back up from the "small-community" have faith in the process Kade knows what hes doing,