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  1. rrqv2

    Hi guys

    Damn shots fired
  2. rrqv2

    Banned without even making an account?

    i tried. it says my computer is banned
  3. i was an old zamorak player from years ago. i got an email from titan saying he was reopening zamorak and refunding donations. i wasnt banned on that server and i never logged into prescape. so idk if this is a bug or something but i cant even make an account to give it a try.
  4. rrqv2

    Hi guys

    Hello people. my name is chris. my old username was Rrqv2. i played this game for almost 2 years before burning out(and as a result irritating some other players with my complaining). but now that ive had a break from all things runescape and i get an email from titan inviting players to come back i figured id give the game a second shot. hope to see you all ingame! ❤️