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  1. steve

    The Gambino Crime Family

    but then if that's the case, some rich w**ker gambler could just pay you to join so you wont rag him, but each to their own bro, goodluck with your clan, and i look forward to seeing you guys on the battlefield
  2. steve

    The Gambino Crime Family

    while i do admit you are a decent nh'er, the fact that you have recruited so many people gives me the vibe that you do not generally care how good someone is at nh'ing who at the same time is representing you and your clan, which is a shame.
  3. steve

    Your top 3 songs

    a remix, but this song speaks volumes to me.
  4. Job well done, you lived through you sons and your grandchildren
    Jesus finally got his bride, mummy dance with him

    11/03/2008 <3

  5. steve

    Ya boi Nivo

    lmfao feels bruh
  6. Veex

    Still not SS i see

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    2. steve


      hahahahaha im fkn crying

    3. steve


      this needs to be released already i wanna roast on server smfh

    4. Nivo
  7. This is what an ol' G told me
    filthy rich and dyin' lonely
    "F**k a benz and f**k a rolly, life is what you make it, homie."

  8. steve

    Ya boi Nivo

    breh i got a proposal for you but i'll tell you about it when server get's released xx
  9. steve


    bruh u makin me sound like an outcast smfh at least you ain't snob me ly bb <3
  10. steve

    Ya boi Nivo

    just wanted to let you know eco will be mine also i missed you good 2 see u bb xx
  11. steve

    fuck sixnine

    when she doesn't reply to your skype msgs
  12. steve

    fuck sixnine

    this trash ass rapper, plus 90% of this new generation of rap is pretty much garbage, I remember when rap made sense and not cents.
  13. steve


    sad reacts only pls.
  14. steve


    thnx fammmmm thanks bro l00000000l thanks bro, for sure thankyou x2 fam glad 2 be back bb, for sureeee! HAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAAHHA woooooow thanks for the pep talk bb oh hello kitty, yup sure looks like there are big things planned, can't wait