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  1. Patagonia

    Sup lads

    Welcome man, maybe we can make that 3 See ya in game!
  2. Patagonia


    Echoing what a few people have said, but more specifically I want to max on the hardest game mode! Also want to take on dicing/gambling host on this server something I've never tried for myself.
  3. Patagonia

    What Are You Currently Listening Too? A classic
  4. Patagonia

    Clan UserBars on the forums

    This data is easy to collect, at the start of the event a username 4 digit/number tag is revealed such as like X0A1 or WW1C etc.. and people add their name after on a fresh account, the account must not exceed IE 10 hours of play time, and must have most exp in slayer, or overall exp etc. Using modes like ironman to gate it and control it. Sending in screenshots to clan leaders, the clan submits their best players results and its compiled and a winner is drawn. Implementing a CML style highscores is not the hardest thing to do, but as you say probably will not be implemented. Im just trying to suggest another way for clans to participate than PVP, because at the end of the day the player base is not all here for pvp.
  5. Patagonia

    Clan UserBars on the forums

    Maybe for skiller clans, there could be skill of the week, exp gained, king of the skill style tournaments too. Also PVMing for ironman and pvm clans.
  6. Patagonia

    Clan UserBars on the forums

    If implemented, as you mentioned I also think the cost is necessary, it also adds incentive to represent your clan on forums. Maybe a bidding style buy in every Sunday or something along those lines could be added to create an almost self regulating sale of the tag at a fair price? Support +1
  7. Patagonia

    Who am i?

    Welcome Dandan to pre-scape! See ya in game! I hope to see those guides, I'll be making a few myself
  8. Patagonia

    Hello All!

    I have little experience with community of the old server, but from the staff line up and their current experience I have full faith that you will all live up to your reputations! see you in game
  9. Patagonia

    Hi! My name is...

    Big fan of the videos! Nice to see you'll be here along side, we've played before together in some CC's Cya in game!
  10. Patagonia

    Patagonia's Introduction

    Hello, I will be using the IGN Patagonia, but many may have known me from previous servers as Otto or Philip. I am a software engineer in the making, and play rs on my free time. I also love mountaineering (Mt Washington & Mt Marcy ascents, and soon Mt Rainier traverse!), I am a climber (5.11d) and I love backpacking. I currently play osrs and soon pre-scape . I enjoy the "grind" and look forward to the hardest game mode the game will offer! I hope to have an impact within the community, and will try to uphold a high quality post & reply standard, which often times some people seem to rush. I will possibly attempt a video series to showcase progress, or maybe an achievement thread, who knows! The only certain thing is It will be a pleasure to see you all in game, hop into my PM's any time for any motivation/conversations you need!
  11. Patagonia


    Stars look much better than armors ever did, never seen a forum board pull it off properly..
  12. Patagonia

    Race to MAX account.

    I'll be taking a shot at this but on extreme mode (or what ever the hardest sckilling mode is, I haven't found any info on this yet?) I wonder who the top competitors I'll be against will be. Might try extreme ironman if It was fixed!
  13. Patagonia

    Skilling Tasks?

    There's at least two of us out here!!! Support for skilling!!!
  14. Patagonia


    From the mentality the staff seem to have been showing so far, It does not seem like this will be a problem. Too often are servers ruined by a store being a instant top gear 1 time stop than a place to show support to the server, by bringing in distinct donor items into the game. Gear wise, Mid tier gear in donor shop would be acceptable in my opinion, to give a jump start into pvp/pvm while not being a paywall to obtain the BIS. Thoughts on that?