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  1. Slayer

    12/4/19 Staff Updates

    These are the changes to the Staff team since the last updated posted. Astro has been promoted to Global Moderator. shealtiel has been promoted to Server Support. Jack has been promoted to Server Support. Suslord has resigned. Lancelot was demoted due to inactivity. b o n e was demoted due to inactivity.
  2. Slayer

    Player retention and further growth

    Not sure I agree with removing the counter as it still helps people who want to pk for money or get kills for the achievements, without it being as OP as the notifications. If it were to be removed, those people could end up wasting so much time on the server running around the wilderness not even knowing if someone is in it. At least the counter can provide that info without telling locations. Also, I'm for spreading the bosses out more in the wilderness, but preferably in the same level range.
  3. Slayer

    Hi guys

    Welcome back to the server.
  4. Slayer

    Server Updates 07/16/19

    For the Book of Ingredients, it's "Ingredients Book", and it's still not in the Iron Man Store.
  5. Hope you all are ready for the release at the end of the month! :fire:

  6. Hello everyone. :) I hope you all are having a good day.