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  1. Slayer

    Re-Work Update Log #1 - 04/15/19

    Also going to back to the Untradables subject, if its possible, have it to where it adds up all the cash from the untradables and make it drop on death instead of going straight to the pouch. That way the person who killed the player is at risk of losing said cash they just received.
  2. Slayer

    Re-Work Update Log #1 - 04/15/19

    Most of this seems pretty cool. Hunger Games I think will be a waste sadly even though it’s a cool concept, would love to be proven wrong though. Just don’t see it being that fun with such a small community. Maybe later if we grow quite a bit it could become something enjoyable. Premium Star tele is cool, but should add a check for when the star is in the wilderness maybe? I don’t mind going to check where it’s at first, but I’m sure you’ll have some people make it an issue. As for claiming untradables, finally, but 5m EACH might be rough, especially for newer players who’s cash stack is probably only up to 20m. I would think making it just 1m each to buy back and 1m each received when killing someone.
  3. Slayer

    Major Re-Work / Temporary Downtime

    Glad to see where things are heading.
  4. Slayer

    Wilderness Rejuvenation Suggestions

    Only thing I really can’t agree with is the wilderness only achievements/tasks. Like it’s been said, people don’t like to be forced to go to the wilderness. As someone who enjoys playing hardcore, having a PK achievement of 15 players is already not appealing. That’s honestly the only reason I most likely will never comp that account because I’m basically stuck killing PVMers as it is pretty stupid to risk the hardcore status trying to have an actual fight. In my opinion the achievement should be swapped out with FFA wins, being that it still is pking and more than likely have to kill multiple players for a win anyways. Not to mention it’s a safe mini game. The nerfs/buffs are a must if you want anyone to enjoy some type of pking. The suggestion I can support the most is the Grim Reaper or something along that same idea.
  5. Slayer

    Staff Updates - 02/21/2019

    Oh wow. Hope all is well.
  6. Slayer

    Potential Economy Fix

    Definitely a creative idea, but I hardly believe people would be willing to give up their items they were grinding for just to get a pet, let alone just a chance at it. Yes, they give a decent drop rate bonus, but then what happens once they get the pet? In that sense, they have a better chance of getting rare drops from the boss said pet is from. So, not sure how it would really benefit in the bigger picture. I also agree with Andyplays says. Especially the Donator Store. I wanted it to be strictly cosmetic from the beginning, maybe a few useful items that I can't think of off the top of my head. P2W is almost never a good thing for a ecomony IMO, but I also can't deny it helps bring in donations to keep the server running and it's appealing to certain players who like P2W. It's something that should definitely be put into thought.
  7. Slayer

    Staff Updates - 12/29/2018

    Congrats guys 👍🏽
  8. Slayer

    $50 Giveaway

    This is nice. GL to all! 😊
  9. Slayer

    What are your plans?

    Back on the blood neck grind....sigh....and daily Zuk kills for pet of course.
  10. Slayer

    Pre-Scape Re-Launch

    Aww well fuck. I’m trying to play lol. Hope you achieve what you can to get the word out there.
  11. Slayer

    Flame Wars Season 1 - Rewards & More

    Lol....alright man. You obviously are too hard headed to think things through and you actually believe your own lies it seems so this is where I stop. I hoped you would think about what I said, but it’s all good. You can’t help everyone. I just hope you grow up in time before you start seriously affecting other people. Take care.
  12. Slayer

    Pre-Scape Re-Launch

    It is needed I guess, but legit was looking forward to playing today lol. Hope it all works out of course. I'll definitely participate in the tournaments, but if it is lmao. Also maybe try to give the details of the tournament the day before re-launch? That seems like a short amount of time and it won't be organized well because of that.
  13. Slayer

    Flame Wars Season 1 - Rewards & More

    I requested each resignation, so again, just stop lol..... No one made me do anything. You missed the point of how you were immature as well. You "being here" is different than me being here. I'm here to play the server. You literally showed how immature you were in this post alone. I just wish you would own up to it, I really feel like you could grow from it. I don't claim to be the best manager either. I know my faults and I am not scared to own up to them. Your points regarding that are always immature, even if there is SOME truth to a few of them. I just don't understand how you can be an adult, but yet you act like this. Imagine applying for a job and they saw the way you acted on here.....yikes.... Please, take the time to understand this post, unlike the others you just react to. I can't be bothered to read another mindless reply from you because it's past funny at this point, it is just sad. Telling me to kill myself and send proof.....yeah.....that one speaks for itself.
  14. Slayer

    Flame Wars Season 1 - Rewards & More

    You’re trying to flex ranks on a game (not even around anymore btw)’re not as immature as before....uh...yikes man. Demotions? I was demoted once for like an hour, but go off man you definitely know what you’re talking about. Also, nah I really don’t recall me deleting anything like that on discord. As the words come from you, I don’t know how to use it. But ya know, all of that is irrelevant when you think about it because here’s the thing, you’re STILL here on a forum of a server RAN BY ABDUL. You are supposedly banned from the discord as well. I know you’re not interested to play the server. So really, tell me how you’ve matured when you’re still here? Look at how you described me in the original comment. Just look at you in this thread alone. You’re bragging about ddossing and doxing. Who knows what I’d find if I took the time to look in other threads. You make this too easy man. Just keep my name out of your mouth.
  15. Slayer

    Flame Wars Season 1 - Rewards & More I don't ever remember there even being one. So, if there was it was after I left. I never touched anything really in Discord retard as I don't know how it works. Also, it's sad that after all this time I actually log on forums and I find you're still talking about me lmfao. How long are you going to continue your "hate" and salt for me demoting you on another server because you were too incompetent to fulfill your duties as an Administrator? Grow up. You may front IRL that you have, but're still the same immature little kid I remember years ago it seems.