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  1. Slayer

    Flowers' Departure

    Hope to see you fully back soon.
  2. Slayer

    Patch Notes 1.9

    A nice little batch
  3. Slayer

    Gnome Strip Club

    This is too wild....
  4. Slayer

    Really excited to be here!

    Welcome man! Hope you enjoy the server!
  5. Slayer

    Ironman + Droprate

    Not bad. I wouldn't mind that at all.
  6. Slayer

    Patch Notes 1.7

    Good shit
  7. Slayer

    Suggestions List 20/04/18

    Dungeoneering has already been worked on, will be released soon enough. As for your suggestion on better rewards in the Vote Store, it helps if you actually add suggestions. Not bad though.
  8. Slayer

    First Comped Iron Man

    Congratulations man!
  9. Slayer

    So being honnest brings you...

    The week ban is applied to keep you from having an advantage over the rest of players with your rewards from abusing. When joining a server, it should be a priority to check out the rules so you know what is allowed and what isn't. I appreciate your honesty, but this is something we 100% do NOT tolerate on this server. End of discussion.
  10. Slayer

    Minor quality of life suggestions

    I agree with all except the first one. It only takes a couple seconds to get to the General Store. So, I see no need for it.
  11. Slayer

    Return old prayer

    Unlimited Prayer feature for Ultimate Donator+ is disabled in the Wilderness.
  12. Slayer

    Wilderness Multi-logging

    You misunderstood lol. Opposite.
  13. Slayer

    Wilderness Multi-logging

    He obviously has the final say. I had this made so I can see how the community feels. This doesn't mean this is final. I personally don't see a problem with it after more about it.
  14. Slayer

    Duo & Team Dung

    I am definitely all for this. I would also hope to see more floors added in the future.
  15. Slayer

    Trade able Agile & Marks of Grace

    I've added it to the list. I agree with this.