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  1. Tha Luke

    So being honnest brings you...

    Lets Role, Brother Its sad to say But its 2018, any form of abusing is bannable and if you have been around you know that. * Why would there be a 12 hour gap among votes ? * Rules says that its not tolerated to Abuse Votes * Its not the fact you admitted to it, its the fact you abused. Lets keep it calm. Hope you understand.
  2. Tha Luke

    Trivia Point Store

    It makes sense, but obtaining 200 trivia points is about a week of work due to the amount of players ingame. On the thread it says a player will get 18 trivia points if he gets all the trivia questions within an hour, but eh how hard do you think thats going to be with our active community of 100+ online at all timezones.
  3. Tha Luke

    Kade and Bane

    I agree 100%, Thank you for all the hard work!
  4. Tha Luke

    PDI Donator zone

    Hey, It sounds fair, great suggestion mate! +1 support! Luke.
  5. Tha Luke

    Trivia Point Store

    Hey ! I love the new content! Thanks for keeping us updated OBS: Some ideas for the shop: Trivia Mbox (50pts) 100k lamps = Realism and Iron, 1m xp lamp = Knight. (250pts) Boxing Gloves (costume) (300pts) - Red, Blue and Black. Imbue Scrolls (200 pts) Gold and Spiky ornament for dragon armour. (500 pts) Legendary Mbox (600 pts) Elegant Armour (150 ea piece) - White, Black, Red and Blue Christmas Cracker (1000pts) Colorful Staff of Lights (800pts) - Red, Blue, Green.White and Black. 250k Tokkul Package (250pts) Please leave your feedback below if you support any of these. Thank you for your time! Luke.
  6. Tha Luke

    Woodcutting Guide (knight game mode)

    Keep up the great work mate. Great guide, If you could add the realism rates, it'd be great. Thank you!
  7. Tha Luke

    Notice Me Senpai

    Welcome aboard, I hope you enjoy your stay. Pm me ingame so we can chill Peace.
  8. Tha Luke

    Irl Pictures

    This is me : and
  9. Tha Luke

    First Maxed Iron Man

    Damn!!! gratz on all your effort Looks great, keep up the good work!
  10. Tha Luke

    In game leaderboard

    +1 support !
  11. Tha Luke

    Content Poll 04/09/18

    Let's wait and see what happens! +1 support for all of them
  12. Tha Luke

    Devyn Signatures

    Hey, It looks great! Can you make me one ?