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  1. G L O

    Locations of Shooting Star

    bump for one of the first guides
  2. G L O


    Bump since One of my favorite servers is back.
  3. G L O


    I've been here since day 2 but I feel this is needed. So, What's up Pre-Scape?
  4. G L O

    Untradables in wildy

    I don't support this. I like my void to be safe, I worked for it. And I need it when im in the wildy skilling Why ruin the wildy? If you wanna risk pk, pk somone who is willing to risk.
  5. G L O

    Realism exp cap

    Tbh i would switch to knight, the grind on realism is too much for a rsps.
  6. G L O

    Staffhunters need to chill!

    I made one guide For the star. Being staff is over-rated tbh. But you're right the try-hards are serious on here.
  7. G L O

    Adventures of a completionist

    Day 1(Not much done today):
  8. Key: Not Started * Started (#ff9933) * Finished (#006600) Required Goals Obtain Max Cape Complete all achievements (69/99) Bonus Goals Achieve max experience (2.9b/25b) Obtain all boss pets (0/26) Obtain 1m Star Dusts Kill each boss at-least 100 times Obtain 500 million Boss Kill Count KDB (14/50) Tormented Demons (13/50) Jad (7/50) Glaciors (5/50) Ganodermic Beast (3/50) General Graardor (2/50) K'ril Tsutsaroth (2/50) Bandos Avatar (1/50) Chaos Elemental (1/50) Corporeal Beast (1/50) Dag. Prime (1/50) Dag. Rex (1/50) Nex (1/50) Kree'arra (1/50) Phoenix (1/50) Kalphite Queen (0/50) Bork (0/50)
  9. G L O

    Wilderness Multi-logging

    I multi log to stay safe. If i didn't HAVE to visit the wilderness I would stay out of it for good. But since it's required (a few achievements and daily tasks) I always take my alt when i enter to scout on while I'm doing what ever task/achievement I'm on. I don't think multi logging should be removed, it's a safe guard for people like me. If someone was multi log to use freeze and teleblock it wouldnt really be an advantage because the same thing can happen if two diffrent players were to use teleblock and freeze. Wouldn't really be much of a difference.
  10. G L O

    Irl Pictures

    @Kade You fooled me Thank you @corebe2no for exposing him My Photo:
  11. G L O

    Reliable GFX

    I know where these are from Glad to see you here bro. Welcome to the server.
  12. G L O

    Cannonball mould

    I support this. Gives non donors a better way of obtaining the cannonballs.
  13. G L O

    "Removed from eco" - Ring of Wealth

    just get over it.
  14. G L O

    Return old prayer

    Did i read this correct, certain donor ranks have unlimited prayer? If that is correct, thats really an unfair advantage, specially in a pking situation. If i read wrong, i still support this suggestion, prayer does seem to drain too fast.
  15. G L O

    Some Suggestions.

    Combat: PVP: PVM: Buff Revenants combat, they're a little op. They currently seem more powerful than a few of the bosses. After reading over this link it seems that the Soulsplit curse doesn't seem to work as it should in PVM situations, It may just be me, but could you look into it.