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  1. Arkem


    I would say at most if Ironmen could access a donor store it would be custom armor/weps with the stats of bandos, arma etc. That way they get the bonuses of having that armor but are also shown that they didn't actually work towards the drop from that boss
  2. Arkem


    I camped corp for slayer tasks and prob like 10 kills after, asking for access to donor store completely nulls the point of ironmen. I have no issue getting items on my ironman in the beta and asking for your bank back will easily break the eco. It's not hard to drop items form ironman to main and be richest on the server. My iron had Divine, ACB, DFS, Glacor boots, Bandos/Arma, AGS, ZSpear, SGS, and Ely Sigil with screenshots of my bank pre wipe, all obtained while there was competition with everyone else.
  3. Arkem

    Donation Store 2 Shenanigans.. c'mon now

    Who the fuck is gonna donate for Bandos or barrows, how would the server make money to stay up?
  4. Can't wait to get back on
  5. Arkem

    Economy Reset

    Already grinded just about every boss other than Nex, not trying to lose all that progress
  6. Arkem

    Staff feedback

    Oh wow, an actual feedback and not just saying that they're doing a good job because you like them. I like it
  7. Arkem

    Clue scrolls (Pogchamp)

    +1 I will personally thank if this happens (ironman btw)
  8. Arkem

    First Comped Iron Man

    Gonna work on 2k hours for vet cape, start grinding out bosses for max gear and continue keeping rank 1 iron man
  9. Arkem

    First Comped Iron Man

    Gonna go for 2k hours and get every boss item in game as an end goal
  10. Ya boy got first Maxed and First Comp'd Iron man
  11. Arkem

    First Maxed Iron Man

    Atm I can't comp due to some of the achievements, but I'm gonna go for every item off of bosses and work on achievements that I can do on the way Ty Ty and you'll get there soon as long as you keep grinding First thing I did was get 60 attack then went to dungeoneering and leveled my combat stats using the dragon dagger you start with, then got bonecrusher for prayer exp then went onto skilling after maxing melee
  12. Arkem

    Content Poll 04/09/18

    Tbh I think the whole point of PRE-Scape is to not have oldschool content misclicked HCIM vote btw wanted to vote yes
  13. Arkem

    $100 Giveaway!

    Goodluck everyone!