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  1. Rohan

    Clean shave , #Gillete fusion pro glide btw.

  2. Duke

    u ded?

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    2. Duke
    3. Rohan


      No bro , stuck at lumbridge trying to find Duradel, legends never die btw 

    4. Rohan


       Sorry been busy, but will be online sometime soon Duke , betaminer101 xp.

  3. Rohan

    Fletching Guide 1-99

    The guides you’ve made previously were good , but this one could do with a bit more detail.Update this thread in your free time with more detail for eg- adding exp per game mode. Although appreciate the effort keep it up.
  4. Rohan

    Mining Guide 1-99

    Bro this is guide is on another level , clear and understandable . Thankyou Teddy , keep making more guides.
  5. Rohan

    Mining Guide 1-99

    Where do I mine having troubles bro . I’m stuck at Lumbridge.
  6. Rohan

    Agility Guide

    Clean guide, thank you Angel Garcia.
  7. Rohan

    Woodcutting Guide (knight game mode)

    When they say its a nice guide but don't give rep , somethings sketchy . Everything is clean and easily understandable to follow Angel Garcia, just update the guide by adding Realism xp rates , thank you.
  8. Rohan

    Beginners Easy Money Making Guide Ft Rohan

    Updated cheers fellas, hope it helps everyone enjoy.
  9. This guide is for anyone, that needs fast cash for gear etc. Requirements- 95 Thieving Step 1) Teleport to Edgeville (Home) Step 2) Travel to the thieving stalls located behind Edgeville bank , where the thieving stalls are located. Step3) Start thieving from the '' Scimitar stalls'', you should be receiving a full inventory of adamant scimitars, if lucky dragon scimitars 2/25. Step4) Once you have accumilated full inventory of Adamant/Dragon scimitars, sell them to the ''Shop Keeper'' general store north west of Edge bank. Step5) Repeat and your good to go. How much time does it take? How much do I earn per inv? 1min 20seconds >150k- 200k per inv, Enjoy
  10. Did you see Ultra Festival :o ?

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    2. YesMad


      I couldn't be leave Swedish house mafia returned man, fuck yes

    3. Rohan


      Hell yea , hoping for some more banger hits from them in the future bro 🔥

    4. YesMad


      100% bro, even when they played their older stuff the crowd went wild

  11. Ain't no stoppin , cause the base still poppin 🔥❤️ 

  12. Rohan

    How To Add A Forums Signature.

    Thankyou for this , good guide keep it up.

    Change is inevitable, except from a vending machine