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  1. Hamze

    Extreme - Premium

    Support, seen this suggestion floating around
  2. Hamze

    Donator Shop

    Having these items in the store is to increase interest in donating, if people want to donate large amounts to the server for the best items ig, then we shouldn't stop them as it supports the server. I do agree in increasing the price of these top tier items, but I can't see them being removed.
  3. Hamze

    Maybe not so appealing to some...

    Support, the armour is everywhere, even i've got a couple sets. So yeah, def support
  4. Hamze

    Tiny Change Big QOL Upgrade

    This seems like an easy fix to do, support
  5. Hamze

    Server Update 02/17/19

    Another great update, thanks kade
  6. Hamze

    Perfect-Timed Drop

    l0l I live for stuff like this
  7. Hamze

    2 suggestions (10-30min of work)

    Support, hope these are done
  8. Hamze

    boss points shop

    Support for some new items added, not too high tier stuff like you mentioned tho. The general consensus is that mid-low tier items would suit the shop better
  9. Hamze

    little suggestion

    You can stay 1 step in front of the shield and still be safe. I don't really understand the suggestion tho
  10. Hamze


    Agree with most, if not all of these. Support
  11. Hamze

    Sins Day Off 1

    Too long didn't read. L0L gz on the items
  12. Hamze

    We're Back Online

    I was asleep Glad to see the server is back online tho l0l
  13. Hamze

    Staff Updates - 02/11/2019

    Gz to promotions and welcome dmob
  14. Hamze

    Server Update 02/10/19

    Loving the updates man, keep it up
  15. Hamze

    Sweet Karma Cutie

    l0l cutie's gotta be feeling that one rip