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  1. Hamze

    Kingly Implings

    I reckon that the kingly implings are pretty decent rn, they dont need a buff, but it wouldnt really be all that bad if the respawn rate was lowered just a bit
  2. Hamze

    Staff Updates - 01/23/2019

    Gz to the promotions
  3. Hamze

    Farming Guide

    Thanks for the guide lance, another one knocked out aye
  4. Hamze

    Combined items

    Ehh, a bit iffy with it, i'm not a huge fan of combining items to create a custom, but honestly that might be what the server needs to bolster the player count and become more unique as a server. For now, i'm 50/50
  5. Hamze


    This has been suggested before, and I do support it. I dont like the fact that someone could just hide and wait for the last person and just kill them with a full inv of food.
  6. Hamze

    Flower Poker Tournament

    Good luck to everyone participating! Thanks for hosting this Jake
  7. Hamze

    Yell chat

    I like the idea, people who support with server financially should be able to indulge in something unique like this. Support
  8. Flower poker seems to be the most popular, honestly tho i like the idea of pest control.
  9. Hamze

    use for some items

    I agree with adding more uses for certain items. Your suggestion is similar to just adding more items to the skilling stores, which i also support. This would help prevent boredom in the end-game.
  10. Hamze

    Removal of Empty Shops

    support, this is a great suggestion for qol
  11. Hamze

    HC Cutie | Post Max Goals

    Gl, hope this goes well for you!
  12. Hamze

    Staff Feedback By Creation

    Thanks for the support bud, glad to see players give their input on the staff team.
  13. Hamze

    #1 Realism Woodcutting XP

    lol this is gonna be good
  14. Hamze

    Good to be back :)

    I think i vividly remember the name. Great to have you back
  15. Hamze

    Server Update 01/16/19

    Another great update, love seeing these! Keep it up