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  1. Hamze

    Lancelot's Completionist Guide

    Amazing guide, this must of took ages tho
  2. Hamze

    RFD Guide (Barrows Gloves)

    Thanks for guide, i remember being confused when doing this
  3. Hamze

    Launcher Window

    Thread closed as this has been resolved.
  4. Hamze

    Zamorak Boss Guide-By Creation

    Loving the guides man, keep it up
  5. Hamze

    Kalphite Queen Guide- By Creation

    This looks like a lot of time has been put into it, good work
  6. Hamze

    Thieving Guide

    Nice guide, thanks lance. I like the simplicity of them
  7. Hamze

    Slayer Guide

    Great work on the guide, they all look very nice.
  8. Hamze

    Farming Guide

    Thanks for the guide lance, another one knocked out aye
  9. Hamze

    Runecrafting Guide

    Jeez, loving the hard work you put in to these guides, they just keep getting better! Keep it up P.S would love if you add ironman xp rate too!
  10. Hamze

    Corporeal Beast guide

    Great guide, looks clean and professional. Thanks for taking your time to do this
  11. Hamze

    Dungeoneering Guide

    Nice simple guide, ty
  12. Hamze

    Cooking Guide

    Another great guide @lancelot keep it coming
  13. Hamze

    Cerberus guide

    Love the guide, very professional and it seems you put a lot of time into it. Keep it up
  14. Hamze

    Skilling Guides Directory

    Finch likes it, so I do too. Great work Lanks.
  15. Hamze

    Crafting guide

    Great guide, love when players contribute to the server like this. Keep it up