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  1. Hamze

    Store history

    Support as well
  2. Hamze

    Ironman Bank Progress

    Nice bank, a lot better than mine
  3. Hamze

    Lancelot's Completionist Guide

    Amazing guide, this must of took ages tho
  4. Hamze

    Soulwar at it

    Agree with andy here, max hit with barrage on osrs is 46, so its pretty fair rn
  5. Ldi gw bosses. Mlm type of area Udi Pdi some of the wildy bosses added
  6. Hamze

    Server Update 03/17/19

    Appreciate all youre doing. Keep itup
  7. Hamze

    RFD Guide (Barrows Gloves)

    Thanks for guide, i remember being confused when doing this
  8. Hamze

    Daily Task Point Store Input

    Some of the achievement items, like the falador shield 1, or the heraldic stuff might be cool. Also some of the new ornament kits
  9. Hamze

    Roan's Suggestions V2

    Great suggestion list, also agree with most of them, def support the treasure island stuff, it needs a rework
  10. Hamze

    Staff Updates - 03/16/2019

    Sad to see the lads go, gl with irl stuff, gz to the new promotions
  11. Hamze

    Soulwar's suggestions

    1. support 2. support. Would love to see a farming boost cause I hate that skill l0l 3. No support, the boss was meant to be hard to be fought anyways 4. Support
  12. Hamze

    700 Crystal Keys

    Only 1 christmas cracker? Unluggy
  13. Hamze

    Ultimate Ironman mode

    Looting bag or storage similiar to how they do in osrs is essential. Support dmobs idea
  14. Hamze

    Two Ideas

    Support, seems easy to do
  15. Hamze

    Capes rework

    Support, also agree with rob for the achievements. Capes deff need a rework and p2p for bis items ruins the farming factor of any game