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  1. Fawk

    Specific Rare Items

    Just fyi, as of today, there are no icons in-game.
  2. Fawk

    Purple Phat

    I'll contact you in-game regarding this.
  3. Congratulations on your promotion! =]



    1. Fawk


      Thank you ❤️

  4. Fawk

    Inferno Guide

    Fantastic guide. Simple and effective. Not too sure about what I can advise you on; I personally thought it was great. You covered everything that was relevant about the topic and a run through.
  5. Fawk

    [In-game Trivia Guide]

    I'll add a few math trivia questions, sure. But I don't want to have it be heavily centered around math, or any one discipline for that matter.
  6. Fawk

    [In-game Trivia Guide]

    Smh, answers already leaked. Guess I'll be attempting to mix up trivia on a weekly or bi-weekly basis I appreciate the "Commonly Asked Questions" section though. Thank you for taking the time to make that.
  7. Fawk

    Treasure Island Tutorial

    The staff team provided him with it.
  8. Fawk

    Treasure Island Tutorial

    This is amazing. Thank you very much Jake for putting the time and effort that you did into this.
  9. Fawk

    wildernes keys

    They'll be "worth it" when pvp armor usability/degradation/repairing (whichever course is taken) is fixed
  10. Fawk

    How To Add A Forums Signature.

    Well made guide. I'm certain it'll help many people.