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  1. Hades

    New game mode, hardcore

    We appreciate every suggestion that we receive, especially those that are feasible and beneficial, so thank you for taking the time to make this post I personally like this idea and would be in favor of having it implemented.
  2. Hades

    Quality of life updates

    Thank you for making this list of suggestions, they're well thought out and tangible. Regarding this, after speaking to Kade about the Golden Scratch Cards, it appears that he forgot to mention that we've removed them from all npc drops on the most recent update post - this has now been added. Sorry for the confusion.
  3. Hades

    Zombies Survival - 11/16/18

    Thank you for these freqent and impactful updates, really enjoying them
  4. Hades

    Petition to ban Baaail

    Now that you're cleaned, you've outlived your usefulness to me, and will therefore be banned. See you in appeals. Pce Hades
  5. Hades

    Server Update 11/10/18

    This is what I've missed: frequent updates. Thank you so much Arithium and Kade.
  6. Hades

    Server Update 11/09/18

    This is, without an ounce of doubt, the greatest update we've had, and things are only looking up from here. Thank you for all hard work you've put in and the dedication you've shown over these last few months.
  7. Hades

    Black Flowers vs finch for the win

    Black/white flowers on here are somewhere between 1/20 and 1/50 and will generally result in a re-plant of the entire FP for both people, depending on the rules agreed upon at the start of the FP. Sorry to crush your hopes x
  8. Hades

    New Player Here

    The one and only. Welcome ❤️
  9. Hades

    Small Halloween Event [TODAY]

    If you choose the first option and complete the task, you will be awarded a SINGLE h'ween mask of your choice (one of the three regular ones - blue, red, green).
  10. Hades

    Focussing on studys

    Wish you all the best with your future endeavors. Had some great times with you over these last few months and hope you'll be able to make a return within the coming months. Take care.
  11. Hades

    hello commynity!

    Welcome back, Miksi. Glad to have you with us once again. Looking forward to seeing you in-game soon
  12. Congratulations on your promotion! =]



    1. Hades


      Thank you ❤️

  13. Hades

    What do you want to see?

    Just helping out because I have the files for trivia since I wrote it - correcting my mistakes would be the better way to look at it I suppose.
  14. Hades

    What do you want to see?

    I agree with almost all of the suggestions mentioned above. My top changes/fixes would be: 1) Fix the makeover mage ASAP. I've seen a lot of new players be immediately turned off when they see this feature isn't functional 2) Fix hiscores 3) Rework the combat system 4) Add a boss that drops drygores 5 and 6) ^ 100% agree with this Don't want to make it seem like I'm calling you out, but I wanted to address some of what you've said in your post above, corebe2no. The talisman staff is a purely cosmetic item and therefore does not need any stats; abs on the other hand needs stats. This was implemented so that the staff team could better monitor voting and prevent vpn voting/voting on random accounts (i.e. people mass voting on a random acc in a desolate location). I'll look into this and send Kade a fixed list of questions within 48 hours. Cheers, Hades
  15. Hades

    Inferno Guide

    Fantastic guide. Simple and effective. Not too sure about what I can advise you on; I personally thought it was great. You covered everything that was relevant about the topic and a run through.