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  1. Hades

    [In-game Trivia Guide]

    I'll add a few math trivia questions, sure. But I don't want to have it be heavily centered around math, or any one discipline for that matter.
  2. Hades

    [In-game Trivia Guide]

    Smh, answers already leaked. Guess I'll be attempting to mix up trivia on a weekly or bi-weekly basis I appreciate the "Commonly Asked Questions" section though. Thank you for taking the time to make that.
  3. Hades

    Balance & Suggestions

    He's claiming that the Sir Owen's sword does more DPS than a drygore longsword - which currently is comparable to a chaotic longsword since we forgot to buff it when we buffed the other drygores a while ago. Rapier > Longsword, thus Sir Owen's > Drygore Longsword. That's all he's attempting to say from what I understand. This is why the drygore longsword will be fixed.
  4. Hades

    Balance & Suggestions

    Once drygore long is fixed, I don't think we have any intentions to alter the stats of drygores. As far as Sir Owens is concerned, without a drygore offhand, the Sir Owen's sword is comparable to a chaotic rapier in terms of dps when its special attack is activated - which I feel is perfectly fine. The sword gives an incentive to players to play on Realism mode.
  5. Hades

    Balance & Suggestions

    Dyrgores since then have been nerfed. The nerf occurred right before they were added to the donor store. After this nerf drygores were basically reduced in power by roughly 60%, from having a max hit of 120 to having one around 50. Moving forward a week we realized they were too weak and very similar to chaotics with this nerf applied, so we buffed them considerably. However, whilst buffing the drygores, we accidentally forgot to buff the drygore longsword (mainhand), so the stats it currently has are a lot weaker than they should be.
  6. Hades

    Balance & Suggestions

    Lots of good suggestions here. I 100% agree with the altering or (eliminating all together) the drop rate of crystal keys from certain npcs. And the lava drag bones is something that must have slipped our checking, but we'll have those fixed soon. Same with drygores, the longsword was accidentally not buffed when the other drygores were, which is why it's currently so lackluster compared to the other ones - it'll be fixed soon as well, I'd like to say by next update but cannot do that definitively. I'll look into the TSOTD and Polypore staff issue. The reason a lot of the new OSRS boss drops feel underwhelming is because Pre-Eoc items rival them. We'll discuss making OSRS items have "custom stats" so that they better fit the needs of our server. And as far as the edgeville house thing, the reason that is the case is because edgeville is the go-to place for pk'ing for most people. Having ::home direct there is just simply convenient to a lot of people. But maybe implementing an option that allows players to custom set a ::home location can be looked into in the future. Thank you very much for these suggestions. We appreciate them a lot. Hades
  7. Hades

    Double everything week

    I support all of these except for double donor points. And we'll definitely try and host some events for the community soon
  8. Hades

    Little Point for Forum Moderators.

    I've gone ahead and updated the ::doninfo thread with the new benefits that were added this Monday. Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We'll try our best to ensure that something like this does not occur again.
  9. Hades

    Slayer Tasks

    I agree, we should implement something similar to how regular slayer is - multiple slayer masters that assign tasks at different "difficulty" levels - to make it a more viable and appealing option to a large variety of players at different stages in the game. Before going any further I'd like to clarify: Kuradel gives no boss tasks and Duradel is the "higher tier" slayer master. Now, Duradel isn't a boss exclusive slayer master. He was never intended to be one. He will, however, assign boss tasks the vast majority of the time. I'd guess 75-90% of the time, which I find is high enough. Kuradel has a 110+ combat level requirement to use and will assign high level npc tasks but no bosses. Duradel, which has a 120+ combat level requirement to use, can assign boss tasks - which he will do most times - in addition to most if not all of Kuradel's tasks. I hope that explanation was clear and not redundant. Please let me know if you'd like me to elaborate on anything.
  10. Hades

    Veteran rank

    We have no plans to award the Veteran rank to anyone at the moment. Although the management team has not yet established a criteria for this rank, I assure you that a time played of 1000 hours will not be the only requirement. The Veteran rank will almost certainly be awarded exclusively by the management team based on how well we believe you fit a certain criteria (for example: joined forums over 1 year ago, 1000+ hours in-game, has this player been productive to the community during the time they've spent at Pre-Scape, etc...) Therefore, the Veteran rank will be "introduced" when we feel that there are true Veterans in the community. Hades *Topic has been moved to general discussion*
  11. Hades


    Very happy to have you back with us, Steven. Missed you a lot ❤️
  12. Hades

    Website Update 09/05/18

    I absolutely love it. Thank you for this!
  13. Hades

    Infernal Cape Stats

    I am almost certain that it will be buffed. Thank you for the side-by-side comparison.
  14. Hades

    First Infernal Cape?

    Yes, you were the first to get it! Congratulations buddy
  15. Hades

    Treasure Island Tutorial

    The staff team provided him with it.