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  1. Casino

    Staff Updates - 09/13/2018

    @Deathrow national hero
  2. Casino

    It's Content Time

    Pogchamp spam in the chat
  3. I also agree with im D, I don't think it should automatically mine for you, but should just be more exp per ore mined.
  4. Casino


    Welcome to Pre-Scape Belgian, hope you can reach all of your goals and enjoy your time here.
  5. Casino

    Cheerz from POLANDO

    Happy to have you here Covenc, hoping to see you around in-game bud.
  6. Casino

    It's ya boy, uhhhhhhhh, skinny ...

    Glad to have you here Adam, loving the title of this post too.
  7. Casino

    Hey Yo! :)

    What's good Angel, glad we have you as a part of the staff team.
  8. Casino

    what is everyone's favorite pastimes?

    Favorite past time has to be chillin' with the lads.
  9. Casino

    What's up?

    What's going on buddy, glad to have you here. Feel free to message me or any other staff members if you have any questions.
  10. Casino

    Lets play a forum game guys!

    False, the person below me has the name "finch".
  11. Casino


    Was born August 9th 1999.
  12. Casino

    Rank 1

    Welcome to the server man, hope you enjoy all of the time you spend here. Also, good luck on the goals you set for yourself.
  13. Casino


    My mans looking good out here
  14. Casino

    Oi Oi

    Liking the new name, glad we are on the same team.
  15. Casino

    Gravediggers Recruitment Thread

    Looks very clean and professional. Hope all of you and your fellow clan members enjoy your time here.