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  1. Teazerzz

    Signature Give Away

    Green, magic
  2. Teazerzz

    Locations of Shooting Star

    Looks great bro!
  3. Teazerzz

    Shift click drop option

    I highly support this!
  4. Teazerzz

    Race to MAX account.

    Maybe not the first one to max since I might go for 200m in agility and RC before training combat but who knows...
  5. Teazerzz

    Favorite TV Shows?

    Yeah I watch a lot of YouTube while playing RS, but never movies or series
  6. Teazerzz

    Favorite TV Shows?

    Ah yeah, well I just enjoy gaming over watching movies/series
  7. Teazerzz

    What would you NOT like to see?

    Yeah I'm almost certain they will be added, I just don't want to see them
  8. Teazerzz

    Favorite TV Shows?

    These ain't series I myself don't watch a lot of series, used to watch some anime when I had a lot of free time (haters gonna hate)
  9. Teazerzz

    What would you NOT like to see?

    PK-related things in the achievement diary!
  10. Hey guys, Many of you may remember me from Zamorak. Almost at the end I managed to get max exp in the game. I'm looking forward to do that all again, and maybe I'll make a video about it as well! Nice to see so many familiar faces over here already. Cya ingame! Teazerzz, known on Zamorak as Maxedin1day