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  1. Belgian


    Today I maxed here with smithing as my last 99. Unfortuned I can't afford the max.cape yet. I will be grinding onwards to achieve my desired rank 1 and work towards my goals. Feel free to suggest some goals I can accomplish! Thanks everyone for the support! First of all I will try to get some more cash so I can buy all skill capes + the max cape.
  2. Belgian

    Dungeoneering / Summoning Poll

    Would it be possible to to only use summoning in pvp? So it can't be used once in wildy? I kinda liket it for pvm but not for pvp
  3. Belgian

    Progress Video #4 + 20m CASH Giveaway!

    Watching all your vids as they come out Keep them coming!
  4. Belgian


    Day 3 and 2 are updated, making slowy but surely progress
  5. Belgian

    Signature Give Away

    My favorite color is blue/grey and my favorite skill is woodcutting
  6. Belgian


    Hey guys, Belgian here! First of all my first character I will be playing on is "Mille", my goal is to achieve rank 1. I know its kinda impossible but o well... Some short information, i'll be bumbin this topic each day once (if thats allowed?) and I will update it very regularly Long term goals Max all skills --> 99/120 Dungeoneering All barrow items All Godswords Complete all Achievements Short term goals Max combat skills 99 prayer Barrow gloves Dragon Defender Dragon boots Fighter Torso Fire Cape Tokhaar-Kal Amulet of fury