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  1. A/Solcrystal

    Economy Reset

    And who the fuck are u? come here and talk like u know things? never seen ur name online. Come here and talk when u know what ur talking about.
  2. A/Solcrystal

    Economy Reset

    Nivo, the problem here isnt that ppl are afraid not to get donor points back, BUT when the store will get reworked so u cant buy nex sets, claws, ags, spiritshields i know ppl will get mad. because they DONATED to buy those gear, not costumes. if u take me as and example, i donated so i could buy nex sets etc, not to buy costumes.. And if the shop getting reworked so u cant buy those stuff i feel the reason why i donated is gone lol.
  3. A/Solcrystal

    Economy Reset

  4. A/Solcrystal

    Economy Reset

    If u change donorstore to just cosmetics etc i know ppl would charge back their money. they DONATED to buy gear, like nex, spiritshields etc... and if u do a eco reset and add only cosmetic on the store i know ppl will charge back and u cant do anything about it if u take away their stuff.
  5. A/Solcrystal

    Pre-Scape Open Beta Closing 06/08/18

    Hash, u are a noob and will ever be 1
  6. A/Solcrystal

    Economy Reset

    Hash, how noob are u ? ofc we will vote no when we have 400 hours ++ grinding fucking bosses etc.
  7. A/Solcrystal

    Pre-Scape Open Beta Closing 06/08/18

    fuck no. fuck eco reset lol, thats just BS when the eco isnt even nearly broken lol.
  8. A/Solcrystal

    Economy Reset

    hell no lol
  9. A/Solcrystal


    nice bank m8 close to mine
  10. A/Solcrystal

    Finally Maxed

    gz man
  11. A/Solcrystal

    Yor’s Inactivity

    Miss you noob! <3
  12. A/Solcrystal

    500 Ruined Backpack Loot

    Nice job man that grind
  13. A/Solcrystal

    It's Content Time

    love to hear this! I rly want zulrah, clues and wilderness bosses to get added next update Keep up the work
  14. A/Solcrystal

    Something Something

    Hey all! Ive been about some stuff to maybe help server growing and keep players. 1. @Kade @Bane you should offer a weekly reward for ppl take make vids and put for youtube so more ppl see the sever. 2. Make events. This server have had 1 event? that kinda was a fail since an ironman got the kill on the staff member and couldnt pick it up. We need more events like HnS, minigame events, some droppartys, pk event and even some random xp boost or something (?). 3. Xp boost/drop boost for new players. 4. Have random giveaways where u can win like some mboxes/legendary mboxes etc.. 5. Listen to the suggestions that ppl make. I know many are not happy with you dont look into the suggestion enough. It is many nice suggestions that ppl will like to have been added, but it taking to long.. 6. Maybe get an extra dev in for some weeks? so Bane can focus on adding more stuff and the new dev fixing the glitches or something like that? Ppl want something new added but with so many bugs that need to get fixed that Bane doesnt have time to add new stuff when he allways need to fix glitches/bugs... We miss alot new content on server and stuff that we kind want. Here is a list of some of it. New bosses More minigames Placeholders in bank Clue scrolls its alot more that have been suggested that is nice and ppl want, but this is what i think should be added in the closest future.
  15. A/Solcrystal

    Patch Notes 1.9

    what about the pet fix? still nothing.