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  1. A/Solcrystal

    Secret santa

    I like this alot BUT, its no "prices" on items atm... Me and @Hash have been working on the pricelist for some days now, since both of us have a big bank but still items have no price and the "price-checker" doesnt work in that case.. So idk how to value the items if u trade it to a npc since items doesnt have any value.
  2. A/Solcrystal

    Treasure Island 100 Keys

    As i said, BUFF THE FUCKING TREASURE ISLAND! Its bullshit loot compared to the time u have to use to get those keys. like getting a rune scim and all that crappy shit is just bs.
  3. A/Solcrystal

    Balance & Suggestions

    good thread m8
  4. A/Solcrystal

    Team boss

    and its 2-3 ppl that get drop from it. not only 1
  5. A/Solcrystal

    Team boss

    Its some nice bosses on prescape, but i rly miss a boss that is so hard that need more than 1 to do.. like a team boss. Now many bosses are afk-able and ppl soloing, but i want a boss where we need to be more players to kill it. And its a boss that takes 30-60min to respawn. I think that would be fun
  6. A/Solcrystal

    A is here boyys

  7. A/Solcrystal

    New Server New Start

    Nice to see you again Yin -A
  8. A/Solcrystal

    A is here boyys

    Hey all old faces (and for u all new faces, HEEY ) Those who have played Pre-Scape would know my name Ive started playing Pre-Scape for the first secound it got out, and stayed with it untill it got down. Many of u guys know me if u think of Corp ive grinded that soo fucking long and im the only 1 with Corp pet ive been on the beta for the server after it got down and cant wait for all the new stuff do Cant wait to see old faces and also new faces. i know this server gonne go big see you ingame in 2 days guys! -A
  9. A/Solcrystal

    Economy Reset

    And who the fuck are u? come here and talk like u know things? never seen ur name online. Come here and talk when u know what ur talking about.
  10. A/Solcrystal

    Economy Reset

    Nivo, the problem here isnt that ppl are afraid not to get donor points back, BUT when the store will get reworked so u cant buy nex sets, claws, ags, spiritshields i know ppl will get mad. because they DONATED to buy those gear, not costumes. if u take me as and example, i donated so i could buy nex sets etc, not to buy costumes.. And if the shop getting reworked so u cant buy those stuff i feel the reason why i donated is gone lol.
  11. A/Solcrystal

    Economy Reset

  12. A/Solcrystal

    Economy Reset

    If u change donorstore to just cosmetics etc i know ppl would charge back their money. they DONATED to buy gear, like nex, spiritshields etc... and if u do a eco reset and add only cosmetic on the store i know ppl will charge back and u cant do anything about it if u take away their stuff.