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  1. A/Solcrystal

    Server Update 10/09/18

    good that u fix stuff, but put out something new soon...
  2. A/Solcrystal

    Secret santa

    I like this alot BUT, its no "prices" on items atm... Me and @Hash have been working on the pricelist for some days now, since both of us have a big bank but still items have no price and the "price-checker" doesnt work in that case.. So idk how to value the items if u trade it to a npc since items doesnt have any value.
  3. A/Solcrystal

    Treasure Island 100 Keys

    As i said, BUFF THE FUCKING TREASURE ISLAND! Its bullshit loot compared to the time u have to use to get those keys. like getting a rune scim and all that crappy shit is just bs.
  4. A/Solcrystal

    Balance & Suggestions

    good thread m8
  5. A/Solcrystal

    Team boss

    and its 2-3 ppl that get drop from it. not only 1
  6. A/Solcrystal

    Team boss

    Its some nice bosses on prescape, but i rly miss a boss that is so hard that need more than 1 to do.. like a team boss. Now many bosses are afk-able and ppl soloing, but i want a boss where we need to be more players to kill it. And its a boss that takes 30-60min to respawn. I think that would be fun
  7. A/Solcrystal

    Server Update 09/08/2018

    well done!
  8. A/Solcrystal

    Server Update 09/03/18

    Lower the prices in donor shop is retarded Kade. If u dont remember it was tooo much nex sets in "beta" and now u do the same misstake? I dont get it lol.
  9. A/Solcrystal

    126 Combat Mode for Pkers

  10. A/Solcrystal

    Announcement 08/09/18

    good job
  11. A/Solcrystal

    Pre-Release Announcement 08/01/18

    i was 1 of the richest ingame, and idc if my bank will get reseted... its fun to start over again. what i want is my donor points that ive donated for my donor points wont even touch the eco
  12. A/Solcrystal

    Pre-Release Announcement 08/01/18

    +1 there