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  1. would be cool to see with the release of pets maybe the final boss and insane final boss title (not comp requirements btw) Final Boss - Final Boss requires 100 kills of each boss. Insane Final Boss - Final Boss requires 100 kills in every boss, and every boss pet in game. would be cool to see this be added, would definitely make me start grinding pvm for that gold title
  2. Prime M8

    Clue Scrolls

    im pretty sure clues are being added in the near future
  3. Prime M8

    Actual GE, not "Shops"

    having a g.e is step 1 to having a few players control the economy
  4. Prime M8

    In game leaderboard

    already suggested this a while ago
  5. Prime M8

    untradables in wild

    It would be great to see you lose untradables after 30+ wild, otherwise when wild gets active people will just be running around with void barraging 500's and d bolting 800's XD. i feel like in low wild this is fine, but make deep wild for high riskers using ahrims/arcanes and stuff like that like it should be - also can titles pls show up when you right click som1
  6. Prime M8

    Return old prayer

    i second this, the old prayer was completely fine but now legit gotta take like 4 restores out in wild. appreciate all the effort and updates though dont get me wrong.
  7. Prime M8

    Teddy's Master Piece Shop

    Item(s): 3D sig Payment: 10m First Text: Prime M8 Second text: #1 Pker Colour(s): blue/white Theme: bubbly text with a white phat and an ags somewhere would be dope
  8. Prime M8

    #Exposed New PvP Clan

    wanna see more of posts like this
  9. Prime M8

    Thread to make pking more active/better

    didnt even know that pk store was there sorry
  10. Since pking is the reason I play runescape I thought i'd make a post to help the whole side of pking on the server. First of all: - A command which shows your kdr (::kdr) example: I have killed 500 players and have died 100 times [5.00]. - A ::redskull command which will prevent you from using protect item so players can risk fight. - Create a clickable leader-board at the edge of the wild which shows players kills ranking from highest to lowest, for example: (kills) 1. Prime M8 (761) 2. Slayer (594) 3. Kane (389) and so on..... - Add a PK Point store with different things such as different staff of light/whip recolours etc. Maybe even add claws,ags and korasi to the store and remove them from the donator store to give them more value to the pking community. Small ideas: - Add ring of recoil to the supply store @home -Add dds (p++) to weapon store - For the pker title, maybe after 200 kills create a silver Pker title, then for 1000 kills maybe a gold Pker title? - Maybe add rocktails, manta rays and karambwan somewhere which cost pk points. (maybe 5 rocktails for 1 pkp for example).
  11. Prime M8

    Manta rays

    yes please +1
  12. Prime M8

    what is everyone's favorite pastimes?

    boy you a virgin doe
  13. Prime M8


    turning 20 tomorrow (23 march)