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  1. Baaail


    dam lot of question buddy u the police? but welcome.
  2. Baaail

    Staff Updates - 12/29/2018

    congrats to all.
  3. Baaail

    Flame Wars Season 1 - Rewards & More

    um who tf are u. i see u are late just like you're own father when u were born he was late 18 years to late.
  4. Baaail

    FFA suggestion

    fr and make it so everyone becomes maxed.
  5. Baaail


    gl on streams
  6. Baaail

    Staff Updates - 12/21/2018

    same i didnt even see those 2 play much on the beta or the pre releasee when we were grinding and the server was dead. like never seen them before.
  7. Baaail

    Castiel's Suggestions/QoL

    support these ideas.
  8. Baaail

    Woodcutting and Firemaking Guide

    for a basic skill im pretty sure everyone knows but the guide layout itself is nice.
  9. Baaail

    (Giveaway) Realism Grind

    great vid.
  10. Baaail

    Hey Everyone

    welcome back mate.
  11. Baaail

    $50 Giveaway

    Tell me a bit about yourself e.g. Age, what you like to do for fun, what your dreams and goals are in life. How did you find this server? im just an og from zam What would you like to be implemented on this server? raids 2 What can be done to improve the server? more content Pick a number between 1-1000 456
  12. Baaail

    Flame Wars Season 1 - Rewards & More

    permedd im not gonna argue with my bitch calm down buddy.