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  1. Baaail

    Some Signatures

    Pretty good work man, keep the hard work there looking good.
  2. Baaail

    forum mod app

    Yea i did that was before man, thats why post where removed and finch talked to me about it and i have been working on it, only time can tell now.
  3. Baaail

    forum mod app

    i care about everyone response that why if its support i thank them and i tried to repsond to everyone that commented read the post, and if u feel that way or i forgot to mention something thats cool i just do read every comment thats put here.
  4. Baaail

    forum mod app

    Why u say i dont know the forums rules, when im on forums everyday since release of the website. And this is the first topic u seen on you're return cause there are 3 more topic before mine called about time, economy reset, prescape open beta closing, and vaati topic. and thats just that. Just feel you're no is no reason because you just said you have no been on the forums in ages , so how can u say no or yes when u have not been on to pay attention on forums, i thought maybe a neutral would be better but thats just my option, but thanks for the feedback i guess?
  5. Baaail

    forum mod app

    Thanks man for the support
  6. Baaail

    forum mod app

    Curious on to why u say that i'm fine with your option but no support maybe put a reason why u say no. Thanks for the feedback anyway man. cause if u read this is a forum mod app so please tell me why thanks. Aye but its nice to see that after u made a farewell post u still around. Thanks man really appreciate the support.
  7. Baaail

    forum mod app

    Oh yea i totally agree Server #1 priority forums comes second and we got a great forum admin atm and he does a great job but thanks for you're feedback and and yea i seen you before aswell buddy.
  8. Baaail

    The Love Store

    Text: Baaail Second Text: #1 God Pker Color(s): black and red Theme: murder idk if u still do them but would love to see one:)
  9. Baaail

    forum mod app

    I totally agree with you thank you.:) Yes sir thank you maybe in future i will be but thanks for your option.
  10. Baaail

    forum mod app

    thank you so much for your response and feedback yes i am not to much active in-game cause it wasn't fully released so i just chilled on the forums. When it gets released i will see you in game a lot more Thank you for you're kind words.
  11. Baaail

    Aboot time

    Welcome to pre-scape man cant wait to see you ingame.:0
  12. Baaail

    forum mod app

    Username: baaai Timezone: central How many hours can you be on per day: i can be on almost 10 hours a day. Do you have any history of been staff (forums): Yes i have i have worked on my own and helped friends out with their forums. When did you join the pre-scape forums: Right when it was created. What is your online time on forums: Since it was created. What makes you different to others: I Take feedback well like when finch gave me feedback on the forums i listen to him and put it into effect and worked on it.I have no life so i am always on the forums i know my way around the forums like the back of my hand since i have been here since the start. I Will always be online so i can help answer anyone question that has issue with there post or if they post question about the server i will be the first person to reply. So i hope to be given this opportunity to help the people on the forums. I am a great helper, i am also a laid back chill guy that is funny and can throw jokes around and take them but when its time to be serious i can be serious and do my job that was given to me. I treat everyone the same i do not pick favorite or treat anyone special. I listen to both sides of a story and try to resolve issue to the best of my ability.
  13. Baaail

    Wassup Plebs

    welcome see you ingame mate.
  14. good luck on your goals mate.
  15. Baaail


    crazy luck u have been having it seems man good job.