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  1. Baaail

    Flame Wars Season 1 - Rewards & More

    permedd im not gonna argue with my bitch calm down buddy.
  2. Baaail

    Black hween mask on ironman

    nice man good job great work.
  3. Baaail

    New game mode, hardcore

    +1 support this man.
  4. Baaail


    gl man.
  5. Baaail

    Server Update 11/27/18

    ty for these updates man.
  6. Baaail

    Quality of life updates

    good suggestion man.
  7. Baaail

    Minor Suggestions

    support these are nice
  8. Baaail

    Flame Wars Season 1 - Rewards & More

    This flame wars weak af everyone just replying dumb shit to get post up.
  9. Baaail

    Zombies Survival - 11/16/18

  10. Baaail

    1000$ donor rank

  11. Baaail

    Realism mode.

  12. Baaail

    Server Update 11/13/18

    fr work on content to get players before pking cause there no pkers atm and
  13. Baaail

    Server Update 11/13/18

    Thanks for this server today.