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  1. Hc Alex


    cant wait for ep3. When is it at.
  2. HcAlex4SS

    leave the past behind, look at the future


  3. Hc Alex

    we finally did it

    https://gyazo.com/ff6a594b9936fafe7b4bcb75656a8657 https://gyazo.com/e721832b9934c0d5f46a9ce9f582c3b7
  4. Hc Alex

    Woodcutting and Firemaking Guide

    for a basic skill im pretty sure everyone knows but the guide layout itself is nice.
  5. Cant wait for these updates

  6. Hc Alex

    Owl's 1-99 Fishing Guide

    nice guide man well detailed.
  7. Hc Alex

    simple hunter guide.

    nice little guide maybe make the layout nicer and some pictures but nice.
  8. Hc Alex

    Pre-Scape Starter Guide

    nice little guide mate.
  9. Hc Alex

    Frequently Asked Questions

    nice man Maybe include some pics? but great guide
  10. Hc Alex

    Fletching Guide 1-99

    tbh pretty sht guide i could tell u rushed this? add the exp rates u get from fletching the items maybey how much exp u get if bonus exp is on how long it takes for 99 just yea.
  11. Hc Alex

    Commander Zilyana Guide

    really think u could tidy this post up add some gear pictures? and if you dont got the op gear use welfare pictures. also the way its formated i just think could use a tidy up.
  12. Hc Alex

    AFK Combat Training

    nice guide mate my opion on this u put some nice work in it but do we really need a guide on how to afk? mobs thats just what i think.
  13. Hc Alex

    [Request] Commander Zilyana

    pray and range it shouldnt be to hard?
  14. Hc Alex

    Smithing Guide 1-99

    nice guide.