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  1. miksi ei

    simple hunter guide.

  2. miksi ei

    simple hunter guide.

    i add later some teleport pictures and something else
  3. miksi ei

    simple hunter guide.

  4. miksi ei

    simple hunter guide.

    that post was mistake =D imma doing it.. its soon ready
  5. miksi ei

    simple hunter guide.

    that take time to 1-99 but its easyest.. u dont need catch imp that much hold traps 3-5 depens ur level read under TRAPS show how many traps u can use. when ur inventory is full. dont pick up traps! ::empty ur inventory and after it pick traps. REALISM KNIGHT TRAPS STARTING starting training in PURO PURO PURO PURO catch baby imps 1-20 CATCH BABY IMP catch young imps 20-30 STEP TWO STEP TWO . KARAMJA KARAMJA GREEN BIRD 30-40 CATCH GREEN BIRD'S 34-60 STEP TREE. STEP THREE GREY BIRD'S 40-60 GREY CHING'S 60-70/80 STEP FOUR. APE ATOL RED CHINS 80-92/99 CHINS 60-70/80 RED CHINS 70/80-92/99 TRAPS: 3 TRAP 30-60 4 TRAP 60-80 5 TRAP 80-99
  6. wtf is that name =D skitty was best

    1. Ms. Kitty

      Ms. Kitty


      everyone made a new name pretty much so figured I would also. I had chosen hedwych (head witch) but someone thought I stole the name from a streamer sadly =[