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  1. miksi ei

    hello commynity!

    im so glad to see u guys on there!!!!!!!!!!
  2. miksi ei

    hello commynity!

    hello old and new friends and no friends old know who i am =D so.. im old player from zamorak where rest of players come from if im right. (making fun) from finnish funny humor guy! who love every one xd. i think some days ago to hop back in after reset.. i agreed i cant get donator's back. .. i cant wait to see old mates online! @Slayer sad to see ur gone =( and many others =( so...
  3. miksi ei

    It's Content Time

    New bosses and instance on everyone
  4. miksi ei


    sure.. i can do
  5. miksi ei

    roast sessions ?

    agreed need with you both need more players if 15 players use teamspeak some of them afk.. not food roast. staff team can possibly host roast sessions in team speak channel. thats can be so nice.
  6. miksi ei

    bossing suggestion

    there have not many bosses to kill.. so ppl sit on one all day long. so what commynity say abaut instance (private) boss room ::instance private where any one other players cant enter there.. if u die in instance boss health get restored back full. only invited players can join at this moment. if 1 of invited player dies he can enter in little time. and other invites can kill that boss. instance private boss room can enter only doing :instance at boss room where you tele. instance private boss room can be pay golds. non donators 10m. per trip donators -6%-8% from price super donators -10 to 13% from that 10m extreme -15-20% form that 10m legendary -20-25% from 10m enter ultimate free enter. premium free enter. health not reset
  7. miksi ei

    hunter suggestion

    is a bit confusing and imps is so slow a bit. add something more imp. at least Dragon Kingly and nature, add dragon on dzone
  8. miksi ei

    simple hunter guide.

  9. miksi ei

    simple hunter guide.

    i add later some teleport pictures and something else
  10. miksi ei


    isee! welcome to realism!
  11. miksi ei


    well thats ''formats'' but.. UR IN! WELCOME
  12. miksi ei

    simple hunter guide.

  13. miksi ei


    thats my proplem i dont have in game gp.. never get it im shit lucky guy
  14. miksi ei


    im shit doing any banners
  15. miksi ei

    simple hunter guide.

    that post was mistake =D imma doing it.. its soon ready