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  1. Vhalid

    Nivo's Holiday

    Have a good 2 weeks @Nivo, see you later on in the month!
  2. Vhalid


    Other then my Pk tourney suggestion, maybe implementing "double days", Mon-Fri. Ex: Mon- dub slayer pts / Tues- dub boss pts / Weds- dub pkp / Thurs- dub dung pts / Fri- dub vote pts Now, these are just examples, an official poll should be made to pick certain things to be added into it, if the community likes this idea. Also How long it would last on that day / how much the increase multiplier would be depending on what is chosen, would need to be discussed. -Vhalid
  3. Vhalid

    Sell item increase

    Support, but also increase the regular players limit by a little bit.
  4. Vhalid

    Daily Tasks

    Support this, and maybe add the entire daily system into quest tab.It would look a lot better IMO, because as of now you have to relog after 12am server time, just to see your task.
  5. Vhalid

    drygore weapons

    +1, seen someone else complaining about the drygore / drygore off-hand. For how much it is, it should receive some type of buff.
  6. Vhalid

    Bae vouches

    This type of section he's referring too is for gambling (FP/Dice Hosting). A vouch thread is a way to show off your Videos / Screenshot of payouts, Or simply people who leave a voucher comment saying positive feedback on the trust-worthiness of sed player.
  7. Vhalid

    Was a good run

    See ya another time bro, was fun being part of the staff team in the beta with you. Have a lot of good memories from before, hope to see you re-join this year, good luck sorting everything out!
  8. Vhalid

    Max Grind

    Goodluck sir, may the grind be in your favor :).
  9. Vhalid

    Economy Reset

    After reading many of the back n forth posts between everyone, it seem's it's looping into a endless circle. Hopefully this will bring some peace to some people, or even change some minds. 1. Now to start off with the most seen complaint of "The donor store having nex sets/ spirit shields = ruins the Eco / P2W / Un-fair / Made many players quit ". Alright, has anyone who has complained about this actually asked themselves, "How many top servers have OP gear for sale in their online donor stores / in-game donor stores? ". Well I'll give you the answer, it's the majority of successful servers. I feel the store is underwhelming still, but instead of removing items there should be lower tier items added, like Bandos, Armadyl & Barrows. The Store should remain setup for a larger player base and added onto, because when the cash flow options are rejuvenated the Eco will be able to flow more fluently. Onto the point that many players quit because of buy-able Nex, in my experience most of the people i have seen leave for awhile / flat out quit were for other reasons. Many of the reasons have been stated by players, such as Lack of updates, Lack of bug-fixing, and a lack to bring GP into the economy at a steady pace. Anyone that has quit because of the simple / common fact that OP gear is buy-able, isn't of much concern to any server in my opinion. 2. The next point i wont like to shed some of my light on, is "The Poor/Rich Gap will cripple the server if released without eco reset" Every single server that i have played, there has been a wide poor/rich gap at some point if not a majority of many server's existences. There is always going to be stakers, gamblers & donors who have the power to change the gap Immensely without time. Resetting the Eco will only delay the inevitable, of the fact that eventually someone will own a majority of all high-value items. Now a quick thought, if people donated this much for nex / spirit shields and the eco is reset but they get their tokens back, what will they do? Most likely they will either quit & charge-back, or spend the points on cosmetics and stake till cleaned. As for the new players coming in, that would visit the store to only find cosmetics, no way to buy an advantage to PvM, would most likely move to another server. As i stated above, many of the top successful server's donor shops are set up for quick buy-able gear to PvM with Cosmetics / supplies also. So in all, the "Poor/Rich Gap" isn't relevant in any aspect towards making a decision on the poll. Tdlr; Taking out P2W = bad, Rich/poor gap = irrelevant, in my opinion
  10. Vhalid

    Economy Reset

    i'm voting no, for the one factor of stats reset. 350 hours of grinding realism, i can't part way with that so easily..
  11. good luck on your goals mate!
  12. Vhalid


    What a clean tab! now all you have to do get is max cash stack (2147m), to complete it for now.
  13. Vhalid

    Finally Maxed

    What's up everybody, ever since i joined i have been working towards maxing on realism xp rates, and tonight i have finally achieved one of my long-term goals. My next goal is going for 1st Comped Realism, as i missed first maxed realism if you remember correctly ;). Here is my quest tab statistics down below, and quick shot of all 99s. Shout out to @Operative for selling me bulk P-ess / @Duke for Body-guarding me at Wildy course. Runecrafting/agility wouldn't have been completed so quickly without these lads <3.
  14. Vhalid

    Pre-Plus XP Tracking | Personal Project

    Something like this would be a nice QoL update in a month or so, after other things are fixed/finished. This also could be implemented in-game where you could set goals/ track your own xp to a set amount. (example)
  15. Vhalid

    Yor’s Inactivity

    See you towards the end of the month bud, hopefully you return to a increased player-base