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  1. Covenc

    Patch Notes 1.0

    Letting Ironman mode players Donate for EQ just ruined whole Ironman ideology, i'm so unhappy abaut that - let them be able donate just for cometics!
  2. Covenc

    Mystery boxes

  3. Covenc

    Cheerz from POLANDO

    Sup Lads, My name is Mateusz [ might be hard to read but no worries ], i'm 24 yo e-Sport loving guy from Poland'ico Fantast'ico. More info abaut meh You'll get personally talking to me in-game ! Which is gonna happen in next 2 days [ taking a long sleep before release so i'll stay ON longer ] Glad to see that many of You is waitin as hard as i do, See ya in-game. :* BR, Mateusz.