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  1. Gimme my ranks back i had donator rank + realism mode rank

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    2. Permedd


      ughh i was banned so gimme my ranks back :) i should be rewarded for helping :P 

    3. Finch


      Nope, if you snooze - you lose. :D 

    4. Permedd


      ill get it back :) i never lose especially against you lot :P 

  2. Permedd

    simple hunter guide.

    Didn’t really understand it, but maybe make someone that has good english to proof read it? yeah like others said needs images.
  3. Permedd

    Beginners Easy Money Making Guide Ft Rohan

    ^ agree with this but nice guide
  4. who r u?

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    2. Ms. Kitty

      Ms. Kitty

      well oi oi oi mr miksi   how are u

    3. miksi ei

      miksi ei

      im great how abaut you?

    4. Ms. Kitty

      Ms. Kitty

      as they already told you I'm kitty. 

  5. I love you forever and always <3


    1. Permedd


      Eyy me to bro <33

  6. All Beta Testers join discord and request your rank! We will be announcing important stuff there so join now! 


    1. Permedd


      nah but like it might be a short announcements like the client or other stuff.:)

  7. Guys join Discord to get your ranks.