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  1. Choasburn

    Server suggestions

    well i wouldnt mind putting in what i get from pvm and such and im sure some people will donate for a good cause
  2. Choasburn

    Server suggestions

    Some of these would help the server grow like maybe even adding in a referral system on discord and such like invite this so many friends gets you in a draw sorta thing
  3. Choasburn

    Server suggestions

    1: I personally would love to see clan tags brought back such as they were in zamorak, i feel if we brought in clan tags and clan events like in the old days the wilderness would be more lively yes there would be a lot more banter but that would also give the staff some more work to do (not saying they don't work hard already) 2: maybe host some pvp based events maybe promote some players to event planners or make a separate role or day for these said events (i will be making a thread later for event ideas) 3: give out rewards for a "youtuber" rank if people realize that they get rewards for becoming a youtuber of the server it just brings in more content and revenue and best of all players 4: Skilling events/giveaways on discord i feel the discord can be a bit more lively and if we had a giveaway maybe every week or month people would be more active in said discord making new players feel more welcome upon joining 5: Realism maxing event: This would really promote the role of realism in a big way it would also encourage players to find different and faster ways to max in depth exploring the world of pre-scape and vasting their knowledge to help newer players 6:king of the skill event: pretty much like a 48 hour or so event whoever has the most xp based on skills such as herb or farming or smithing for example in a small period of time would recieve the kots rank and maybe a reward boosting the skillers way other then pvm and pvp so everybody has a chance to win These are just some small examples of how i could see pre-scape excelling in the future ive been in this community a long time and just want to see the server succeed even more then it is i love this server and feel we can reach rank 1 easily and overcome other servers just based on the fact that our community really cares about this server. Thanks for your time
  4. Choasburn

    Staff Updates - 12/29/2018

    Gratz boys good hard work well deserved
  5. Choasburn


    Should bring back riotwars like zammy had every half hour
  6. Choasburn

    Hi Choas here, some minor achievements but they sure made me happy obtaining them.
  7. Choasburn

    Hi Choas here,

    Hi guys my ingame name is choasburn i was a part of zamorak for a long time as some of you know i even made it on the wonderful staff team im a very helpful person and enjoy helping so if any of you need a question answered just pm me if you wanna boss head my way im not really sure what to put here but i hope you have a fun time playing as this server is a very good one and has a lovely community. -choas