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  1. Pizzabroodje

    Forums Event

    My favourite thing about Pre-Scape is:wilderness bosses like ord, demonic ape etc Something I'd like to see improved or added is:more comp achievements (more bosskills mostly) My number is: 68
  2. Pizzabroodje

    Wilderness Rejuvenation Suggestions

    nice post! i just don't aggree with the playerkills, some ppl don't like to pk pvmers and almost no1 is pking
  3. Pizzabroodje


    1) droprates of nex,skotizo,lizardman shaman,glod should be different. some lower some higher 2)make if some1 gets a drop that it says in yell 'name got dragonkiteshield drop on 754 kc' 3)make in questtab a line with bosspoints and dr bonus and let it explain how dr works on the server 4)like knight said, move the market to edge somewhere bc people don't know where it is
  4. Pizzabroodje

    What do you want to see?

    i've got a few 'upgrades' for the game 1) if u get a rare drop, also let it show ur kc 2) you can do ::tracker, maybe if u click on a monster or a boss, it says like automatic 'my kc at glacors is 651' 3) in the questlog tab add bosspoints and droprate bonus, like voite points
  5. Pizzabroodje

    Bandos set giveaway!

    personally i like most the donator zones, i fell in love with it, i specially bought 50$ to get my alt 100$ donator (normally i never donate to a server) but the dzones are to amazing, lots of bosses, people don't crash u, they ask when r done and they come back. the 50$ donator zone is just amazing for skillers, and the 100$ best for slayer and afk monsters. also the donator ranks are amazing, the ::recharge and ::bank saved me so much time :D. if new players ask if its worth to donate to use or to sell i Always say use even when i need it for my next rank just bc the benefits are so amazing.
  6. Pizzabroodje

    Treasure Island Tutorial

    amazing guide!
  7. Pizzabroodje

    Suggestions for all Part 4

    not agreed, donor means better shit then non-donor, if u nerf it= minder donors
  8. Pizzabroodje

    sir owens nerf

    i have crap, full void,turmoil, dboots,... at gano. a lvl 116 guy come crashing me with sir owens sword, granite armour and some shit gear (with a fury) he took all the kills bc he hits 2x as fast and 300+'s the whole time, he has not even turmoil/99strenght. i would say nerf the sword so its op in early lvls but less op in higher lvls
  9. Pizzabroodje

    AKA mr .nosleep 2.0

    nice i'm from Belgium to
  10. Pizzabroodje

    New Server New Start

    this time i won't stake to!
  11. Pizzabroodje

    love pre-scape

    hey, i'm pizzabroodje. when i started prescape on the release i had so much fun, i was the first one who had a nex drop :D. grinded it out until i was maxed and 1b wc xp but then i went staking. lost my bank and my intrest in the game, but now is a new start for me, i will try to get my 100$ donation back without donating like i did last time. after that i will prob donate to help you guys out :p. my goals are -maxed -1b xp in afk skills(wc,fishing,...) -lots of bossing/lots of drops -and the most important one, don't stake and enjoy the game! -pizzabroodje-
  12. Pizzabroodje


    its to easy to kill corp, doing duo and i didn't bank i for5 kills, so u should prob a melee hit to make it a bit harder->chance of sigils is pretty nice
  13. Pizzabroodje


    1: add nex to ::drops 2: of some mobs like daga kings or phoenix or glacors a higher drop rate and mobs like corp/gano/bandos avatar lower droprate to make the 'good items' like korasi expensive and items like b ring less expensive 3:maps 4:boss pets but a very low droprate and untradeble otherwise really a nice server!
  14. Pizzabroodje

    f capes

    hand in f capes for jad pet 1/100 chance 2: make jad harder pls!
  15. Pizzabroodje

    10$ Scroll Giveaway + Progress Video #1

    ign: pizzabroodje, nice vid!