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  1. Legendary

    OldschoolRunescape pictures

    That's great bro! Gz Nice name tho
  2. Legendary

    Signature skills.

    Some great signatures!
  3. Legendary

    Ya boi Nivo

    Finally you have made a intro
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    I can see that That's a great thing!
  5. Legendary

    A well

    Very good idea! I like it
  6. Legendary

    6,000+ Visitors

    That's a great achievement bro! So glad to see this
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    Great song, it will relax you
  8. Legendary

    Irl Pictures

    Very hot
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    I do feel sad for that as well But we don't mind a new start Good luck champ!
  10. Legendary

    Might go down a G.O.D

    I will Great song, i listing to it almost every day
  11. Legendary

    OldschoolRunescape pictures

    Wow that's a great picture
  12. Legendary

    Dungeoneering / Summoning Poll

    I vote Yes for both options, because these two skills are great and many players will be enjoying with doing these skills * Summoning: is going to be crazy when players can get their summoning pets and they can use them for example "Banker/Bank" which you can use him to get into your bank when there is no any bank next to you! Another example, there is a summoning pet that you can use him to hold your stuff if there is no any space into your inv! * Dungeoneering: that's also a great skill to do because players can do task (it's like slayer or you can call it a minigame) when you kill the dungeoneering npc and in the last you will kill the boss and you will get a reward after that! And for me that's a great thing to do because as i said players will be enjoying doing that (more fun)! P.s Also you can by adding the dungeoneering skill you can ( Kade or Bane) make the dungeoneering level 120 and then the combat level will be 138 Regards Forums God Legendary
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    Welcome to Pre-Scape
  14. Legendary

    Iron Help New CC

    Best of luck with your clan!
  15. Legendary

    hello its me!

    Hello bro! Welcome to Pre-Scape