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  1. Legendary

    Loot From 100 Treasure Island Chests

    Good job bro love it!
  2. Legendary

    Its 1994k

    Welcome to Pre-Scape Nice to meet you!
  3. Legendary

    Farewell Everyone.

    Take care with your self Btw I just want to say that Kade doesn't care about the money, he cares about the players, what is good for the community!
  4. Legendary


    Nice to meet you
  5. Legendary

    Yo Yo Yo, It's ya boy, JaySlay!

    ^^ Welcome to Pre-Scape i guess
  6. Legendary

    Rob's Intro

    Welcome to Pre-Scape! Nice to meet you
  7. Legendary

    Hi Choas here,

    Welcome to Pre-Scape! Hope you have fun
  8. Legendary

    Nivo's Holiday

    Have fun, enjoy with your vacation! 🤗
  9. Legendary

    Item Price Guide [UNOFFICIAL]

    Well done, good luck!
  10. Legendary

    Hi I'm Kade

    Nice to meet you once again 😁😘
  11. Legendary

    Unc danny

    Nice to meet you Danny
  12. Legendary

    Making the server look more professional.

    100% agree with you!
  13. Legendary

    $50 GIVEAWAY

    Thank for doing the giveaway! Good luck everyone
  14. Legendary

    Sunday's road

    Keep it up! Good luck on your goals bro